Thursday, January 03, 2013

last day off

well I'm trying to enjoy what I can of my last day of winter break. I woke up by 630 this morning to get myself sort of back in the swing of getting up early morning, on work days I wake up at 530. But this morning I just laid in bed for about 2 hours with the covers all cozy and warm, and my laptop to surf all over the internet and my remote control by the beside table to sort of survey what was on the muted tv facing me.
 ahhh very relaxing easy morning. been getting laundry done and making some order of the place. I'm going to try and take some pics of stuff I bought while shopping during break to post eventually. maybe not today though too busy. I just got back from the local pizza place for lunch and plan to piddle around the house now until gym time 4pm.
 I had a great time in AR visiting friends. the couple I stay with have 2 boys, the 9th grader and the 10 yr old with FAS. I love hanging out with the kids and also my kids. the wife i grew up with since church youth group 7th grade. She ended up marrying one of my roomates in college, which was funny 'cause they never attended our college at the same time but met afterwards in town. I hd some great serious time talk with my besty S, the wife. She usually asks me at some point how I'm doing and if I'm leaning one way or the other.. ha ha. which I think is funny. She wishes I'd marry my ex gf, her best gf in town who is single and dating an Indian guy who is Hindi and leaving in 2 months. strange, I know. but anyway, I keep telling her no no no I will never ever be interested in the ex gf. nope.. she also asked some questions about if I watch porn and if it's guys or girls, and I said both and I'm not further discussing it! ha ha..
 Girls have NO understanding of guys whether str8 or gay seriously.. so funny. She was also asking me if I thought her husband would ever marry the ex gf. Which I said no to also, I don't think she's his type at all, not the "bomb" like my friend S, the wife. so we laughed and such but secretly I was quite disapointed to hear her even speaking of such things. My friend, you see, is diabetic and has taken insulin shots since middle school. She now uses an automatic pump. She was never supposed to have children, but did have her oldest boy which put her in the hospital for a month before he was born practically losing her sight in the process.. But anyway, the second son is adopted and has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which means he's a little developmentally behind, has loud noise issues and is one meds etc etc .. There couldn't be more perfect parents and big brother for that kid though! THey handle him just right. Anyway, so it deperessed me to hear her talk about who her husband would marry if she was ever gone. And I pretty much changed the subject at some point. Last fall she mentioned something about trying to improve her health so as not to need a dialysis this year, blah I hate thinking about all that too. umph! I also visited my best bud J from college who is married with 3 kids, we had lunch with his family yesterday, although with 3 kids and passive parenting skills not always knowing how to show kids who is boss, well it was interesting trying to talk while the youngest 17 month boy was screaming and crying and not wanting to eat and wondering about the kitchen.. I can't say much what with never having kids what do I know about normal. ALthough it seems by 3 and 5, a kid could use a fork to eat rice and not hands, but whatever... ;)
 yesterday afternoon I spent at another former roomie's house, an artist friend of mine. I'd shown interest at homecoming in one of his paintings, and we arranged for me to come and pay for it while in town. woo hoo! it's a small little treasure now hanging in the hallway... I was telling him how I'm not so much praying for a spouse and kids anymore, just wisdom. I also mentioned I'm praying at the same time to not share the wisdom unless asked!! ha ha, it's a joke because I'm pretty good at giving my opinion sometimes without being asked. So I've learned as I've gotten older to keep my thoughts to myself and not always share what I think is RIGHT!! what
can I say, it's the teacher in me. ugh, don't mention teaching....until reality hits tomorrow... :)

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thatguy said...

Good luck getting back into the swing of things! Jealous of your breaks, but I'm definitely not jealous of having to get up that early. Hope all is well, let me know next time you head down to Austin!