Monday, January 14, 2013

gay twins

I don't watch this show, 'cause for one thing I don't really like him doing a talk show so blah! and OVER! but anyway, anyone see this interview? how interesting... also they have hot accents. ha :)


LarryandGaryLane said...

Hey Buddy thanks for Blogging our Story! It was a Hard Interview, but being honest about who were are has helped alot of People. The support and Messages we got from people was overwhelming. Great Blog we will spread the word! Larry and Gary Lane

Anonymous said...

Don't know Jeff Probst from a bar of soap - but you two - wow - don't think you will ever go short on the "LOOK" looks. Great to see two confident guys who seem to have sorted themselves out where "church" is concerned.

rugbysex said...

not sure what planet i've been on but never heard of these guys. loved the interview and so nice they saw your post. watch out buddy...ur star is ascending. :)