Friday, January 04, 2013

back to it..

school was actually FINE today..... I don't know why I was dreading it so much, methinks it's not so much the job, but more about me really really liking break and not working. ha ha. so sad, so true. ha. Anyway, I went back today and saw most of the students (many not returned yet since we went back on a Friday). I got my room situated a little differently, and students seating charts were rearranged in all classes, turned my grades in for last semester, etc etc. I had a lot of great discussion with the other teachers on my team about my priorities this semester and how I plan to work on language language language overall and teach science and math more as introduction of words and concept and that only. ANYWAY, not to carry on the stupid non ending soap opera about the admin position, BUT after hiring a less experienced non master degreed guy for the one facilitator job I'd wanted and thought I had, the director today told me the other position was still open and was I still interested?? HELLO YES! I went by his office after school today to discuss changes being made in our program at my school, and how I had thought we'd get a 5th esl teacher at our school yet the principal was more about losing an esl teacher, putting us down to 3. So we discussed and he encouraged me as usual, totally great guy btw. I asked about the other facilitator position and he said it was still pending. no idea if that means I'm a candidate or NOT but alas, I will remain with hope. really I just want the $6000 raise AND to get me out of the classroom and to be doing something new and different to sink my teeth into. I'm also looking forward to the clothes I could wear and how I wouldn't have to wear a beard. That might sound strange but I like keeping a beard all of fall and spring due to the gruff appearance and how the students respond more to my authority than when I'm clean shaven and all pretty and nice boy looking. ha ha Wow, a day of work and now another weekend. woo hoo. my best bud S here in OKC and I are planning to run out for dinner and then maybe go by the outlet mall and shop around a bit, also just catch up in general since he's not at his bf's place or hanging here with the bf. I also plan to review my blog for what workout plan I was using in Afgghanisstan, so that I can start hitting the gym a little heavier this semester and more often and more PLANNED! Hope everyone is getting the new year off to a great start!

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thatguy said...

Dude, I need some lifting advice. I literally have no idea what I'm doing.