Saturday, December 29, 2012

another weekend...

anyone enjoying this strange time off during break when every day is like a lazy Sunday or Saturday? those on a school calendar maybe.. man I'm going crazy bored stiff around here watching youtube videos and picking up around the house and flipping tv channels and maybe getting to the gym once a day or not. blah
I have to admit I'm not looking forward to getting back to work, thus that feeling I get sometimes of wanting break to be over with as soon as possible so I can get the semester over with as soon as possible.. ha! it ain't all that bad though, I'm really relaxing and enjoying every bit of break.
last night I had another dinner date with the Vet friend from HS.  She is doing well and worked all through the holidays, had a date with a guy from online that she didn't click with.  She's also been stalking the cat from the house next door to her. It was left behind when the owner died and the daughter of the owner was feeding it, and then lately the daughter said she sold the house but what about the cat? My vet friend is very aware of animal welfare, and has told me stories about calling 911 or animal control and confronting people in parking lots with dogs in their car etc...she's always got great tales from the overnight shifts she works at the emergency vet clinic.  She got an earful about my NYC trip of course.
 more family fun today, the sister and brother that couldn't make it last week due to weather are coming today so we're all meeting at my folks' place again and having a lunch and family time..and there will be some exchanging of gifts for those whose names were drawn but weren't present to give/recieve. I already gave my sister her gift, a travel bag, and recieved anotther sister's gift, the sockless socks I asked for for the gym. Although I think sometimes tubesocks might be going back into trend...hmmmm ha
 Tomorrow I plan to drive down to big Dallas for the day and  get some shopping on, my usual yearly Ikea visit, Northpark mall, Northhaven Nursery, and then Mockingbird station maybe or possibly even visit a former college roomie in Dallas if possible... those are my hot spot visit stops for this okie boy. plus just the drive down and getting away from this house is always great not to mention all the heavy thinking and reflecting going on while I'm driving.  I'm making it a one day trip because Monday New Years Eve day I plan to drive up north to AR. Some college buds are having a New Years Eve get together that I wasn't invited to, so might as well get up thar and bring in the new year w/ some true friends. :) thinking about staying a few days and getting back to okc by WED and rest up before school starts again on Friday.
Isn't  it weird we're going back on a Friday, I'm sure half the kids will even show up. ha  

all smiles....

Friday, December 28, 2012

Austin Long Center

that almost sounds like a porn name... ha. anyway, If you live in AUSTIN TEXAS or just like supporting the arts, next time you are on facebook, like their page. I'm trying to get them more likes. you know usually I wouldn't ask stuff like that on my blog, but hey, I love AUSTIN and anything AUSTIN you know that. :)

nice tile...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

what I watched all day

I could'nt stop watching these guys' videos today, they were cracking me up, other than all the 4 letter words back and forth. BUt I am fascinated by the way they talk at the same time and try to be all serious and then crack up at each other. Also my ESL ear likes the way they try to speak and pronounce and even check with each other how to say something. ha what do you think?

daninokc tmblr styl.....

hot and shirtless mix and match...

recognize anyone?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

bad boy...

plot thickens....

went to gym today and yup my little crush was there. nothing little about him. big tall guy, dark hair fair skin clark kent looks, huge arms, back, chest, quiet shy type that'll drive a type A person like me crazy... yup. ha anyway, he walked in while I was on treadmill and looked in my direction and said "Hi Mark"... the only problem with us getting to this meet and greet by first name basis is that my name is not Mark... he's called me this before and I haven't had the chance yet to say, I'm DAN and what's your name!? sigh I finished walking and running and was planning and rehearsing the conversation in my mind how I'd say, hey man btw my name is dan not mark, and what's your name? something like that, simple enough right?
 but while he was doing bench press and i was over in the corner stretching and doing abs, the gym floor picked up 4 extra guys working out and then I lost my kahuna's to approach and get the conversation back up. I did meet him up at the water fountain and we both took our earphones out of our ears and chatted up for a while about how was your Christmas etc etc and did you get out in the freezing roads and snow?.... This is how I found out he has a gf... dang it all! j/k. He said he'd driven across town to her place after time with his family yadda yadda....blah blah.
we worked out some more and then got into another conversation while he was at the squat machine doing standing shoulder presses and I happened to be facing him while doing the cable machines right between him and the mirrored wall. I asked him something I'd wanted to for a while, about the stretch marks on his pecs right there going into his underarm area in front, I pointed and his sleeveless shirt he wore today helped...He said they were from in highschool when he started working out in tenth grade, and I kidded sarcastically about shooting up, and he laughed and talked about growth spurts etc.. we talked about our skinny selves in highschool and what weight he'd gained and what little weight I've gained over the years back and forth.. this is how I found out he is 21 almost 22. He talked about his metabolism slowing down now that he's over 21 and I laughted and said it was way after 21 that I mine slowed down and I still have to work out or I lose all muscle first. blech!
 I got to tell ya this str8 guy doesn't seem to have any idea, or maybe he does, about how great he looks in those flimsy black shorts he wears, I have to make my eyes not follow him in profile for the huge bulge in front, big ole curve heavier on the low side right out of his shorts.. standing there talking to him, I'm just like looking down and thinking dang man, briefs would really keep it all a lot tighter controlled but thanks for wearing the loose boxers or boxer briefs!!  don't even ask me about his big ole curvy posterior side...whoah! ...we went back to working out and then made some more conversation, about him only playing one year of football and hating the hs coach so after that he just swam and played tennis..(hunkiest tennis guy I've every seen hmmm) before I said take it easy man, I'm outta here! :P

vintage auto.....planet earth.

bros having fun...

