Saturday, November 24, 2012

OU/OSU bedlam today!! yay football..

follow the stripes...

numbers 1,4,8,16,17,and 18 are Billabong, 2 and 9 are Paul Smith ; 3 is Jack Spade, 5,6, and 7 are Life After Denim, and the rest are Quicksilver. How about all the bold colored stripes this fall ! :)

look out mama...

Friday, November 23, 2012

que lindo!

lazy friday

I've decided to go to Austin next weekend. hopefully I'll have time to get an oil change in my pickup this weekend before the trip.  today I'm cleaning up stuff I always put off like the stack of magazines that pile up and clothes that get folded and taken to my bedroom but not always put away. ha
I was considering what sort of things i want to wear next weekend in austin, and luckily it will be cool out and we're going outdoor put golfing, however if I'm not careful I can over dress and over plan for Austin. you have to remember the sort of hippie freethinking feel of that town and dress down down down. I always end up dressing more for Dallas. ha ha if you get my drift. So I always end up packing outfits and looks and end up getting to Austin and wearing the same tshirt and jeans all weekend. seriously! ha ha
anyway so I already know what I'm wearing to school Friday so that I can jump in the car at 230 and drive directly there. It's about 6 hours drive. blah. I bought him a bowtie and hat marked way down on Rugby Ralph lauren, but I already have a gift planned. I bought an IPOD shuffle on ebay and am going to load it up with my favorite gym mix songs.  I figure it's like the new version of giving a mixed tape. He can either forever enjoy all the songs I load up on it, or erase them and reload his own I guess.
otherwise I'm trying to go through some of my past few months of New York City Time Out magazine for ideas of places to shop and check out while in NYC this December. I haven't made any vital plans for broadway shows yet, the musical Once is on my mind, but I might wait and just buy a ticket seat wherever at the door if I decide to. Nothing big this year really pulling me in as a must see otherwise. I love Gershwin but I'd get annoyed watching Matthew Broderick forever on stage... right now I plan to make a list of certain stores/shops to check out, and then otherwise just get out walk and discover discover discover, sigh and grin!
I'm NOT getting out to any stores today. blah no thanks, I have already bought a few things online today though what with all the free shipping going on and all the tons of emails I keep getting about today's sales.  yesterday was all family and football and now I'm pretty much just waiting for bedlam football tomorrow. OSU vs OU! ah yeah!!! I love both teams and coaches so I just enjoy watching 'em every year.
okay I just decided I want to do laundry and set aside anything for next weekend. hope everyone is enjoying a lazy day off today.
Does anyone have or use a Canon EOS digital camera? I need some suggestions for a good digital camera above or below $500.  I love taking photos and want to go to another level next year than my little Canon powershot elph digital camera... cheers. ED: I've gotten 5 suggestions on a social network all for the same Canon T3i camera... that's what I'm going to save up for after nyc. :)

who luvs Friday? :P

Thursday, November 22, 2012

sleep it off...

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

part of what began this great nation were people seeking religious feedom who were truly grateful to God, having put their faith into practice and making their new life work...seems more and more now that this country seeks freedom from religion and those who practice and observe their faith ...We are a free nation with many liberties and much to be thankful for! What good is religious freedom if our lives reflect nothing different with or without it, let people know to Whom you're truly thankful on this national Thanksgiving Holiday! :)

 whatever your faith or views, I hope everyone is with someone they love today be it friends or family. I'm getting just about a thousand hits a day after so many years doing this blog which is pretty crazy. Thanks for all the links and reposts. I really appreciate all the comments and emails and great discussions inspired. I began the blog just getting all my points of view out there on homosexuality and found it a fulfilling experience to connect with others either in or out of the closet but regardless dealing with all the same questions and reasoning and wonderings. :) lately it seems I just post pictures and write about my day to day boring stuff. I'll try to get more posts on ideas as I continue blogging. I have a lot to say yet about masculinity, what is gay, how gay is gay, nature versus nurture, effects of sex abuse, being single, and more of the same ole stuff. blah blah. :) ENJOY YOUR NICE LONG WEEKEND!

time to clean up....

