Sunday, March 17, 2013

OKC gay bar Phoenix....

guess who went to a gay bar last night? My friend had a birthday party get together at the bar with her wife and all their friends lesbians and gay guys and some straight couples. It was a fun time, and I had some fun conversations with people I just met and people I've known ever since I used to go the bars now and then here in OKC.
At first, I told my friend A last week that I wasn't going to make it because I thought club Phoenix was a lesbian bar and it would be her and all her lesbians friends  ha... thing is it used to be that, but now it's been several different bars and now it's a gay bar and a different option to always going to the Park across the street. Although I'll say I do still like the park as a simple show up and have some beers place. Also they have a dancer guy on a stand on weekends, or at least they  used to.
The Phoenix, I was told, is a drag show on Saturday night club.  I left before the drag show at 10:30 though. ha I was mildly surprised to see all the nude men photos on the tv screens at the bar. that was sort of a first for me at a gay club in OKC.  I supposed I've seen that sort of thing in bigger cities. thing is I remember the bars in OKC used to just play music videos or slides of hot guys etc but not full on nude porn.  I was wondering on the drive home if anyone really cares anyway since we all see naked porn constantly online anyway.  I was also thinking how gay bars are different than straight clubs, and if at some point in the sexed-up future straight bars will start doing the same, bunch of naked porn all over the screens. ha  I dunno just sort of leaves out the mystery of sexiness, and in public it just seem awkward to me, I mean you're talking to people and maybe meeting a guy and meanwhile here are all these muscle guys and dicks going across the screen.. blah!!!
I did get some nice looks and nods from guys last night, one guy made a comment about this beer light thing somebody put around my neck, and this guy talking to me said, "that's your in, go meet that guy". ha ha. he was hot too but I wasn't looking. only other guy I thought was "interesting" meaning cute as all get out was a slightly bearded tall guy who I came to find out later was part of a straight couple at the party. wah wah.. I sure know how to pick 'em. ha
So I spoke to the most real and normal gay friends of A, a guy couple who is a guy my age and his bf E who is asain and very fun and social. those two always talk to me and thank goodness because some of the people in the crowd, and it's not them, it's me too, we don't  have anything to really say to each other. in and from completely different lifestyles....   So of course I spent most of my time talking to A some and her wife a bit, and then another lesbian friend B who is also from my high school. Another sit down talk time was with a guy M and his bf from a small town near OKC.
One thing I noticed since going to clubs in OKC about 3 or 4 years ago I guess. was this one bar, ANGLES which used to be THE PLACE to go in OKC, there was that place and the PARK, and then the Wreck room for kids. anyway, all this is on one little street at 39th and Penn in okc, so close you can park and just walk to everything.  And we were all talking about how Angles had signs in their parking lot for $5 to park unless a customer of ANgles.    Stupid OKC gay club community can't get it right and just work together! so lame! ha ha  There is another bar down a cross street  at the Habana hotel called COPA and then across the hall from that one a country bar.  clubbing was different before everyone just hooked up on smart phones and internet.
FOr example I remember while in college, Angles had all this great dance music. I'd go with my gf and some other couples from my high school because we felt very alternative and cool from leaving the suburbs and going to a great dance club in big OKC. ha ha. after college and single and discovering myself, I'l go there alone sometimes after some function or activity with straight friends. I'd skip out early or maybe just afterwards and head towards Angles   This was right before 9/11 and there were still a lot of guys at Tinker AFB who would show up at the gay bars now and then. Man I used to track 'em down like nothing else.  always a polo shirt, jeans, sensible shoes and short or buzz cut.  usually they were in pairs there. Hot!
I actually met one officer there and went out with him a few times, went to his house a few times, etc etc. but he was transferred to great Britain at some point.
okay well there's my blog post on gay bars in OKC.  they are branching out, no more Angles, now the dance club is Copa, and Park for drinks, and Phoenix and Boom for drag shows? I guess i dunno really since I'm not out on the scene.
