Saturday, August 18, 2012

it takes two...

friday gym

yesterday at the gym there were these 2 guys I'd never seen before working out, both with super long beards. perhaps they were European, both had high cheekbones and define brow and nose. I kept wanting to ask them if they were in a band or something. one guy was bigger than me probably 6'2" with big broad shoulders shoulders and chest, not all defined but just big from hard work, like a lumberjack what with the thick golden brown/blond hair and matching beard same color, tats all over his arm and leg, but not the usual douchey looking tattoo circling around the bicep or usual porn star asian or klingon random graphic stuff going all over. these were extremely deliberate. on the side of his arm/shoulder he had a circle with what looked like 3 oars standing straight up, and some random graphics outside which resembled a map? on his lower left leg there were some other symbols and what looks liked arrow heads or something native all around the lower part of his leg down to the ankle, also looked random and like it was a map or circuit-board. finally I got a better look on the outside part of his lower leg where there was a very pronounced dark vertical design, at first I thought it was some sort of bow and arrow, but upon closer glances, I figured out it was a huge ski lift and then the straight horizontal line coming out and going around his leg was the lines, so maybe all the random stuff were pine trees? anyway, I may never know. the other guy had no tattoos and was a skinny little fella, like a 6"0' nice guy you'd find working at a bank, however he had thick brown hair all combed up and back and styled, and then a matching brown long to the chest beard. they were working out together and received a few phone calls during their workout and would say stuff liek "he was thinking......" or "they planned on ......" I couldn't' really understand the conversation, but that's what made me think they were a band or something and just stopping in to get a workout in. I kept wondering if they had an accent, but couldn't decide on that either. if anything maybe Canadian. ha

fall around the corner...

this is sort of a random mix of clothing. the first shirt is from Topman online, Crystal Galaxy Sublimation Sweatshirt. I tried picturing myself wearing this to ACL music festival, you can say how gay you think it might look, but I'd wear it and walk around acting like I was an f-ing rockstar! ..ha. and then the scarf from Paul Smith, I like blends of color that include pink with colors that lean more masculine.

The shirt above from Norse Projects, I like that contrast pocket, and if you haven't noticed by now I like blues with blues and green. The last pic is a pair of shoes I came across on sale last weekend and they got quite a few repins on Pinterest so I thought I'd share here. Woven oxford from Osbourne Design Studio.

gym gold

Thursday, August 16, 2012

august week 2.5

I got a call Tuesday night from my friend A. She came by my school Wednesday morning to trade cars and borrow my pickup to move back her 2 scooters from the repair shop. So I got to drive back to her place after school in her brand new 2012 Jeep. ha. fun. made it to the gym afterwards and as I was working out I made the decision. It's time to kick back into 4 days a week, different body areas each day. so tomorrow is LEG! and then I'm getting back to more lifting prolly Mondays chest, Wed back, thurs arms,...something like that since I rarely go up there on weekends and I'll be teaching a night class every week starting next Tuesday at the college.
btw does anyone sort of hate the guy GUnner on Project Runway this season or the Ukranian chick? UGH. the really gay bitchy attitude type of persona makes me want to run. not good.
next up, boring job news! nothing yet on moving to admin, but it's okay I'm patient. I had a great talk with A yesterday after work, about how I was thinking of a certain number before I'd consider the job at the language school. She really open my eyes by telling me to consider that what I make now is based on 9months of work what with all the days off from school. So if I were to pro rate that to 12 months and add in what goes in monthly to my retirement the number came out about the same as what I'd thought of offering, so now I'm confused and thinking should I push it for 10-15k more?? ha okay just thoughts. but really made perfect sense.
I watched the most wonderful movie last night, Midnight in Paris. Man, I am SO MUCH that guy. in love with nostalgia and the past and wanting romantic times.. ha I had a blast watching the magic of this writer going back in time and schmoozing and partying with his literary heroes, falling in love with a beautiful model etc etc... the contrast of him and his fiance and family. ha ha. and the total jerk know it all ex bf. man it was so good. also I have to say the deep voice of the guy playing Hemingway and his slow direct delivery of the characterization, plus good looks and solid stature. oh man! whoooo
okay the week is almost over, quizzing the kids on letters tomorrow, saying words and they have to write the letter of the initial sound. and then another class we're doing the language lab where they read into a microphone and then we play back their voices into their headphones etc etc. I got a moving job tomorrow night with A. and Saturday planning to go to a bday party of another lesbian friend of A's. could be interesting. :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I don't like the assumption of "gay" in the title of this clip (whether any of them boys are gay or not). can't guys just show a little guy love now and then, geesh! :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

dream a little dream...

