Sunday, February 24, 2013

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on my way to get some extra cardio in today at the gym.. but I wanted to write a bit about the movies last night, the Oscar nominated action short films.  I went with my buddy S and a couple from okc D and G.  We had a really good time eating dinner at Kaiser's, a historical diner near Anthony's hospital on 13th.  We all splurged and had a milkshake with dinner slurp! yum.  D wasn't feeling well and went home but the rest of us headed over to the art museum for the films.  They were all pretty good. I had a hard time deciding which one I liked as a favorite to win the oscar.  I appreciated the movie about the Somali pirate village and a kid who goes out fishing and finds something unexpected instead....but that's the second short film I've seen this year about Somali pirates and the whole somali situation feels me with such dread and grief UGHHH. I suppose that is the good thing about getting awareness out there in short films about what's going on out there in the world.
Another excellent eye into foreign cultures out there was provided by the film Buzkashki Boys (SP?). THis was filmed and about Kabul Afghanistan. I loved so much getting to see the snow covered mountains in the film and there was a part where the boys are climbing around the ruins of the old bombed out parliamentary building! Iwas so excited telling J, hey I've been there! right across the street! ha. at one point in the film you can see the museum on the other side of the road that I got to visit while there.  So that movie was closest to my heart, as it made me think of my experiences there and the culture all my former students are still living in, and their kindness etc... So my Oscar pic is a tie between that film and another called "Henry". Henry was a really well made French film that you experience through the eyes of an old senior man dealing with losing his memory and suffering between what's a dream and reality, it was super sweet.
other films shown were definitely entertaining. a movie about capturing shadows of people as they died which had a twist ending, and an American film which was actually pretty touching about a guy about to kill himself when he receives a call from his estranged sister to ask him to babysit his niece.  That was also well acted and fascinating. but my two top pics are those mentioned above.
Is anyone doing something special tonight for Oscars?  I dont' have anything planned and will probably have the tv on in the background as I'm getting things done arouund the house and ready for tomorrow.  I also have to admit I haven't seen hardly any of the movies nominated anyway. but I'm pretty much rooting for Daniel Day Lewis for actor and Spielberg for director and definitely Argo for picture. :)

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rugbysex said...

well i'd say you picked pretty well...2 out of 3. you couldn't have been disappointed too much about who won best director. like you i have to go see some of these flix now!