Thursday, March 21, 2013

busy break....

spring break almost over...alas. I've only read one of the essay from this stack of 14 papers to grade. ha, but I'll have plenty of time to get to 'em before next Tuesday. I've been busy getting the house in order, cleared out the extra(guest)room/storage room of all the stacks of stuff that gets thrown in there... I have been out in the yard a lot this week enjoying the weather. Monday I did a lot of nothing, and finally made it up to the store to buy some weed-b-gone to spray all over my yard...
 Tuesday I was in Tulsa all day with the ex gf from AR. we both drove there to meet halfway and met in Utica square, a sort of nice outdoor shopping mall near a nice neighborhood of town. We shopped a bit, and drove around some of the house to see how grand they are and the trees and such. next we went over to Brady district to eat lunch at The Tavern. walked around downtown a bit and talked and talked and talked of course.
 yesterday I had a move job with A and made an extra $120 which was spent thereafter on a new garbage disposal. I bought it at Lowe's on the way home, and came home to install it all by myself. ah yeah! had a great gym day in the afternoon working back and shoulders, my buddy wasn't there though... ha ha. I came home and built a shelf above the shoe rack in my closet for some extra space to put stuff I cleared out of the other room.  today NOTHING planned. just continue stuff here inside and outside, probably get out for lunch and later to the gym.  Friday night I am considering driving downtown for a film showing at the art museuam, although it looks very dark, mysterious, and abstract, I do like a creatively animated film now and then.
I am probably going to make it up to my ex gf episcopal church next month to hear that guy speak about faith and homosexuality.  I figured it's what I'm all about so I should hear some points of views on the subject.  Otherwise no real plans other than maybe a trip to Dallas in the next few weeks.  I decided not to go now during my break from school, but instead will go down there another weekend coming up. My friend Randy is moving into a new home this spring and I want to get down there and visit plus maybe help him paint walls or move stuff with my pickup. 

CONSUMING SPIRITS (trailer) by Chris Sullivan from chris sullivan animation on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

Utica Square-still across from St John's Hospital? Did you know that Miss Jacksons (the Bergdorf-Goodman of tulsa) is the longest tentant at least 50 years. maybe Moody's jewelry is #2. Miss J's original location on 5th & boston was a wonderland of fine china, silver, chandliers, antiques, very expensive gifts and clothing. it was quiet like a museum. then afterwards, a trip to the tea room at Brown-Dunkin, or Ike's chili or Coney Island hot Dogs (still there) have you been there?