Saturday, November 10, 2012

giant Saturday

busy day, got up early and picked up the house and got outside for some yardwork. was a great great fall windy day here in okc. graded lots of papers today. had to cook a ham this morning to bring to the garden club meeting at 12. My local bud S came by with his bf and kid. they were at a college homecoming in the area and wanted to see my new bathroom. ha continued with my yardwork all afternoon, spreading around crushed up leaves I've found in bags out on the street in the neighborhood. and spreading milorganite fertilizer here and there. Well, I got an email Friday from the school district admin about the job. it has been posted so I went online an officially applied. I've already had two interviews so we'll see if the ball gets rolling or not from here on out! I'm ready. put me in coach! also busy day with the OU/Baylor game going on. SOONERS! had the windows open all day here at my place and it was awesome feeling the breeze all day. also getting the ham smell out of the house. ha. one thing I failed to do this weekend is get a haircut! I need one! I'm going to be going for that bearded hairy look that only works on supersized rugby players, not so much skinny English profs. it can wait for next weekend though and should get colder next weekend, I was in shorts today in November. :) hope all are having a good weekend! here's the bathroom! how embarrassing and ugly it used to be. and It's still not all that but it's new and clean, so wonder how long I can keep it that way. ha

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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

party bud

good week

getting through this week very nicely.. finally got some time to chill tonight. Monday I left work to the gym downtown so that I wouldn't ahve to drive back to my side of the city and then back south to where the moving job is. so I ran and worked out, say a guy I knew from about 4 years ago when I quit going to that gym. I saw a handful of same ole guys there actually. ha then went to move furniture. I have a good extra $200 on a shelf in the kitchen that I'll keep adding to and save up. $100 was from Friday's move and then plus Monday's. got home after dark and immediately got stuff ready for work the next day. Tuesday was my usual long day going to college after work. class last night went wonderfully also. they al turned in their third essay (oh that reminds me I have a stack of papers I need to grade while I'm sitting around here at night! shazam!! ha).. anyway I then assigned the fourth and last paper. The craziest thing about yesterday was I lost both plan periods, one I had to test a bunch of kids and the next i covered a class for a teacher, "leadership" class for 9th graders... ugh!. ha today was much better. kids were listening and doing. we had a meeting about our dept and I'm losing two classes of my newcomer babies for 2 separate classes of 3rd year kids who will HATE being changed into an esl class after the winger break!! ugh.. right after the meeting I went directly to my computer to ask the guy at admin about when the facilitator job would be funded!!! ha ha.. last I heard the title money was coming Oct or Nov and it's November do let's get Dan moving out of the classroom, I'm ready! :) I do work with and awesome team though. we are constantly in each other's classes, making copies if needed during class, and we'll cover each other's classes etc.. all good. I'll miss 'em but otherwise I'm ready I'm ready put me in coach! I'm including a photo of what I wore to the wedding reception last week. I was happy to have a chance to wear the shirt I bought in NYC last year with some old Cole Haan shoes I still own and never wear. but the occasion was just right. I was at a store afterwards and some older black guy passed me and said, man I like those shoes! another pic is of a jacket I got in the mail today.
I might have already posted a photo I'm not sure. It's a reversible shirt/jacket from Norse Projects that I'd seen online for about $340 and then came across on ebay for $70 and cha ching! won the bid and got one...woo hoo! I'll be wearing it tomorrow morning of course. so far I'm on a roll of swimming laps every morning before work. I started back this week to take advantage of the time change since it's easier to get up earlier. I just have to remember to get in bed earlier each night. I do this about every year around this time, it usually lasts for about a month or less. ha up until it's just too dang cold to get out in the car and drive to the gym in the morning... but for now I'm motivated to keep it up for the NYC trip in December. I hope all are having a good week.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Monday, November 05, 2012

Sunday, November 04, 2012

hard yard work

long saturday, lazyish sunday

about to leave and pick up a sandwich for lunch. back to Home depot for white silicone, and pine bark mulch. yesterday was a busy one! I worked on the trim most of the morning, I yanked it out of the wall and primed and painted it, then taped off some other trim and primed and painted that etc etc. put silicone caulking all around the tub and tile. only one strip left the corner of the wall where the shower head is. it's at a sort of weird angle to the corner what with the tub and wall and plastering a tore out and what I left etc, anyway, i'm figuring a way out to fill in with trim and then I'll just caulk over all the empty places etc...ugh can't wait to get it finish. i also did some yard work yesterday morning diggin up bermuda grass, and then by 12 I had to stop and get ready for a wedding reception. I met my friend S and his bf from AR there, friends of ours Dave and Geoff got married a few weeks ago in NYC. they had a reception at Iron Star Grill in okc at 1pm. was there for about 3 hours and we got to sit with them both and hear all about NYC. lots of fun, when I left I stopped by a store in that part of town where my 2nd grade teacher works and gave her a big hug. :) finally made it home in time to do lots more yard work digging up roots and an old border, and then before installing a new border I cut my old vinyl shower surround in 12 inch strips and used that as well to really block the bermuda grass. by 6 I had to clean up and rush to the grocery store, my friend A and her wife had an appetizer potluck last night at 7. I brought little tuna melts on rye, and I bought the pilsbury cinnamon rolls that you throw in a pan, but I unwound half of them and rerolled them so I had twice as many little rolls...made it over there by 715ish and everyone was arriving and getting food set out. the usual crowd, friends of the couple.2 single lesbians, a single much older gay guy, 2 gay couples, and a lesbian couple. fun time although I spoke mainly to A and the wife and the single lesbians, one of which I knew growing up (she went to same high school as me and A). man I ate so much food! this morning I painted the walls of the bathroom (FINALLY decided on Sharkey Grey! ha) and now I'm working on final trim as mentioned above. I also got all the bath/shower fixtures installed this morning. however the bath tub spout is sticking out pretty far from the wall so I'll have to figure out something or get the plumber back over to finish up that part. all else is good./

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