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say cheese

Vice dos and don'ts

I came across this VICE.COM site of dos and don'ts the other day. I was cracking up
at some of the rather cleverly written snarky comments. I'm posting a few below.
for those of you with ABSOLUTELY nothing else to do online, check it out. ha
Guess which one I woke up with the next morning?
The Chippendale, the Blonde, or the Gakzulza, Lord Infernal of Guilt and Tears?

People who complain about grunge forget
what an eye-gagging pizza pie of mishmashed politics
and clashing aesthetics punk looked like before it came in
and Alice-in-Chainsified us all into submission.
When you cover your entire body in “ladies”
however it’s such an overstatement we start to wonder
if you doth protesteth too much.
Easy guy. We got it. You’re straight.

under where

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

wild wednesday

today went off well. up early, no swim :(, i was too rushed just to get breakfast going and out of the house in time for the ESL district seminar at some local baptist church. yes a church volunteered their rooms and everything, how nice. went to the general meeting, then the first session, left and drove directly to my college class and prepared a wee bit, then to class to pass back papers and assign the final in class final assessment paper. that was over in about an hour, leaving my just enough time to get back to the church north of town for the last 3 sessions after lunch. whew. what a day, good thing is hopefully I'll get paid the stipend for being at the seminar even though I missed the one 2nd session... not sure but we'll see. I saw the guy whose job I wanted in admin. turns out he did NOT quit and leave to teach in Mexico like he'd planned.(he's an out gay teacher, white with bleached hair and speaks perfect Spanish. a bit younger than I am and an EXCELLENT teacher, the local news even did a story on him once! he spent 2 weeks in Mexico City this summer and said he had a LOT of fun, was even propositioned to be on a novella. ha but he was down there looking for a teaching job) although he did say he's still hoping to get a job in Mexico etc etc and who knows maybe there'll be an opening just yet! although the guy is such an expert I could never replace the dude.. ha...although to be honest not sure if I'd take it at this point, since I plan on leaving in Decemeber for the possible school job in Norman.... just specualtion blah blah.
overall it was great networking and one thing I like is knowing most of the facilitators in the dept already anyway. I also met some other esl teachers at other high schools which is great since I want to develop a stronger newcomer program at my school and am interested to know what's going on at other schools. one thing I've already decided is to consult with the other Newcomer teacher who teaches reading and foundations of English... You see the new first year in the country students are placed into a newcomer program their first year before being put into all the usual mainstream classes. so they have 5 esl classes and 2 electives. other than the 2 classes mentioned above they have an ESL social studies, ESL math, and an ESL science class. I teach the last two. the theory is that they are learning the language and the academic vocabulary of each different subject. However, I dislike the current setup of having 5 different classes the first year learning a language, and so I'm going to consult with the reading/foundations teacher and reinforce her same lessons daily so that it's more of an intensive daily program with more continuity throughout the day. at least for the first 9 weeks. I prefer getting them all the language basics possible FIRST before throwing in math and science concepts. NOW, no offense against Mexico, but the population at my school is that of Mexican immigrant children usually with pretty poor education backgrounds. SO for example if you had a classroom full of say Koreans, Russians, and Indians, chances are they have all the concepts up to 9th grade in THEIR language which makes it easier to transfer to the new English language. but most of my kids may have only gone to 5th or 6th grade, or if higher still have not learned integers or solving algebra problems etc... VERY difficult to try and play catch up AND teach English and get them ready for regular classes in only one year. WHOAH!
anyway, my last free day off from work is tomorrow. I'll swim, relax, watch tv, go out to lunch, chill all day and enjoy it thoroughly. then Friday back to school for teacher work day, weekend in AR hopefully, and then 2 more work days before kids come back Wednesday. ha and we'll see what our numbers are like and which newcomers come back from last year, if any....
I did go to the gym after getting home today, but only up there for about an hour. I did cardio and abs only. I noticed a high school kid benching the same as me and felt pretty lame for just doing cardio. ha actually this is because I was benching the amount of weight I USED to work out with last spring, now I'm 10lbs less on my sets. blah.. my social network status today was this: How about we stop the (govt funded privatized prison filling) War on Drugs already and start a War on Poverty in this country!?! :/ . I got various responses left and right. I was just throwing it out there after reading a few students' essays about the US prison system and the drug war etc.. ha

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can you HAKKEN ?

