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TX -where everything's bigger?

hello from Austin TExas! you might have a dan sighting if you're in Austin today and for example right now at Flipnotics Coffee on Barton Springs Rd, next Whole Foods, later this morning the dog park, this afternoon movie Life of Pi, and then tonight the miniature golf place near Lamar. That's right I'm in Austin Texas; I drove down last night right after school, got out at 230 and was in my truck by 240 and on my way to I35 south. :).. I hit tons of traffic near denton and missed the 35W exit. ugh, so ended up going through Dallas instead, but still made pretty good time 6.5 hours instead of 6. blah. last week was great. my Tuesday night class went well, final peer review and then they all turn papers in next week for me to grade and give back the next. so only 2 more weeks left of classes, high school and college. the 15th I'll be on a plane to NYC!:) this one student JH, tall built guy half mid-eastern/native american, well he's been struggling all semester. he wrote a paper about being in prison last year for a bar brawl fight he was in or something like that. and how he became a Christian and was trying to get his life back on track and going to college etc etc. so I have had only optimistic thoughts for the guy, however last week he tells me how he was out late the weekend before and his gf found him and his buddy drunk at a strip club and broke up with him, and when he left while she was taking her things from their apartment, she took all his things too. his computer laptop and tools, so he might get fired from his welding job without tools, and he didn't have his paper to review etc etc etc.. blah so many stories when you teach community college. people with really really busy lives other than school, not really like the tv show where they are all each others friends all the time and hang out there all the time like a real college. nope.... the rest of the week with my kids at school was fine fine, I was giving them little motivational speeches here and there in spanish along the lines of - you are not children and I'm not here to babysit so time to get serious about learning English! ha and of course I through in some stuff about how kids their age are in Mexico and NOT in school and working like adults with adults for the rest of their lives etc etc. I try to remind the kids they have better potential for future here but it only comes with English/education... anyway I learned a word for "argue" - "alegar" which is helpful for calling parents. ;) Austin is amazing this morning, a bit cloudy and in the 50's , no real breeze this morning. ahhhh! I'm even in shorts today. yay texas. I had second thoughts about coming down here actually because it's going to be nice in OKC this weekend and I was thinking of staying home and getting Christmas prep done and house ready and tree up, and also just get outdoors all weekend in the yard! but nah, buddy invited me down so I answered the call. ha anyone here in Austin want to say what you're up to? anyone else reading, what's up for you this December 1st? getting a tree up today? getting out for some shopping now that it's not black Friday ridiculousness? I am really struggling with getting up early and driving back to OKC so I can enjoy my afternoon at home OR shop sunday morning at IKEA and the OUTLET mall here in AUSTIN first. :)

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I tried watching this movie last night, but there were only 9 parts of it on Youtube and it stops with about a half hour left. The entire film is actually uploaded on youtube all in one take, but it doesn't have subtitles. It's a Russian movie that came out in 2008. Stilyagi or "hipsters", basically a musical about the 50's in communist Russia when in Moscow there were a group of kids really getting into western style and jazz music which was looked down upon at the time. It's actually really well made, a sort of Dirty Dancing meets Absolute Beginners meets Grease or something.. ha I dunno, but definitely enjoyed the music, colors, and camera work. now I'll have to wait for the next parts of the movie (SUBTITLED) to appear on youtube. anyone seen the film? :)

