Sunday, February 24, 2013

about Friday

I woke up early Friday and having just turned on the hall light and walking into the dark front living room, I heard a "BOOM!".  It was heard and seemingly felt from the north.  It's strange how my experience teaching overseas made the sound seem recognizable as an explosion.  I looked out the front door, then went about my morning of getting dressed, breakfast made, and then while eating breakfast saw the news on tv.  A helicopter had crashed and gone down a few miles north of my neighborhood near a busy morning intersection, landing in a field away from streets or houses. They praised the pilot for getting the copter down without hitting and streets or houses, and reported two fatalities and two in critical condition. It was a hospital helicopter on its way to pick up a patient somewhere. how sad. I drove to work thinking of the sort of work nurses do and began to pray for the families of any victims who might be just getting the news.
Otherwise Friday at work got off to a great start, we had a Black History Month assembly which began with some teachers singing the black national anthem, and then a speaker from Langston university, and some performances by students, and also including different groups of sorority and fraternity students of Langston who did a bunch of step dancing, sort of a stomp and clapping style. They did a great job.
There was a sub for a teach on my team who I know from the gay scene in okc. She also used to be a teacher at my school and now stays home with a 3 year old boy who she had with her partner. she had the baby by being inseminated with donor sperm, who I found out she used a place in CA and the father was dark haired, 6'4", blue eyes, and she got to read an entire file of his likes, dislikes, experiences in life, beliefs and outlook.  We had a pretty long talk about being gay in okc and dating and having kids etc etc etc... It was pretty funny because the gay and lesbian things are completely different, but we had a great discussion.  She has 6 embryos still frozen from the process. so curious.
Friday night I saw the Oscar nominated shorts. is everyone ready to watch tonight?  Of the shorts I saw Friday, I don't think the simpsons film would be a winner.  I equally like the Adam and Dog short and Disney's Paperman as winners. I like the way Adam and Dog showed a sort of behind the scenes interpretation of the history of Adam and Eve, and the Paperman story was cleverly carried out.  Head over Hills was a good short film but too vague and abstract in the setting.  Always adds to watching the awards when you know the films, however this year I have to say I'm not too familiar with MANY of the best picture nominees. ha


Anonymous said...

there is a black national anthem? who know?

rugbysex said...

i'm sure you have many very fond memories of your time in afghanistan. i'm just glad ur no longer there. :)