Monday, February 04, 2013

begin again

was just grading papers tonight, getting ready for long day and night class tomorrow. one of the papers, the guy athletic type looking guy who sat in the front row etc.. well he was writing the assigned paper for the class about short term and long term goals, and one of the funny things he mentioned was about going to college to meet a girl, here's the quote.
." So my intention in coming back to college was, I wanted to try and play baseball again and gain some knowledge and see if I really was out there or if more people see what I see and have the same viewpoints. I also wanted to meet a girl, lady, female or whichever you best understand, because life is tough when you try and do it alone not especially when you have no one to talk to."
 man, that last part about being alone really hit me as I was alone all weekend and pretty much just waiting to go back to work Monday morning.  I'm not complaining or anything, just saying when I read that last line, I thought dang that's me, and I went both ways with the thought.... this sucks! and also it ain't all that bad. ha me being mr. cheerful of course.   anyway, this guy does crack me up, I'm not sure how bright he is, but what does that matter when he's willing to gain knowledge and put himself out there to see who shares his viewpoints! pretty cool deal.
So yeah my weekend was actually pretty uneventful, no gym buddy at the gym, nothing special going on around here. church was great. They are about to do a big remodel and have services in the gym for about 6 weeks, and so I'm kind of thinking about finding a new church near my house and quit going to that one, although I do like sitting with my folks and seeing my sisters every weekend. Met all the family at my folks Sunday afternoon for my mom's birthday... today went back to work. blah!  The one great thing is this week we only have 4 days because Friday we are off for parent/teacher conferences.  and I played hookie from stock club meeting tonight and went to the gym instead and got a nice long chest workout in. buddy wasn't there today but that was fine, I concentrated on my workout more without all the chit-chat.
If there are any computer gurus reading this, I'm curious to know if I can take the hard drive out of my old Toshiba laptop and put it in this new one, just to get some files off of it, and then replace my new laptop's hard drive. or will that screw up my new laptop or cause it to CRASH FIRE BOOM!>!??!?!  ha ha. it was just an idea I had.


Pookie said...
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Pookie said...

t a guru, but even if you can there are too many potential problems. Why not back the files up to the cloud and then download them into the new one. I use Sugarsync as a separate back up for my family tree files. You get 5 gigs free. Or get an inexpensive external hard drive and do the same thing.

You can always use either as a way to back up your data on a regular basis if you want said...

A good start is always a good one.

rugbysex said...

if i understood the question i'd try to give you an answer. techno stupido here. sorry. :)