Sunday, March 10, 2013

spring around the corner, et al.

Good luck everyone trying to get to sleep tonight, ha your body is used to staying up an hour later and when you wake up it will feel an hour later. ugh! but we'll adjust, do it every year and spring is coming and welcome spring!
You'll never guess what I found online yesterday that really lifted my spirits...a JOB finally posted at the junior college I work at!!! I'm talking full time stuff here, serious life engaging sink my teeth into non highschool juveniles with benefits and continued state teaching retirement JOB JOB JOB! Heck yeah I got right on that and filled out the online application this weekend, uploaded again my current resume and transcripts, and first thing in the morning I'll write up a cover letter and upload and will be officially APPLIED! Now all I have to is hope for the best for an interview soon. job is posted from mar 8th until april 8th. So I don't know if that means I could get an interview before or after the deadline for applicants but I'm ready!
I'll give some background and then try not to ever post about it again until the interview! and I am really really going to try not to get too excited or optimistic about it, I really want to keep a calm and motivated head to just put my best foot forward and that's all I can do. the current head of the dept was the coordinator that hired me 3 years ago for the position, and the current Dean of the division used to be a full time prof I'd stop off and talk to now and then and who would suggest to me about teaching an online class and summer sessions and how good that'd look on my resume if anything fulltime ever came up. So I think the current people in charge have good opinions of me. The head of dept that hired me as an adjunct was always interested in my ESL background, and we continue to have chats about my high school job and what I'm doing etc.. recently I spoke to her about applying the sheltered instruction training I've had to might night class. We have also discussed the new push for "common core". teacher stuff. anyway, I look forward to some serious interview questions and see what I can come up with for responses.yikes!
THis is sort of an answered prayer and comfort from God that other opportunities may still await me in the future. I was feeling pretty bewildered leaving school for spring break. And I had made a serious decision to push myself to find something else. I gave it a lot of thought Friday how I was going to just  screw teaching high school altogether and apply for a job on the Lackland Airforce base in San Antonio. also I considered the sylvan learning center or textbook companies as a sales rep.... I dunno just anything to get me out of high school classroom. ha
I read a devotional yesterday morning about Psalm 100 showing joy and mirth no matter what the job is your doing for the Lord, which pretty much convicted me about going back after break and cheerfully doing my job reagardless of what discouraging things get to me at time.  And truly I do like being of service to the students and providing a bit of encouragement and sincere instruction in things I know will only help them succeed as I teach them English.  but this spring break was definitely needed! ha
Well you can imagine how great I felt to finally see the position posted as I was doing my weekly check.  I think I mentioned that last semester early fall, the head of the dept at the college told me that someone was retiring and keep a heads up for a posting, I never realized that would mean wait until spring break.
okay enough about that, one more thing. I'll try to post a video that my lesbian friend A. posted on her social network. It had a really great message that i think applies to a lot of things although it was mainly about a mom/wife never getting thanks for all the little things she does.  It also really made me think about my current teaching job and to just buck up and do the best I can.
this has been a great week, cloudy and wet and mild and today very cold. I went to the church down the street this morning to visit a 4th time I think and got stopped on the way out. An associate paster introduced himself and asked my name and said he noticed I'd been coming and I confessed that I never filled out the attendance sheet thing they pass around in church for members or visitors etc.. He was really nice and it made a big difference having someone actually notice and say hi when visiting.  I told him I'd be back and maybe consider a Sunday School class next week.
I'm not completely decided on the church yet because of some doctrine belief differences, but overall it's a nice house of God, great choir and music, good message and so close to my house, I dont' want to just go there for the convenience only though. ha
I went to the gym today and my buddy was there. ;) looking as usual in his shorts and sleeveless shirt. we chatted a bit, and he noticed I'd shaved my beard (which I did for break but will grow it back after next weekend).  My dad asked me to come over tomorrow to help put up some metal sheeting or siding out in the backyard on one of his sheds or workshops I guess. so that will keep me busy and up and out of here in the morning.  I get to give my mom a kiss hello without the beard which she'll love.  and then I'm probably going to get a good lunch out of tomorrow as well. oh yeah!
hope everyone is enjoying and getting geared up for spring.


drew said...

Dan, Hope things work out for you with the job.

Pookie said...

ingdockhI know you've been looking for a change. I'll keep my fingers crossed that this is the one.

rugbysex said...

Lighting a candle is a way of extending one's prayer and showing solidarity with the person on whose behalf the prayer is offered.

I'll be lighting a candle each and every day my friend in hopes that it is His will you get this job!!!