Wednesday, March 06, 2013

no post Tuesday

heck no, way too busy on Tuesdays.  I had a pretty dad gum good weekend.and this week has been crazy 'cause we're doing some testing with certain groups of kids yesterday and today. This involved me sending notes and emails to teachers and putting tickets in their boxes blah blah. won't bore you with the details, but suddenly my usual planning time was being used to grade papers. UGHH so I'm behind a little bit.
tomorrow I should have time to catch up. I'm trying to keep things going steady right up til the end of the week. SPRING BREAK IS NEXT! woo hoo.
I got an email about cancelling my stock club meeting Monday night due to this one guy in the group who died suddenly in a car crash last Wednesday.  His funeral was yesterday and I plan to get a card in the mail soon.  It was an older married retired couple in a car accident, they were both previously widowed and remarried.  I wasn't hugely close to them, and only know them from sitting across a table from that guy once a month at our club meetings the last 3 years. There are only 5 of us in the stock club and the guy from the bank that leads it. That reminds me I also need to mail in my monthly dues since we didn't meet.
my Tuesday night college class was awesome. I always try to plan all these different parts of the class to teach things and include activities and always come up over planned with to little time. but that's a good thing! As a teacher you can never be over planned.
I got my new teaching certificate in the mail this week and took it over to the admin building today to turn into them for records, I also brought my receipt to get reimbursed for the fee of taking the test. now I am certified in 6-12 English, 6-12 math, and ESL. woo hoo.   I had a good visit with one of the facilitators there, someone I had hoped to be working with (we had a lot of the same masters course classes together).
got to the gym in time for a great back/shoulder workout. and now I'm just turning off the tv as there is absolutely NOTHING ON TV!!! ha ha, it's all repeats and then on my standby station the PBS channel, they are having fundraisers so really nothing.  I might catch up on some youtube videos or netflix to relax a bit.  I am really really really happy that only 2 days more til my 2 week spring break.
But it is a very careful balance of keeping my mind on the game at work, 'cause the kids will begin to get a little crazy too.  Actually most of our kids aren't TOO TOO excited since they won't eat as good of meals and will be home bored all day mainly without seeing the friends they see all the time at school.
Some have mentioned parties. can you believe we had some of our 9th graders show up Monday saying they'd been at a party the night before til 12 midnight?!?!?! parents?!?!?!
There is a huge list of things we would really LOVE to try and explain to parents when they "move" to this country with their kids about the cultural norms and how to support their kids being successful in school. sigh......


rugbysex said...

congrats on the certificate! oorah! sympathy on the loss of ur "friend." bring on SPRING! :)

james said...

I'm not putting you down or nothing...But it amazes me, that someone can 'sit' across from a person for three years, and 'not know them'! We're all quilty of this. People don't even know there neighbors anymore!! Congrats on getting your cerification!!! And again, I'm taling about all of us, people, in general, not just you!!

mr. m said...

Congrats on the new certification areas. I'm certified in ESL in KS, but not here (too scared to take the test here). Enjoy Spring Break. We have 4 days next week before ours starts... when we return, we move to 4 school day weeks. :)