Saturday, October 13, 2012

red and black

what a great start to my two weeks fall break! Although i'd rather have been in AUstin this weekend seeing all the great bands at ACL music festival... well here I am in OKC. woke up and almost went and swam laps but got distracted online somehow.;) had a good breakfast, my usual 3 scrambled eggs minus 2 yolks, bowl of instant oatmeal with golden crisp cereal on top, and 2 bowls of cereal mixing honeynut cheerios with nut and honey crunch flakes...then I checked around outside the house to see how the plants are growing with the bit of rain we had this week, also i put in some ornamental winter kale last weekend around the yard..back in side and got a call from my cousin who has season tickets to the civic center downtown and her friend wasn't going to use her ticket so I got invited. great timing! with all the rain predicted for today I wasn't going to get much yard work done anyway, so I agreed to go. floor seats and all. sweet! got out into the city and started my list of errands, the builder supply and Home Depot to check around for pedestal sinks and tile choices for my shower. I did buy a nice crepe myrtle at Home Depot called Black Diamond Best Red which looks AWESOME for its dark dark purple black home in time to piddle some and change to go see the show. dropped by my favorite pizza place for lunch to go, and then downtown by 2pm. It was a great show. The civic center in okc is kind of strange for shows, they rebuilt it in the shape of a big block with all these levels of seats in back stacked up, and four floors of box seats on the sides. I've been up on the top top top level seats and the stage is as big as watching a tv screen in your living. bleah! I know it's all about making money and packing 'em in for the shows. but still blah. Les Mis was very good, I'd never seen it before but knew a lot of the songs. It goes long and you sort have to follow and assume what's going on in the story, but over all pretty good show. my favorite song was the Red and Black song. all the guys starting a revolution, just really great choral sound. I had a choir director in college who used to say all the time about our Men's Chorus how great a choir of men sounded and he'd always compare it to the sound of a choir of angels since the angles in the bible are generally men. interesting theory, so that always comes to minds when I hear a good men's choir. ha. the next best performance was the guy who sang, stars, an amazingly strong controlled voice. whew! my cousin mentioned she's not a fan of singing dialogue. ha ha, so funny, I love my cousin. she's gets around and gets out regardless or being wheelchair bound. she has Muscular Dystrophy. It was raining when the show was over and I couldnt' believe she didnt' have an umbrella, she said it's too much of a hassle to bother with. So I shared mine and got her back to her car... drove home in a deluge of rain!! man it was sweeping across the street at some points and felt like a hurricane, ha! but good ole Ford Ranger got me right through it. :) oh yeah last night, I got home from school and couldnt' make myself get to the gym, my Veterinarian friend had asked me to meet her for dinner and shopping etc.. so she picked me up by 4:30, and then we went to Penn Square Mall and ran around shopping. mainly I stood outside of a dressing room while she tried stuff on forever at the Brass Buckle. we ate dinner at the food court then shopped a few more stores, after the mall, we went to Ross dress for less. nothing against that place but man was I bored bored bored. then on the way home she wanted to stop at different Ross Dress for less that was on the way, oh man! tomorrow I am looking forward to getting to church in the morning since I wasn't in town last weekend. and see my folks, then I'll be home in time for lunch and then grading essays the rest of the day! cheers, hope all are having a great fall weekend. OU versus TEXAS was also a very awesome game today!

ropas interior

Friday, October 12, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

shirts off, cameras on

midweek post

boo hoo, no gym time today, I'll never know if my lil crush was there... :(.. ha ha. I had some extra work to do after school today moving furniture with my friend A. and was going to make it home in time for gym, but my tires were way low when I left the trailer sales lot. I went directly to the local goodyear place owned by a guy I grew up with and he found a nail in each. URGH. so I got 'em fixed and no gym time. just had time to run by the store for more broccoli, milk, and Trix cereal. :P otherwise this week is going swimmingly well. I got about 15 essays turned in last night I'll be grading up until next Tuesday night and I'll be totally putting 'em off since I have the next two weeks off for fall break, lots of time! right? ha I found a plane ticket online last night from OKC to NYC for $312. cha ching!!! I bought that sucker. I'll be visiting Sat dec 15th to wed the 19th.. and on a couch in lower Manattan with a friend. ah yeah!!! I'll start saving up immediately after what I can budget in for the bathroom project. HUGE shoutout to GunLuv for the advice, I'm going to get back to you, I'm studying up and re-reading all the steps. I've got two more days, hopefully I can concentrate on teaching English and make it to FRIDAY! :)

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Monday, October 08, 2012


American life...

