Thursday, October 04, 2012

yes FALL clothing...

clothes are from Woolrich , Norse Projects, Stag in Austin, and the striped shirt Paul Smith. :

Polka player

hope you guys are liking the mix of music I'm putting up lately.
not much feedback so I'm going WAY way out there with this one. :)

cooling off

great week so far.  kids are learning English and mostly listening and doing what they're told. ha
I went to the gym yesterday after work for a back/shoulder day.  had a pretty good workout going, only 1 or 2 other guys on the floor at the time. This one younger skinny guy was going at it and looked sort of redneck-y. he had on what looked like camo shorts but up close they were more like swim trunks with a swirly yellow and black graphic on them. He wore an oversized tshirt with the sleeves cut off that said 1997 tractor pull or something as such.  had a shaved burred head on the sides with a sort of short hair mohawk on top.  was actually a half decent good looking guy otherwise.
What's funny with guys on the gym floor, like when you're both trying to work out and get in the zone and trying hard not to notice the other guys, or if some guy is working out like nothing else and so you try even harder to ignore him like you don't even notice the guy.  ha . maybe I think too much, but sometimes if I feel like some guy is grunting a little too heavily or throwing the weights around a bit too much to show off a bit, I try all the harder to act like they're not even in the room. ha ha I know I'm crazy.  what's funny is when you are glancing that direction and eyes meet and then comes the pretending like you were just randomly looking that direction not at the guy. ha
so anyway, I was doing back, shoulders, back, shoulders, and then back, and was finishing a 3rd set and thinking 3 was enough why bother with a 4th when my little gym crush showed up, quite a bit later than usual.  anyway he was talking to another guy who walked in about the same time, and we said hello. btw he called me Mark for the second time. so I'll have to clear up that my name isn't Mark although i've answered the greeting twice now to Mark. ?  we discussed how he was later than usual and how it was going to get a lot colder tomorrow for the weekend. then I went ahead and did another set and then some more shoulder and back stuff.
You guys need to understand I'm not muscle guy, I'm 6'1 and 165 and just trying to keep in shape and hard and firm and all that. So although i do take it seriously, it's not like I'm trying to get huge just the right form and shape going on.....
TOmorrow is my school's homecoming so there are no classes after 3rd lunch tomorrow, there will be a parade in the street out front of the school and then all the students are corralled ino the gym for a pep assembly. always interesting. sure.  I'm shopping some Medium brand footwear shoes online this week and trying to hold back buying anything, I'll make a post later.  Still haven't sold the ACL tickets yet but got 3 replies to my add yesterday in Austin and sent them all back my buddies cell number.
must get changed to get up to the gym now. this is a workout day in between the bigger workout days, so sometimes I flake out and just do cardio but my goal is to have arm day today before legs tomorrow etc.  cheers

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Monday, October 01, 2012

good Monday

excellent Monday! whoah. got back to work today and went through lessons with the kids right up til lunch. after lunch my asst principal showed back up in my class for the 2nd part of observations.blah. all went fine. gym time today after work was stellar! I ran a while, stretched, did abs, then started on chest day. my lil buddy was there today, my gym crush. I don't want to sound all pervy or anything but he wore the best combo of flimsy gym shorts and boxers or boxer briefs underneath. I mean it was just right there in front, huge in profile and huge bulge front on. He is either very aware of what he's showing or has no idea what he's showing, I've decided. ha! the guy had on a sort of tight sleeveless t on today and was working chest, he was standing up at the squat rack doing some sort of standing chest/shoulder press and his chest and arms were all pumped up right where they come out of the sleeveless sleeves. well anyway, we had a little conversation and joked a bit about how big he's getting, and how I could get there, and I told him I think I'm fine where I'm at, and then he made comment about spotting me anytime I needed a workout partner etc etc.. so we're making good conversation headway. One very sexy thing was an old friend he ran into and at one point was leaning back against the bar on the squat rack right behind his shoulders. and as he leaned back with his arms crossed chatting away, well there was this huge package in profile or front on right there! ha not that I was looking just hard to notice. I could care less really. can't a guy just be impressed, gee whiz...
 so I had a great workout and excellent time tonight getting ready for class tomorrow night. My Austin buddy contacted me last night about going to LA with him in a couple weeks. his work trip that kept us from going to the ACL music festival... Basically I think he'd like to have a friend along just to keep him from getting tempted to use again. I THINK. well I started checking flights and thought about it, BUT I am waiting to see if his friend C from Austin is going or not. thing is I dont' mind going and hanging with my bud, but I having nothing to do or say to C so if he's going , then my bud has the support he needs and I don't have to mess with it! HA so more news on that as it happens. Hopefully tomorrow I'm getting rid of those tickets btw, a girl is supposed to be driving from san marcos to austin to buy the tickets. ugh can't wait to get that behind me. have a good week all. :)


Sunday, September 30, 2012

let's party bro


I thought the above dock looked pretty cool in this month's Men's Journal magazine, for only $40.  Although it's really just made of wood with a hole for your ipod charge cord to fit through. still thought I love the way it gives the appearance of a classic styale alarm clock radio. ha.  The Areaware site overall has some great design products. I like the robot toy below most of all. It even folds itself into a cube. :)