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas all...

Well Merry Christmas from my mom and dad's place. I'm sitting right here on the couch in the sunroom they built off of the kitchen many years ago. all windows and toasty warm with the wintery windy snow blowing and gusting all over the place outside. down the middole of the room are a row of two tables set for dinner. bsically some red and silver star decorations I got last year at Ikea and a vase of flowers. white paper rolled out and taped down with red placemats. mom has a small potted fir tree in the corner with lights and all the lamps are on with strings of white Christmas lights hung up all around the room above the windowsills. I'm reclining back on the same couch I grew up on and used to crawl all over when I was just a kid. some family is here and some stayed home because of the weather, my brother who is in KS and one of my 3 sisters who lives way up in the panhandle. The women are all in the kitchen getting dinner stuff ready and the guys are in the tv room waiting for the Thunder Bball game to start. I'll probably go in there and watch the game here after a bit. right now I'm just being lazy and eating some peanut brittle my sis makes so perfectly well just right. And I thought I'd get a post up.
 I've been enjoying the break quite a bit. My Austin buddy flew into town Saturday morning so I had quite a good time picking him up from airport, going out to breakfast at Jimmy's Egg, and then back home to just relax and catch up. he napped a bit before we got ready for lunch with some OKC buds. basically that means his ex bf here in OKC who was his first serious bf relationship while he went to OU. the ex bf is now a lawyer living in some very very nice digs in north OKC. single and asexual like me, a real nice guy. He had two friends with him who went to lunch with us. a guy I've known from around okc for a while - D. , He's actually the nicest smalltown guy in the world that I remember seeing at clubs and thinking, I know we aren't each other's type but he's so good looking I just want to be seen with him, ha ha. Seriously and then as I started to get to know him jsut through little conversations here and there, turns out he's the nicest quiet tupe guy in the world. and big ole boy! big ole shoulders and a buy that knows how to wear boots! whew! anyway, he's pretty much married to his bf who is a guy I went to HS with. they're a great couple. the other guy was someone I dont' think I'd talked much to before but sort of thought I recognized him (Okc is pretty small after all), an interior decorator and furniture store owner. The five of us all loaded up into D's Lexus SUV and went to lunch at Dafe 501 N okc near the classen curve. loved it! had a chickien sandwish that was on pita bread and the chicken was crusted with tortilla chips. YUM! oh man!! I tried very hard not to be awkward and just listen and try to get conversation going, the five of us just sat there at some times, and thankfully my austin buddy would get a comment out now and then, and if the okc guys talked about someone I would ask, so who is so-and-so?... etc and tried to keep conversation going. great lunch and then we went to a cupcake place go figure. the only other thing I'll say is I hated what I was wearing and told austin bud that I hadn't realized that we were going to lunch in N OKC with a group of guys, I thought it was just us and his ex etc.. ha ha, no big deal, but I just felt like farmer Joe from the suburbs ya know? ha ha..
anyway, after lunch we got back to my place and chilled some more, he napped some more while I got stuff around the house picked up and stuff I was working on for holiday gifts etc.. eventually he got up and I had my usual broccoli and cashews for dinner then we drove to a sandwich place for his dinner. We decided to watch Devil wears Prada and I rented it on Itunes, and while we waited for it to load up we shared some of our fave youtube vids and stuff, and I showed some posts on my daninokc facebook account and he kept wanting me to email him stuff to post on his facebook. ha ha. I had the couch pulle dout so we could lay om the hideabed and watch the movie with my projecter hooked up to the computer onto the wall... lots of fun. crashed eventually and took him to his mom and dads here in okc after I got home from church.. yesterday I ran errands in okc and made a bunch of chocolate cupcakes and white cupcakes as requested by my sisters to bring this year for Christmas, that and coke and ice. Had a bit of fun too yesterday as a former buddy was in town, big well endowed thick black guy I used to "know" here in okc...I tell ya what, you can be really really out of practice so to speak doing something and you get the chance after a long long long time and, well it's sort of like riding a bike is all I'll say. slurp! My little Merry Christmas to me. ha tonight we are meeeting up here at my folks' place around 5 or 530 form dinner and gifts and such. hope all are enjoying the holidays! Cheers!

Santa Claus is coming....

Monday, December 24, 2012