Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wknd Ovr

well I survived the weekend, but I was sort of trying to get over this allergy/cold thing I have. I was doing okay with a small cough and a bit of stuffy nose but as the day went on by tonight I was just blowing my nose and trying to breathe through my nose. I drank a lot of hot tea today to see if it'd help, and just now before bed I took some nyquil to see if that will help me sleep better. tomorrow I have some flonase type nasal spray I'll use before heading to work and we'll see where that gets me. Otherwise the weekend went pretty smoothly and I'm not pretty much fired up and ready to get back to work tomorrow morning. I went to dinner with S on Friday night at jason's Deli and we got all caught up, what with him going to AR a lot to see his bf. Saturday morning I got my place picked up and then ran errands and then went to a garden club meeting at 12-3. I came home from that feeling tired and it was too late to up to the gym past 3 since they close at 4pm on Saturdays. I had considered going out to dinner with Scott, his bf, and some friends they were having in town, but the friends were not coming until 10pm or so, so all the plans for going out were cancelled. I was going to go downtown instead and see the oscar nominated short films, but wasn't in the mood. They are showing again the weekend of the 22nd so that's when I'll go for real. Today I went to a different church, a congregationalist church and met my friend A and her wife there. It was okay, they have a woman paster and she pretty much read her sermon. it was just okay, next week I'm going to try out a baptist church which according to a comment I read on Facebook, hey play hymn every Sunday... got tons of laundry and pick up done today at home, did some yardwork outside as it was warm enough. and then the gym this afternoon for leg day, and in home the rest of the night, just got done watching the grammy's before bed. I was super excited to see Fun get some awards! yeehaw! okay I better hit the sack, hope everyonje had a great weeken dcheers


drew said...

Dan, Baptist Church!!!

Pookie said...

Hope you're feeling better.

rugbysex said...

i don't care if the sermon was worthy of the pulitzer or nobel prize for literature...READING a sermon??!!!! BOOOOOO!!!!! come on girl!