Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday meetings

finished supper and thought I'd post about the stock club meeting I got back from earlier. man what a busy day teaching all day then getting home in time to get to the gym before having to drive over to the bank. We have 2 new members, the daughter-in-law and son of one of the retired teachers in our group, so now we are 7 members and one absentee member, so that's $400 a month coming into the club to invest. We did the usual talk back and forth about what to invest in. we sold our Pender morgan stock since post offices are going to be closing, and put all our fund this month into Kraft foods stock. Pretty much we invest in stuff with a dividend that runs steady. ALthough another retired teacher and I (she was actually my teacher in middle school), we always bring up stuff that we think might improve and go up up up, ha.
 She likes WRE a real estate company, and I was talking about TCAP which had a high dividend but our group leader said was like a loan shark money lender for companies who didn't have credit to go to banks. something like that, but I've been happy with my own TCAP stock as far as dividend pays since I bought it last June. okay enough boring talk. TOday a kid gave me his cell phone, cord, and a thumb drive asking me to please put the music from the drive onto his phone. Bunch of spanish Mexican music stuff I suppose. of course the first thing I did was check out his photo file and video file, ha ha, no no, no porn. haha, but I did check, then I put a picture of me at school that I had on my laptop onto his phone, and then some other random photos of the students just for fun. I then transferred quite a few music files onto his phone and ran out of time before plan time was over etc etc.
 my class meets in a room that used to be a storage room and doesn't have any vented heat or air. So I leave a little 9 inch tall space heater on all night to sort of try and keep the room warm. It usually works quite well except with it being in the teens last night, forget. the room was freezing cold. So all day I had class in the office workroom which we use in between the two other ESL classes. It's not too bad because I only have 7 in one class and 8 in the other, so we just sit around the big table in the middle. I just didn't have a board to write on but still not a prob. :)
 I'll have to take a picture so you can see what I'm talking about, it's not too bad, there is a window in the storage room and it's not all that big but big enough for a few tables and my students. I also have all sort of things hanging up all around the wall from my travels. ha. I actually had a really great day, thank God for that. And tomorrow is another really long day, right after school I'll drive to the community college and plan an hour or so in the adjunct office, then we have back to school dinner/training/meetings from 5-8:30..
 BTW,, who all saw the Jody Foster speech on tv last night on the awards show? I wasn't really watching but I flipped by it a few times and caught that part. was so weird, interesting, awesome. THing is I've always loved Jody Foster, From all her kid movies and NELL,and some other classic movies I can't remember just now. I haven't seen the one with the moths and the serial killer, cause I don't watch those kind of movies putting crap like that in my mind. ha anyway, thing is I go crazy for super smart people, Randy Potts is like that, super sharp and well spoken and thoughtful. Check out her speech if you find it on Youtube. she sort of came out but also made all sorts of other statements about privacy and not having to come out etc.. something like that.

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rugbysex said...

u make me laugh, cry, breathe heavy and never fail to show me something new and beautiful. thank you professor. i stopped and went to watch the jody foster speech. EVERYONE should see here it is:

ur the best my friend!