Thursday, February 07, 2013

hamburger helper...

I think one of my students may seriously be a little touched in the head... the skinny little 5'10 guy was told to stay seated until the class left to the assembly and kept getting up to leave anyway and I had to physically block his way to the door and direct him to go back to his seat, like twice. we were co-teaching and so the other teacher was telling him to listen and follow directions etc etc... anyway, I won't bore you too much with it, but he's not a hateful sort of person, usually sort of just a dumb grin and laugh and want for doing anything but what he's supposed to. ha I told him to walk with me over to the gym and once we got out of the building he starts walking a different direction saying he's just going home.. I again walked ahead of him, facing him, and explaining to him to think kid! think! use your brain! all this in heartfelt broken Spanish... telling the kid that if he left school it would cause another referral and the principal was most likely to put him in alternative school etc etc..
anyway, my point is that he's not a bad kid at all, but is definitely having some trouble adjusting to the culture,in fact we are wondering if he's been schooled much at all where he came from in Mexico. One really tough thing is the kids we teach that go home and have all this freedom of NOT doing any homework because their dad or mom work all night. alas. had parent meetings after school today and will have more tomorrow morning til 11am. then the weekend begins! woo hoo!
I have some plans tomorrow night hang time with S buddy. his AR bf arrives Saturday and then they are meeting up with another couple from out of town and I think going to the gay clubs in OKC.  I'm still debating whether to join them, which I'm sure rugbysex would say yes go for it! get out there! but I'm not feeling it too much, for one thing I got my grizzly winter beard going full force right about now. My new approach to growing this beard is to trim the chin area but not the moustache, I'm waiting to see how long I can stand it growing below my upper lip. ha! but not just the bear, thing is the gay bars aren't a place to meet up with guys for anything real that lasts anyway. However on the other hand it'd be nice to just hang out and have a beer, been a long time for that!
sine I get off early tomorrow I most likely will hit the gym before lunch, make up for the arm day I missed today after school.
I spoke with my bud at the gym yesterday, seems his arm days are always Wed like I'm always doing back/shoulders the same day.  His arms get so pumped up, he was wearing on of those sleeveless athletic shirts and so many curves and roundness going down to his chest and underarms etc... we discussed how easy arms are to grow/workout/get pumped up and what muscles you can work out as much as you want, like abs, and then he said something about forearms, and what I really wanted to do was make some type of joke about beating off and never having a problem building up the forearm, but I didn't. ha  I forget what all else we chatted about but I know we can talk for quite a few minutes so I really try to end the conversation  nonawkwardly so we can both keep our groove going with our workouts.  I had a really good back/shoulder day yesterday and was sweating it up with a good heart rate by the end of it. woo hoo.
I'm looking forward to trying out a new church this weekend. I've had it on my mind lately about wondering if American Muslims are similar in faith to American Christians, in which I mean the distraction to their faith of  American culture and social norms... I was just thinking how the guys I taught in Kabbuull were all so humble and kind and generous and we'd speak constantly and openly about their faith.  And I consider how my life was while living with all the other teachers overseas while working at a missionary school, and even now all my missionary friends that I keep up with or those who are on my facebook have that missionary mindset.  something about seeing the bigger picture than the distractions we get bogged down with living day to day here. anyway, those things have been on my mind lately.
man I'm so happy to not have to teach tomorrow, just go to work and chit chat most of the morning with my esl co workers.
Did I ever mention about the meeting we had with the new facilitator this week, the job I'd wanted, and how he's going to be training teachers at our school how to work with ESl kids and at some point while we discussed it he mentioned he was alternatively certified!?!  A coworker and I at the meeting just looked at each other and I tried not to roll my eyes.  We came back to the room talking about how in the world is he alternatively certified and got that job!?!?! ha ha.
ah well, it's part of God's plan, and as much as I ask "why?" I get the answer "because...." and as usual wait however long it takes years later to fill in the blank, knowing by then it was all part of God's better plan for me. :)
I'm including a photo of something I wore to work this week many layers, a blue shirt, flannel shirt, brown hoodie, and a windbreaker/rain jacket sort of thing.... I really like the color story of the outfit that day. 


rugbysex said...

THWUMP! that's my foot connecting w/ ur butt to kick you out the door. go w/ S and friends to the clubs. NOTHING VENTURED, NOTHING GAINED! i'm not saying go out and pick-up some guy...necessarily. hahaha! u need to apply that positive thinking to your social life. u MIGHT just meet a new friend.

sounds to me like your school administrators are alternatively certified NUTS! BOOOOO!!!

i think we need to see a photo of this new beard! sounds interesting to say the least.


p.s. expect a full report of your night on the town! :)

thatguy said...

Take a risk! And are you still looking at going back to college?

Mike said...

Get out and go to the clubs.
And the beard? Ehh... hahahaha