Saturday, February 23, 2013

catching up saturday

I came across a documentary on netflix last weekend about jack Wrangler, a porn star from the 70's maybe? 80's? anyway it was definitely different.  Pretty good historical eye opener about the times of gay porn and porn in general before HIV.  I liked the last part of the film the most, about how he marries a woman he felt a connection with although he was still gay.  I also was surprised about the people saying how the porn films pushed a more macho image of gay. I guess I thought that didn't really happen until when MTV included gay guys who weren't always a stereotype of gay. I'm not saying I recommend the film, just that it was interesting and somehow had a wholesome ending with the fact that he ended up with someone he loved even though it was a woman. has anyone seen that film?
I was out of school Thursday because of the snow/ice we had come through OKC, and pretty much just relaxed most of the day. except after lunch I ran some errands including a stop by best buy to replace an ipod shuffle charge cable. well the cable was $20 so I figured for $44 I might as well get a new ipod shuffle which would include a charge cable etc..  I did that, but turns out the cable doesn't charge my old school ipod 1G shuffle. ahh well, so I'm using the new shuffle at the gym which was the point.
after school Friday I went to my former gym downtown for a leg day. Thing is my local gym doesn't have a leg press machine like I like.  I had to get the leg workout done quick, and then off to grab a sandwich and then meet up by bud S for a movie at 530. the art museum downtown showing the Oscar nominated animated short films.  Tonight we are going back for the later 8pm showing of the Oscar nominated action shorts.

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