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

lazy wednesday

man I love today. just a day of whatever I wanted on the agenda... I got up at 530 even though I was off work today and went swimming my usual morning laps, came home had a good breakfast, picked up a little. watched some youtube videos, cleaned up the house a bit and did some laundry.
 I loaded up the back of my pickup with all the drywall and flooring and vanity and toilet etc from my old bathroom plus a bunch of branches and brush from all my yard projects and what with oklahoma wind constantly blowing down branches etc..and drove it to the local dump, which is really some huge dumpsters that you have to throw everything into.
 One of my sisters had a birthday today so we were all meeting for lunch at her favorite pizza place. my mom even showed up and so did her daughters and my other sister. (I have a brother and sister who live out of town) so we had some yummy pizza and then came back to my place for a cake my mom made and brought. everyone got to see the new bathroom and oo-ed and aw-ed... ha we talked about Christmas shopping and how next year we plan to do NO GIFTS back and forth from us or our parents. I went ahead and told them for this year please shop small for me and what I'd really like would be ankle socks for the gym or a box of interesting large paper clips to use at school or a shower caddy that hangs from the shower, small stuff like that. ha :) I already have all their gifts ready, except dad and my little sister are still on my list.
everyone left within about 45 minutes since we're all going to seeing each other tomorrow and gabbing away with my brother's family and all. I took a nap at some point on the couch after eating all that chocolate cake, then got up eventually and sat on the porch swing and stared for a while, it was SO quiet, with everyone just hanging out at home today and no after school traffic going by, seriously hardly any cars on the streets at all or anyone walking up and down the sidewalks, and just a really nice day, no wind just sunny and cool and AHHHH relaxing! I did some yardwork the rest of the day, putting some plants out in the yard I had in pots and moving some other things and then mulching around some plants with a bag of leaves from last year that had decomposed a bit and felt really nice and rich to throw on the soil around the plants. man there were some big fat worms at the bottom of that sack where it had gotten wet and damp and started turning to dirt living nicely in that bag.
anyone every purchase shirts or clothes from Bonobos? I'm considering how their sizes run... oh yeah. I got my two hats in the mail today from Rugby. I cracked up at how big the box was because although shipping was free, it was also free to get them giftwrapped so i went ahead and requested it even though they were just for me. ha ha. I figured why not? BTW: RUGBY Ralph Lauren online has 30% off Nov 20-22, I'm going back for the wallet and pants! :P hope everyone is traveling safe and getting ready for some good times with somebody tomorrow and a day of thanks. :)

thanks buddy

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

tuesday night

no class tonight, woo hoo, my weekend just got started! :) had a great two days at work, the kids were learning the three layers of the earth and then they had to illustrate either a fault line or a volcano.. etc etc my kids just crack me up so much these days. ha. I hope they all have a good break. I know they get bored sometimes over long breaks. I was getting on some girls for geting out of the halls and to class yesterday and one of them goes "mister, why don't you shave that beard.." ha and the one says "doesn't that bother your face?" and then "can I touch it?".. ha it always cracks me up how kids have no personal space and will just reach out and touch your face. of course I'm pretty relaxed guy and always smiling. there is always some kid wanting to touch my beard or reach out and touch the hair on my arm or hand or something. It never bothers me, it always makes me wonder if they have dads around the home. :( ahhhh anyway, definitely not many latino guys with beards though, maybe little moustaches. ha I'm enjoying the job quite a bit lately actually and have been planning what I want to get done the next three weeks before winter break. and then NYC! ah yeah. still undecided if I'm going to Austin or not for my buds birthday. he invited me down Dec 1st. but I'm undecided if I want to spend the gas money or not. Did anyone happen to catch the special on tv all about David Geffen. man I couldnt' turn it off or turn the channel and it just kept going on 2 hours straight! dang it was captivating. I am looking forward to my sister and maybe other family coming to my side of town tomorrow for lunch and they want to see the bathroom. :) I also wanted to mention that PBS had a special on the Dust Bowl last night, also very good. it reminded me of the students I had in Afghanistan and how they had no hope for a future in their country, such despair... awwwwwwe.

Monday, November 19, 2012