Friday, February 01, 2013

maha what?

was just surfing around online tonight for random stuff.  One thing I like to do is consider the makers of things I already know I like or have and search for what's out there online.  Today I found myself on ebay and started putting in gardenergala and michael lau to see what would come up. I have a poster I LOVE on my wall of the series of action figures created by Michael Lau which was done for a 2003 show of Maharishi.  Then I began reading the Lau website and then started searching online for Maharishi, and BAM I began a new obsession with a brand to watch online.  I'm adding it to my list with Norse Projects. ha
anyway, so here are some things I thought I'd love to have, the orange parka is quite a stand out and they didn't have any L left, not that I'd actually buy one, remember spending freeze here guys till spring break!!
here's a link to MAHARISHI if interested, self described as PACIFIST MILITARY DESIGN.... ;)

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rugbysex said...

wanna guess which item i selected? yep...the black one. i know...boring.