Thursday, February 28, 2013

busy body

swimming right through the week, I'm speaking figuratively...the weeks has gone by quick enough which is always a good thing. I can't begin to say with enough excitement how glad I am to see the end of February because that's all the more closer to SUMMER.. haha. well actually March and spring break. I don't have any major plans other than maybe get up to AR or down to Dallas. I found some great flights today to NYC actually for $270 roundtrip. normally I'd be all over that! but, I have to consider I don't have a bundle saved up right now to blow on the hotel stay and then shop shop shopping. nor have I planned far enough in advance to get good show tickets... so alas I'll keep dreaming of getting back thar!
 I received my certification test results and I passed! woo hoo. now I can add ESL cert to my teaching certificate, added to the English and Math. :) I already added them today online with the state dept of ed. and then I will bring my receipt by the district admin tomorrow to get the $130 fee reimbursed. can't beat that. And if I get another job this summer with another school district, will I feel bad even one little itty bit??? Nope! ha ha, after they hired some younger guy with alternative teaching certification, no masters in TESOL, and without certification in ESL for the job I had wanted as facilitator, nope I won't feel bad one bit. ha
 I can't believe it's already on the downside of this school year, just last summer over and over I ranted on and on here on the blog about trying to get that job and out of teaching!!! UGH!!! but I'll tell it hasn't been so bad teaching the kids, and I love 'em to death, It's just a big cultural gap trying to get them to WANT TO LEARN and then to have a bit of manners and social skills,(i.e. respect , and not just for teachers, for others, themselves, for education etc...).
 I went by the store on the way home and stocked up big time on cereal and other food, now I'm off to arm day at gym, my favorite just behind back/shoulder day and leg day, which now that I think about it doesn't mean much coming in 3rd out of 5 to 6 days of workouts a week. blah I'm doing a million things tomorrow, planning to get to school early to get some grades in the computer and get a listening exercise worked out, something I'm boring from my teaching lessons in afghanistan, but I have to change all the parts of it that mention the mess hall or barracks or air force base to something school related. after school I will go directly to the board to turn in aforementioned papers, then to the gym for a good long leg workout, then to my buddy A's work for a move job by 4:30... then try to get home and meeting my vet friend for pizza by 6:40pm.. She'll want to hangout for a good hour or two til they close probably. then I'll be home ready to CRASH. so here's to the weekend, let's get it started already! ha


EX frat man said...

bro, you DO know about TKTS in NYC ... you can score some great same-day tickets for shows ... usually at half-price. it's a fantastic option,, special in off-season when the tourists are so bad ...

no reason NOT to have an impromptu NYC get-away!

Anonymous said... for cheap rooms-- just saying

rugbysex said...

build up that resume professor. oorah! congrats on ur certification. i'm ready for SPRING!

mr. m said...

I did the same thing to my previous district... they ended up paying for me to take 4 endorsement tests and to add them to my license. I did that in the spring, then turned in my resignation in May because the new principal was a racist and homophobe.