Saturday, February 16, 2013


good Saturday here, woke up to a light fluffy snow on the ground which was unexpected. The girl that cut my hair today said it started up late last night. She saw it falling from her enclosed back porch last night and described it as the perfect light snow falling just like what it looks like in a snow globe. I have been at teacher training this morning and got back home in time for my usual pizza lunch. then I went and got the haircut.
 Not sure if I mentioned it, but about a month ago, I was talking to a co worker about my shoes and my sweater having the same color stripes in them, and she made a remark that" If I didn't know you better, I'd say that sounded so gay". which I laughed off, ha ha. and was sort of confused because I think she really thinks I'm not gay. ha whatever, not that I'd really care one way or another, but point is moot at work anyway as far I'm concerned. Anyway, yesterday we were all walking in and out of the office that adjoined two of our classrooms. and I was telling here that the other male ESL teacher was talking to the other team teacher (there are 4 of us in our team of ESL) and he was talking about marriage being fine just before God and not with a church's approval and I was just sort of laughing about it saying I don't know if I agree or what but I'm not even getting into that conversation ha ha... and then she tells em "well you know he's gay right?" Hmmmm funny because he's a latin guy and although I'd always figured he's maybe gay, I never really considered it either way. ha he's an older heavy set round guy with classes, thick accent, and not a favorite at our school because of his temper and other. Anyway it's pretty funny it'd just never come up before but okay.
I was driving home from work yesterday thinking of that part in the movie "St. Elmo's Fire" where the guy asked the hooker on the street why she never asks hi if he's looking for a date, and she says "'Cause I thought you was gay."  ha ha.. classic. Last night on the new Reba dorky comedy sitcom, there was a character of a high school kid who said he was gay, and last night the guy come out as NOT gay and really did like Reba's daughter on the show.... blah blah blah, now that's modern for ya. It's pretty weird to see Lily Tomlin on a tv show playing Reba's mom.  after seeing her on youtube throwing a tantrum on film sets, it makes me wonder what all the poor young actors on set of the tv show have to put up with. awwww.
( by the way, have you seen I heart Huckabees? one of my fave films. anyone else?)
If anyone reads the magazine Outside, there is an excellent article this month about a restaurant on an island up in Northwest U.S. that only serves food they find on the island (or from the sea). And how it's getting tons of attention etc etc. anyway, the way the article was written and food described!! love stuff like that!! It's funny 'cause I'm not the kind of guy who will really eat just anything, after all I'm the guy that used to have the same peanut butter and jelly sandwich with chocolate chips every night for dinner. But I love the idea of EXPERIENCE, the preparation and production and serving of a great meal, what a great read! something about all that is why I love that movie "Babbette's Feast". have you seen it? It's a foreign film so may not be your think, and the setting and action of the movie is very sparse, but oh so interesting. Other great food film? Eat Drink Man Woman, Big Night!


rugbysex said...

i heart huckabees and babbette's feast...YUM!

Buddy Bear said...

I LOVE Babette's Feast! It won the Oscar for best foreign language film in 1987.

I love the cooking, the food and the old, stoic people who were the diners and how they loosed up as the meal progressed. It reminds me of my elderly relatives as I am Scandinavian in descent.

j.lee said...

I love Lily Tomlin in I Heart Huckabees! Amazing production design. The dinner scene in Big Night is a classic.