Thursday, March 14, 2013

good week

week continues to roll on. I had to shop for some door prizes yesterday for this garden club meeting tomorrow night that I'm going to. I worked today on some stuff for the tables and called and confirmed the catered meal. We're at 40 people coming. woo hoo. I had a good lunch with my sister today which was fun since I don't see them on Sundays anymore so it's been a month maybe that I've seen her? anyway, we caught up and talked about her daughter who is a single mom and now dating this awesome Christian guy she met online and we are all pumped about her finding someone and getting married and having a future, etc.. since it's a LOT harder to get that once you've had a kid for most moms, but what do I know? I dunno. anyway, I still owe her daughter a cd. I usually give her a new mixed cd every Christmas but I'm way behind this year, started doing it 4 years ago and she loves 'em! ha
what I was going to blog about was something I got on facebook today. It was an invitation from my favorite college professor who is now retired. He goes to the same Episcopal church that my ex gf from college goes to back in out college town NW AR. anyway, the funny thing was that it's an invitation to hear a speaker at their church. The speaker is a former men's dorm resident director from the same Christian college we were all at, although he was there years after I'd left. He's gay now and back from seminary and speaking on homosexuality and religion/faith....something like that. So I emailed my ex gf and was joking with her about did Dr. so-and-so invite me personally or did he sent that out to all his facebook friends??? ha ha... not that I care either way, but it's sort of sweet if he sent it to me personally. I know I'm an idiot, because a lot of times I figure no one assumes anything or guesses me being gay or not etc.. ha ha. but seriously, I guess this far out of college and still single and such blah blah. so WILL I GO OR NOT for the service??? that's the question, it's in April so I'll decide later.
 Well, guess who blew $500 dollars all in one day while at the same time thought he was supposed to be saving up money and not spending anything extra??? I took my truck in this morning for an oil change and got a phone call after a while (I always bike home, then bike back when my truck is ready). They called to tell me how badly I needed to replace my front tires ( I asked them to check why the front left was so flat and to fix it if it had a nail etc..) and I said sure do it. so that was about $240 for two new tires plus $37 for the oil change. Next while online this morning I get this email from about tickets to fly OKC/NYC. I signed up a while back to get alerts and this morning I got one with prices down below $300. So I went ahead and decided to make the May 17th-19th quick trip up there while my friend A is up there the same weekend. We are going have some FUN running around. I can't wait. so the plane ticket was anoth $280. ching ching.
 I get paid tomorrow and will have half of the paid off my credit card and the rest by the end of the month. I may have mentioned before I like to pay my CC down to zero each month. fight the man and don't let them get me on interest! ha all that good stuff. plus it's just responsible. if I dont' have the money for something, I shouldn't be buying it.
TOmorrow I'm having lunch with my buddy S. downtown with a gay couple G and D. S's bf will be here this weekend but I'm busy with the gardening club thing tomorrow and then he and his bf are going to a Bon Jovi concert Saturday night. I'm looking forward to catch up with him at lunch thought tomorrow. hope everyone's enjoying the week. cheers.


Pookie said...

It might be interesting to hear his perspective on homosexuality/religion. I don't have to tell you that it's an ongoing discussion. The largest Protestant denomination here celebrates same-sex marriage. Others, well... As far as spending money, I'm sure the trip will be worth it.

Mike said...

I always pay down my CC also.

NYC again... Where's the Cali love? You need to set up an alert for when a ticket goes below $300 for So Cali.

rugbysex said...

whew...didn't realize it had been this long since i chkd-in. just knew how MUCH i've been missing my daninokc!

great time to visit the big apple. dbl. the fun w/ a friend.

i'd be tempted to email the professor and ASK him if the invitation was sent to u personally. ;)