Tuesday, February 26, 2013

no sno...

Yesterday there was all this hype about a snowstorm coming to okc, compute models predictions etc etc..  things were closing down all over the place last night as it drizzled on and never snowed or froze over..because it was coming!!!! and my school even had an announcement last hour yesterday about students checking the website and NEWS about any closings.  I took my computer home yesterday just in case, and last night I didn't do much, moved away from the computer after road show went off and flipped some channels and fell asleep in the chair I was in, woke up a bit later and took a long hot bath before getting all snuggle in bed.  Didn't wash the breakfast dishes in the sink for this morning, didn't lay out any clothes to wear this morning...(anyone else do as much prep as possible the night before to help get you OUT THE DOOR ON TIME in the morning? ha).
so I went to bed last night thinking, ahhhh, perhaps I'll be woken up by the computer phone call from the district when it's closed... went to bed looking outside, everything mild and drizzly and no snow...
well they predicted maybe around 3am the snow would come down.. i woke up around 1 am, and thought about it and got up to look out the window. nothing. woke up later around 3 to use the bathroom, still no weather coming down...blah. I got online and saw the radar screens showing no snow here and all moving north. phooey, went back to bed knowing I'd be working today, my long busy day at both jobs and doing it on less sleep. 
So that was my day, and I lasted just fine, did a bit of trading off back and forth teaching my newcomers class with the other teacher, taught a lot of stuff steadily today at school and got a LOT of papers passed back.  after school I did some test prepping stuff (we are testing the English of all the ESL students in the school starting next week). 
College class tonight went swimmingly well, I was relaxed enough and had it all lined up and planned out.  Was slow starting getting any discussion going about MLK's Letter from Birmingham... but eventually after the quiz we did some group discussions and then talked about the next essay due. I loved tonight's class, and ended with reading a short work and getting them to tell me about rhetorical appeals used.
I am pretty excited for spring break coming up and hopefully a bit more mild weather.  I don't have any plans this year, nothing ever came forth about a trip to NYC again, so I'm just going to plan on saving money and staying local. other than definitely getting up to AR to visit friends there and definitely a trip to Dallas, not that I want to shop for anything but just to get away.
well this turned out to be a pretty non sexy boring work post. I'll respond to the post about the awards given. I was glad to see Danial Day Lewis win, and I suppose Ang Lee. I didn't see many of the movies this year, but I suppose the silver lining movie must be a must see at some point.  I was glad to see the short film from Disney win, and also the Curfew movie American made, but i was still rooting for the afghan film. ha.  All the speeches were cool and seemed heartfelt and inspired. all right I'm hitting the sack and catching ZZZZZZZZZZZZs!


thatguy said...

When are you coming to Austin? And I'm in the same NYC boat. I want to do a trip, but it's hard to work out.

rugbysex said...

;) for the "chill to this" song by my sweetie adele!

Mike said...

Keep looking for OKC/ONT or LAX or SNA or BUR flights. United. Southwest. Somewhere has gotta have some cheap fares.