Sunday, January 13, 2013

more sun day

did you guys get your butt out of the house and to the gym today? I did. took a break from flipping channels on tv and the ball games going on. New England is going now and doing just fine, ;). gym buddy C was up there today working out, lil chunky hunky dude. was working his arms today, I was working shoulders. That kid is fun to talk to what with his very slight stutter and all. I sometimes feel awkward about how to end the conversation and get back to working out, but I'm getting the hang of it. he was looking great in his shorts today. I think have more muscular legs helps push everything out in front a little better. I think my package has a better effect the bigger my legs are too, I dunno. anyway, was watching some football and some Star Trek on tv while warming up on the treadmill. I always warm up a good 30 minutes or more usually walking, sometimes running. then I'll go lay on the mats in the stretch area and stretch out really well and then do lots of abs. sometimes I just make up stuff for the abs. I try and do anything I can think of to work out abs while laying around over there. One thing I'm finishing abs with now is something I used to do when I was overseas. I would bend down on my knees and turn to one side and pick up a ball and then push myself up and twist lifting the ball up over my head to the opposite side, going back down and then back up etc.. 10 reps then from the other side. Next I get my work out gloves on and usually always start with a set of chinups but the kind where its the two grips coming out perpendicular to you from the bar.. I hate to carry on about being single but it sure sucks. I was just thinking this morning what a great parent I could have been. THis may be why God didn'te give me kids, but I knwo I would have been very aware of needs and tried my best to prepare things like clean clothes, money for things, breakfast ready etc etc.. Even as a spouse I know I would also have been a good pair. looking out for the other like putting things away, making sure something is clean and/or ready/ironed. getting meals prepared, reminding and being aware of important dates etc etc.. That's what I imagine anyway. On the other hand, maybe I imagine having a wife is sort of like that anyway, caring for meals, and keeping stuff kept clean, laundry done etc.. not to stereotype genders, just that's the model I was raised with.
I went to lunch with my folks after church this afternoon which was nice. My dad is a little more friendly and talkative as he gets older. in fact today he said he'd like me to come by there sometime to go over finances and how he pays bills in case mom is left behind and doesn't understand how to handle it all. Gee Whiz DAD! I guess it's good to be prepared but you know how I hate facing realities of losing people. like the post about my diabetic friend in AR. I've told my parents and my AR buddies that I'm no longer praying for a spouse and kids, from now on my prayers are straight up for WISDOM. wisdom wisdom wisdom, and the self control NOT to share any wisdom unless ASKED! ha because I usually always have an opinion and have learned that you don't always have to share it. :P hope eveyrone's having a nice relaxing weekend. I'm about to cook up my usual steamed broccoli and cashew nuts for dinner, maybe a banana and then of course a bowl of Trix cereal. slurp. I plan to google some crockpot recipes tonight for chicken breasts. Thing is now that I'm working out more I want to get a bit more protein in my diet and thought I'd use the slow cooker a friend gave me to cook up some meat and stuff while I'm gone at work during the day. maybe I'll check pinterest


drew said...

Have you ever shared the broccoli and cashew dish on your site? Would you?

thatguy said...

You still have time man. Don't worry, you'll find someone!

EX frat man said...

hey dan ... the big thing to remember about using a slow-cooker is that it is a MOIST heat ... so you need to come up with recipes that have added liquid that add flavor ... tough when good nutrition is also a priority. but ribs work well as does pork.

on the other "thing" hang in there ... you are a giving and caring person ... and finding somebody to share your life and create a family (however you define it ... families come in different shapes, sizes, colors and configurations these days) will happen ... just not necessarily on a timeline or when you expect it. just put yourself out there!


rugbysex said...

it's never too late my friend. NEVAH!
pax tibi frater!