Friday, February 08, 2013

cover bands

what I THINK is a Russian accent, correct me if it's some completely different language...  have I ever mentioned how I really like a Russian accent or I consider how I could have lived there for a while and fallen easily for any of the guys that I imagine are raised 3 times smarter than any average american high school kid. ha ha this based on nothing other than the one guy I taught esl too many years ago. :P  They're cute. right? I'm probably just attracted to the idea of a whole other gene pool...

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rugbysex said...

nope...ur right. there IS something about the russian male. a seeming placid facade and yet passion or melancholy bubbling below the surface makes for a very powerful and attractive combination. you need to stay w/in Russia but outside the major metro areas. that's where the charmers are. :)