Tuesday, January 22, 2013

first impressions...

had a great first class back to school tonight.  the class was a lot more talkative than last semester's first night,k when the whole class just sat there and stared back at all night. TOnight the students answered my questions and bravely voiced opinions etc.. it's quite a mix and variety, about a quarter black, about a quarter Hispanic (based on their names) and a few a older but mainly all college age.  One black guy was tall and preppy, some nice oval small wire framed glass and a red longsleeve sweatshirt and red hat, both with a small navy polo insignia on them, way classier than the nasty oversized logo on stuff. blech.  anyway, quite a mix, I think this one latin guy might be gay, just cause of his man bag purse looking thing he carried and just manners overall.  one interesting guy sat in front was a sort of jock boy type, real sturdy build and strong shoulder, a sort of wrestler or baseball playet type guy.  His face was broken out a pit, but I like the tough guy look versus pretty boy looks anyday, ha.  I look forward to the semester with this group, I hope I can keep them all motivated to keep up with class and to keep coming.
I'm lying in bed just now about to nod off and fall asleep.  yawn. sorry it was a super long day. how I look forward to coming home after school tomorrow and relaxing a bit then getting to the gym etc etc.
cheers everyone, have  a great week!

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rugbysex said...

hope ur spring (yes spring!) semester is all that you want it to be. don't overdo it at the gym!