man ever since watching that tv show online about the book group, I've been thinking a lot about all the lovemaking and coupling going on in the show. Especially the Dutch female character who is definitely sexy and another character's husband from sweden. But overall I've had on my mind a romance that occurs between this soccer player's assistant while in Spain with the team. He meets another Spanish soccer player and they basically hit it off despite a HUGE language barrier... Man has that really put me in the mood for some romance! ha I'm not complaining or anything just been doing a little daydreaming...about getting back to Spain and falling madly in love with someone. thoughts of would I actually just go all the way and learn to like it...just for the sake of an actual relationship?! hmm What was so attractive is the way two guys met, spoke to one another, hung out, found an attraction, and boom LOVE. I mean I know it's all fiction, but it def happens out there. Where's the heart in wham bam thank you sir hookups online, no mystery, no romance. just here's my size stats and body, meet up, get off, blah blah blah blah. heartless. Hurrah for all the guys out there willing to date first, get to know a real person, and then take it from there.
now I want to talk about passion. during college and some years after I would meet guys at gay bars. THis was in OKC and mainly other towns when I travelled definitely. I am going to make some gross generalizations now, based on averages of guys I've met, and this only because of the way the Spanish guy acted in the show i was talking about.
I was thinking today about latino guys I'be met before and how passionate they were. I was sort of comparing in my mind to white guys, and was thinking about how intense and passionate black guys are. and trying to decide is there really any difference or am I just fantasizing the memories that way. ha But I have known some guys very take their time to please you, really enjoy the whole making out and bodies touching for a while. really getting into the whole experience without a rush to just get to the part where this goes there and finish it. But it bears discussion beyond this blog and I don't even begin to share any more. Just wanted to write about how all these things were coming back to mind this weekend...
I think it's the new school year. for teachers, we sort of have 2 new years. the one in January and then the beginning of school. So I'm all pensive and goal oriented and thinking of what I want to ammend and change in comparison to before. I've put myself on the shelf for quite a while, abstaining from looking or meeting anyone, regardless what I put forth on this blog, to be honest I've made a direct effort the last couple of years to live monk-like, alone. And this week, I'm almost thinking about getting myself out there just a little bit more. I think losing some weight helped me feel a little sexier lately, and getting back to the gym this fall definitley helps with me setting goals and such. sorry if this post is just rambling but had to share. ONWARD with FALL and school year 2012-2013!
I need to post next about the Olympics closing ceremony and some shoes I got online! ha til next time then....

two minutes you'll never get back....

jeans ON

Sunday, August 12, 2012


eat me...

determination pays off....

book group

I'm watching this all weekend, both seasons, and I'm down to 4 episodes left. :(It's pretty funny, thanks tons to the reader who suggested it. it's muy awesome!!! I'm a hopeless anglophile. I'll admit. whoah and season two, things heat up! haI put the HULU video able, but it's also on Netflix if you have the online service.. (although HULU has the subtitles missing on netflix fyi)
ED: more about the Book Group, I liked the mystery and quirkiness of the first season, it dove way more adult mature theme in the second. I was considering about the creator of the series being an American woman living in Glascow and how that relates to the portrayal of the characters. the women are comically done very well. the men I'm not sure how fair they are represented. There is a great Spain visit story with some language issues. Hulu did not always translate the different languages sometimes used, Netflix never did. But still I enjoyed hearing all the languages. because obviously if you and your husband both speak Swedish or Dutch, you're going to use that talking to each other. Not like some films where all the foreigners continue speaking English to each other. THe relaxed European nature seems to come across in the series, to me anyway, Everything gay American is always portrayed black or white gay or not born that way or not etc etc....which you know it's really all grey when it comes to guys. Although you could say on the other hand that the write has no idea of the concept of homosexuality portraying characters who easily go back and forth having sex with either men or women. But once again, I think that's more of an American attitude toward sexuality and it may remain indeed possible in Europe without all the stereotype labeled hangups. these are just thoughts. I will say I like the portrayal of masculine characters whether straight or gay. Same goes for the previous Spanish film I watched a few weeks ago. Anyway, the second season has some definitely comic one liner situations....perhaps I'll go back and watch some episodes of Gavin and Stacey. the uncle bren in that series is hilarous. ha