Friday, March 22, 2013

Fri Nigh...

I saw the animated film Consuming Spirits tonight downtown OKC at the art museum. it was very very interesting, although long, it's a real telling tale.  A very strange unique experience and the music was very haunting and solemn throughout.  I kept wondering if it would become too morbid or horrific but nope, it stuck to a believably true story without going for any shock or gore.  A lot of reviews read that    it's depressing, but I don't think so really, just sort of serious and a look in the life and events of a family etc...
Today was my last day of break. boo hoo hoo.. :) so now begins the countdown to SUMMER, so bare with me. ha  I will have things to look forward to for example in April an interview at some point hopefully and then near the end of May a trip away for the weekend. Otherwise it's the promise of spring that keeps my green thumb going.
In other good news, I got all my taxes done online today. I use turbotax and have to pay for the premium rate since I have to report stocks.  THey advertised that "prices are going up after March 22nd" so whether true or not, it got me getting mine done! a refund of 918 federal and I owe the state $214. so not too bad, and what I get back I will spend on my May trip no doubt.
just grading essays the rest of the weekend and gearing up for back to work Monday. cheers and good weekend to all! 

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rugbysex said...

i missed ur comments the most. sounds like you had a relaxing spring break. now if spring would just get here. lol.