did anyone else here this last weekend's broadcast of This American Life? man, it was one of the best in a long time. Of course I was in my pickup cab on a long drive, so I definitely was in the listening zone. But i got to tell ya, I was amazed, moved to laugh and cry at the same time by the first part of the show, and the rest definitely kept me hanging onto every word. Basically there was an excellent excerpt from a comedienne's show where she found out just 2 days before that she had cancer, so the whole show is sort of experimental as she tries out the new material, a sort of onstage self help therapy. it was astounding. I bought the longer version online but have yet to hear the entire 30 minute show.. next was a story about a girl who was bitten by a shark and survived, and the last part was about this woman who had an OCD problem and was instiutionalized from 23 to like 28 or so until she was sort of cured of it; she swallowed things, pencils, spoons, knives, pens, pencils, straws, etc many things. She would focus in on something and not rest until she could swallow it or she felt that she or her mother might day until she did. whoah.... so interesting. let me know if you heard it and your thoughts, or go find a podcast online and check it out and get back to me! yeah! I survived the weeekend and got back to OKC yesterday just in time for pizza for lunch at my favorite place. I wasn't there in time to get a lunch special so I got a small pizza, I'll eat the second half of it tonight for dinner. :) also guess what i found out last night?!? My buf JM sold the tickets!!! for $540 no less.... I had started to put ads up for $500 so I was surprised. since I was going to let him keep $20 anyway for the hassle, I told him just to send me $500 and keep the rest....awwww. I also had a message from my austin buddy when I got home on my message machine ( yes I have an answering machine at home since I dont' carry a cell unless travelling) I had emailed him about having no interest in going to L.A. if his other friend was also coming, so he sort of went off on me about not knowing why I felt threatened by said friend, and why just couldn't all go etc etc.. blah blah. I tried calling him immediately but the number didn't work, so now I'm not sure what the deal is with his phone..I did email to say to him, not be silly that I'm not threatened, but yes I wish I could be palling around with him in Austin if I lived there etc... however I am not friends with his friend and don't wish to fly out to LA to hang iwth them and how 3 is just not a good number when 2 of us are only friends with him etc etc . sorry this is boring. ha There are no trips planned for fall break coming up next week. boo hoo. but I'm going to spend the same amount of money I would have for travel on redoing my bathroom. I'm going to study up all week and go to the home depot class where they tell you how to put up tile. and then possibly all break I'll tile my shower wall above the bathtub and also buy a pedestal sink, and then have my dad help me install the new toilet my parents got me for my birthday last summer. ha! cheers all hope your Monday was a good one, I'm off to the gym just now and hoping what's his name is THAR!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

daniel craig love

sunday male bulge

hmcmng wknd....

drove up to AR yesterday morning for my college homecoming. this was a reunion year for the class that I became close friends with my first year at college. I already had a year at OSU behind me and two years at a junior college getting my grade point back up before my parents sent me away to AR to a private Christian college. So I came in living in the dorms with mainly sophomores and roomed with a guy who was part of a tight group of friends from the previous year. we lived right next door to two guys C and J. I was instantly accepted and taken in as one of the gang. I loved it so much being with a bunch of guys who were into music and bands, outdoors, Christians. I mean just a completely great churchy bunch of people. (btw the actual guy I roomed with was a music major and late after college came out as gay and we haven't seen him back at school since, but anyway)... I arrived around lunch yesterday, went to my favorite sub place for lunch, then picked up my friend Sh and we went to campus for the homecoming soccer game which was terrible with the cold cold wet weather, so most everybody we were talking to decided to head up to the gym and watch the homecoming volleyball game instead. ha. we were there for about 10 minutes as you cant' really sit in rows and talk to everyone with a game going on... evenutually I made it to my best buddy Jeff's house for pizza with his family, and the my ex gf T met me there and we went back to campus for an English major reunion event at the honors center.. and next around 730, I made it out to J's house outside of town where every one part of the ole crowd was meeting for a bonfire and big get together. had an excellent time catching up with everyone in person and getting to see all their kids there running around. I got an inbite to stay with C in Dallas, he and his wife live in Rowlett with there two boys, so I'll have a place to stay next tiem I go down to shop in big D. ha now I"m in the bottom bunk bed of my friend Sh and J's son's room. I plan to grab a quick breakfast and leave directly back to OKC. I like to be home all day Sunday to relax and rest up for the week and such. okay so the two pics here are the heavily decided upon outfits I chose for the weekend, the striped shirt and brown shoes and "skinny" jeans for day, and the black shoes and plaid shirt for dinner and night event.
I did spare you the layers of jackets, coat, hat and scarf I tied them all together with.