Wednesday, January 16, 2013

hump day over

great day. got a lot covered and a lot of papers graded blah blah, basically today was about the difference between rotate and revolve. Basically talking about earth, sun, moon. We also did diagrams of equivalent fractions and in my second year class we learned how to make a resume. week half over with. WOO HOO.
 I was talking at lunch about how I liked the way my shoes matched my sweater, and my co teacher/ friend said if I didn't know you like I do, I'd say that is so gay. ha ha and we all laughed. That was weird. I just laughed realizing yeah whatever and also laughing thinking so they really don't think I'm gay? ha pretty funny. I guess I could cool it with my ocd about getting my outfits all together for work. I mean not everyday but I do put a few together I'm probably way too proud of some days. ha! I wrote an email to the principal yesterday about what we can do get the teachers to stop parking on the grass when it's muddy and driving back and forth in front of our building leaving a muddy rocky mess for students and all to walk through to our building, basically asking that they are more proactive and aggressive in getting no parking there established when it rains!!
 also for a week and half, we've had no boys bathroom in our building. they locked it down after the light switch got ripped out. They opened it after school today so I'm sending an email out to our building tomorrow asking the teachers to PLEASE keep students IN THE CLASSROOM during class and I'll lay it on thick to train kids to use bathroom between classes and keep them IN CLASS during class etc etc. I also plan to send a very dry email, with screen prints of our schools system for entering tardies as a snide way of telling teachers to count tardies and get kids IN THEIR CLASSROOMS ON TIME. that reminds me, I wrote an email to the vice principal in charge of the safety committee yesterday also about how much safer the school would be with all students in classes and accounted for instead of walking around the school during class and lingering everywhere after the bell rings.... i mean it seems common sense right?
 btw last night I had the adjunct prof meeting all night and it went pretty well. I met some profs I'd never seen before which is usual and had lots of fun comparing notes about our classes. THere was this one nice nice looking built guy around my age, and when he walked by in the hall as we were all leaving to our different rooms for meetings I totally was staring looking him up and down and waiting to see if he was going to "notice" me, nope, dude must be straight! ha
 I worked out after school today, back day, and got to see my buddy up there wearing my favorite white shorts. Today he had a looser underwear on so that it wasn't all up in a bundle in front, but instead hanging down one direction showing off its length and size right there through the flimsy shorts. good man! we chatted up a bit but he spent a bit of time off the floor having to get a lock cutter once he realized he locked his keys in his locker. ahh well. I went in to see if he had any luck with it, and he was putting a new lock on the locker and all. he had to start lifeguarding after a while and was telling me how he was only get about 20 minutes more or working out before he had to shower up and get changed to work at 6pm in the pool. we said good bye later and i practiced great self control as he left and then I finished up my last sets and went over to put on my jacket and backpack from the peg I leave them on over by the door of the weight room. I say selfcontrol because I KNEW I could probably go into the locker room with the "going to the bathroom" excuse to walk through but really jsut to see him strip down for the shower. but like I said. NOPE ha ha. bring on the weekend, hope everyone is having a good week.

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rugbysex said...

don't DRIVE on the grass but DO walk on it...

u go professor...u activist u. :)

and btw...DO walk thru that lockeroom. tempus fugit boy....tempus fugit my friend.