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I came across two interesting reads this weekend, one about being gay in a fraternity, from EX-Frat blog here. The other was a website Heroic homo sex explaining the term frottage and why certain gay men were into only that. (both NSFW and the 2nd one you have to scroll down a bit to get to the question/answer part I thought was interesting.
 In the article about being gay in a fraternity, I'll say that I was in fraternity at a state college but only during my freshman year because my parents did not send me back for a second year and so instead I got "my grades back up" at a junior college in the city until they sent off to a small private Christian university in the next state over. I experienced a lot living in the Sig-Ep house, Sig Ep is another reason I like skull and crossbones btw, was our symbol. anyway, I was definitely definitely in the closet the entire time, even to myself. I remember dating girls and pairing up with sorority girls at parties, I remember twice taking home a sorority girl and then staying the night on the floor of my high school buddies who lived in the dorms. The thing about that is I could return to the house and my pledge brothers could think what they wanted. ha It's funny at the time I never would have expected another person in the house and yet years after college I've come across 3 of my pledge brothers online a gay site. well anyway, so in the article they talk about either coming out or not coming out. I see myself as the guy who was along the lines of thinking, whose business is it who I'm sleeping with, we're friends regardless. I remember certain older guys in the fraternity being unusually nice to me randomly or at parties and looking back I wonder if they suspected something in me or were closet themselves..
 I will also say that at the Christian college I attended, I had more of the experience of telling my closest friends and housemates and no one else. the guys I lived with the last few years in college. I've written about it before but basically I left some printed photos under a mattress when I moved back home and after returning my buddy to AR was confronted gently and privately by two of my former roommates, stating that they understood, everyone else we lived with knew about the pics, and all them loved me regardless etc etc. still I remember how angry I was at myself for being careless, this because I had not been prepared yet to let out that fact about myself! ha
anyway, years later one of the two guys that'd taken me out ends up married and gay and we've had a great friendship ever since. as I've had with most of those guys. So what a wonderful thing of Ex-frat man to say on his blog recently that he has no stories, because he's a gentleman. The truth is that if you are so obsessed with sex that it's all you want to talk about, definitely come out and find a group of gay guys who want the same, talk about sex and dicks constantly, none of them most likely are gentlemen, and most likely fall into a stereotype of being gay meaning everything has to be about being gay. FAIL. (btw I'm not talking about being gay and discussing taking a stand w/ gay rights and all that - hopefully you'll understand)
 As well as there are straight guys who like to talk about sex all the time but that's mostly bullcrap macho posturing. When I hung out with all my straight friends, sometimes the topic of hot girls came up or who was putting out or not etc, but hardly, in fact it was usually the topic of bands. ha . or some groups it was always sports. ha thing is the topic of sex came up with my straight friends in very private conversations. Even my buddy S in town and I used to have very private conversations about any action we were getting and that could probably bonded us more as closet gay friends. :) So my point here I think is that the decision to come out or not in a frat is your own. Yes it can be a very positive experience, I know of guys at the state school who came out in frats and stayed in the frat and it was very positive experience and the frat was proud of the diversity. However I would suggest it mainly to the guy that acts the same as the frat guys and has same interests other wth those guys beyond who he's in bed with.
also here I'll say my best bud in Austin did come out his 3rd year in college to his frat and was publicly humiliated at a party/function and was basically kicked out. I will say, he had become less closeted by going out to gay bars more and meeting guys and hanging out more outside the frat etc and let word get out without facing the issue head on himself and coming out first.  In his place I would have said possibly that if he was no longer interested in hanging with those guys, leave anyway. that was a pretty awful experience for him though.
okay now the other website about frottage, which I never really was clear the meaning. basically that means two guys facing each other and rubbing their privates together. which I pretty much had thought that's what it was based on video clips under that mysterious category. ha.. well the thing I like about his article is the point he makes about no one is a top or bottom or sub or dominant, it's just two guys facing each other and being intimate with another guy. Wherever you fit in the spectrum of gay, that is definitely one of them. I'm not saying it's mine. the only rubbing part. but I'm somewhere on that side of the spectrum of j/o and oral, but I've never wanted to have sex with a guy top or bottom. nope. It's interesting how you can think if you're gay you are supposed to just learn to like it. And my thought to that has always been, okay so it's natural to be gay but I have to train myself to like gay sex? never fit the bill for me... and there are a lot of tops out there that are like salesmen, it cracks me up how guys feed you a line forgetting, that hey dude I'm a guy too and have used same such lines. ha ha. , some guys always try to say you haven't been with the right guy, or I know how to do it right, etc dumb.
 well those are my thoughts, I hope I've kept it un-offensive and you can see that's just one point of view. I'm sure there are many opinions on whether someone should come out or not in a fraternity. The difference in the situation in the article is the guy knew before going in that he was gay, and that he found himself still always hanging and enjoying the company of his straight friends anyway. This is different than being already in the closet, even to yourself, and then wondering to come out or not.