does anyone know the name of the guy in this photo?  I was really in the mood to find some info/photo/film of this guy last week... I think maybe I read once that he ended up robbing stuff and eventually overdosed or something? not sure... but it got me googling and trying to find him somehow and I never did. I did find quite a bit of info about gay porn stars who committed suicide and that was sad. :( .  just considering recently the death of Arpad Milklos.  the most fascinating thing i came across was the suicide of this one guy and then months later his boyfriend/husband Wilfried Knight also committed suicide . Knights blog is still online and the last few posts remain about the trouble he went through trying to be recognized as a spouse and get citizenship and couldn't so they had to move to Canada and then how he felt his husband left him a sign to follow him.. very sad. I linked his name above.
I think I have mentioned porn pet peeves before; one thing I am never much into is straight guys who are being paid to do porn and they look pretty uncomfortable... that stuff is just lame and sad and doesn't really prove anything about gayness or really anything sexy about it to me.  there are some active duty clips of guys who are definitely into it and enjoy fully and it's all hot, but other times the guy looks so nervous or like he's trying hard to ignore whats going on and just perform etc...that's pretty pathetic to me and I prefer to skip right past it.  I have a bud in OKC though who says he always loves those kind of vids, and the more uncomfortable they look the better.  well to each his own obviously everybody has something different that makes them get a kick I guess.
btw i feel the same way about straight porn, I always always feel sorry for the girl as if she's been forced or coerced into etc, or was some former prostitute or trafficked girl... I only like the straight porn of an actual real couple that both look very willing and into and happily going about it.  And i have seen some documentaries where girls actually modeled then started doing porn for the money willingly...but I'm still convinced the majority of women would prefer not to be doing it...
Male porn however seems completely like guys wanting to get it on with guys on camera and willingly chose to get naked on and do their thing on film.  It's going to be interesting as the internet gets older and older and all these younger gay guys doing porn grow up and start finding other careers.  Then again, it seems like a common normal thing now to put your dick on the internet or in film that maybe no one will even care in the future is some guy suddenly makes it big, or will that always be considered dirt in the closet to dig up. hmmm
On the other hand gay amateur porn sometimes makes me wonder, gay couples who film themselves... what's next and does sex become so boring with a couple that now to make it hotter guys decide to post it online? and then what's next... if it's only about the sex, how further and further to have to push it to make it hot and exciting. filming? threesome? toys? blah blah  That's pretty sad thing to be the only focus in a relationship. or lifestyle for that matter. Once gay marriages are recognized and become the norm, is anything about the gay lifestyle of having many many partners going to change?  things like that always make me wonder. Of course you're talking to someone who'd never been in a gay relationship... sorry I'm just pondering here.
 I mean if you are Christian and gay, how does that give a guy a free ticket to sleep around anymore than a straight Christian guy would with women. and of course plenty guys do whether Christians or other faiths or no.  But I would hope that gay guys would pursue relationships first, sort of like kurt on glee did? ha  or like that guy from Austin who used to blog something gold must stay. He hardly fooled around with dudes at all in college from my understanding, then moved out to CA, dated a few guys, then bam got a bf. been together for years now.  that's getting it right I think.  I have no room to speak really. With guys who grew up very closeted, the anonymous quick hook ups can seem very appealing at first, but gets pretty old and boring and repetitive.  That's pretty much why I quit the online thing long ago and thought I'd try and meet someone instead. ha but it's pretty slow going when you don't even really know if you want to pursue it. as you know by now.
hope everyone is having a good weekend! cheers.


Mike said...

Leaving a gay bar on a Saturday night by 10:30? At least you went out!

Anonymous said...

The guy in the pic went by Nick and did solos for a number of sites five or six years ago. He and another guy were dancing in clubs in the northeast and Canada. One night they jumped out of a taxi in Montreal without paying and ran off. They jumped a fence which was around a rock quarry and fell to their death.