hello dave

good Monday... my last of summer ya know. teachers go back this Friday... my district has an "extended year calendar" which some call year 'round schooling but really it's not so much, just starting back 3 weeks earlier and then we get a 2 week fall break, 3.5 Christmas break (called winter break I'm sure) and then 2 week spring break. It's not so bad really since it's so hot in August anyway might as well be back to school indoors. :)
received about 16 essays in class today that I'll be grading thoroughly tonight and all day tomorrow. busy busy since I need to return them all the last day of class Wednesday. whoosh and then class over! I'll have about 3 weeks off from college class to get used to the high school back to work schedule before starting up another Tuesday night class again this fall. yay extra money and yay for teaching students who respond, listen, and want/pay to be there in class! ha
biked over to the gym for workout today, I even spoke to this one guy I see in there ALL the time this summer and so made a bit of conversation.. we talked about how sometimes this summer I only get a few workouts in a week since it's so hot out and I feel like just getting home, ugh... anyway he's shorter than me, lifts more, and probably younger than me, although I can't help but think I probably LOOK younger than him.. ha ha terrible huh? ha anyway, he mentioned that he could use a work out partner, I told him I'd consider it this fall when I got back into my after school routine of getting to the gym more regualarly. In the meantime, next time I run into him I"ll get conversation going about what his routine/program is for working out etc... not sure if the guy is gay or not, prolly not, but not that I care either, I just like actually talking to the guys you see every day at the gym for like 2 years and it's like we might as well speak to each other! ha same for the guy I spoke about last week. you see a guy sticking to the discipline of getting to the gym regularly and it's like might as well say HEY once in a while. do it!
spoke to my lesbian friend last night on the phone and she and the gf are gonna try and gave me over for dinner sometime this week. I told her I want to see the new car! she bought a brand new 2012 4 door jeep wrangle last week. wow, I dropped her off and sat with her a while while she went through the process... she was nervous, and I don't blame her, the thing costs more than half my mortgage! ha.. I bit my tongue and didn't say a word though 'cause she'd made up her mind and gotten preapproved on the loan etc.. she knows they'll need a family type car safe to drive a kid around in once the gf gets pregnant. they're still trying with artificial insemination etc..
I would never by a brand new car, you're talking to a guy that drives the same Ford Ranger he bought at 1 year old with 17,000 miles on it (now at 177,000. ha) and I love that ranger, why get anything else. well I might have already mentioned it, if the contract comes through for the new language school, next year I'll probably shop for a nice fairly new used Ford Focus, white or black one to go with my black pickup.
oh man, I just had some chocolate cake that my mom sent home with me.. yum. need to get outside and move some hoses. hope you all are enjoying our last summer days of July. :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

love those who serve...

insert rolling eyes emoticon here.... ha

hot summer Sunday....

what a lazy hot summer Sunday ! whew... hope everyone's enjoying and relaxing, better yet I hope you're at a lake or on a boat somewhere... ahhh.  I had church this morning and then went over to my folks' place for a proper birthday lunch and cake celebration. ha  mom made some roast beef with rosemary carrots that I love so much,. yum. mashed potatoes, green beans, homemade rolls. all GOOD!  we also had a homemade chocolate cake and some icecream.  we were all watching Els win at golf and say nice things about Adam Scott.  my sister also came by for some cake. then they gave me my birthday present and you'll never guess.  My dad and sister carried in a big ole heavy box with a bow on it into the den while singing happy birthday... inside, a toilet! ha   yep, they bought me a new toilet to replace the one in my house. I promise I keep my house clean and everything, but I could probably do the bathroom more often.  thing is, the year I was teaching overseas it became terribly stained and although I've cleaned and cleaned it, it still remains stained in the bowl and I guess they though a NEW NEW one would be the best option. also they are motivating me to redo the bathroom in general. ha I've been needing to for years, the shower wall wrap around needs replaced and then for a few years now the faucets have needed fixed, they leaked for a while from behind the wall, long story. ugh! so that will be a good fall project, right???? :) we'll see about that.
spoke to the pastor's son after service. great younger married guy, great looking, great shape (he's a coach) we used to teach together at the same school before I left overseas, so we chat it up all the time, today it was about when we went back to school and about his landscaping projects in the backyard... he was showing me photos of where he installed  a water feature. we both did NOT return to the water park this summer so we like to say how much we LOVED not being there this summer.  funny thing is I would have LOVEd to complain to him about the music during communion this morning since he's on soundboard, but he's such a nice guy I didn't even bring it up. the thing is I grew up singing hymns and a few praise songs in church, and we dressed up on Sundays etc... and now our church is pretty casual and it's mainly stupid pop Christian radio songs. blah! a damn rock band on stage more or less. I hate it. in fact, if I've never mentioned it, I'll tell ya I always arrive 15-20 minutes late every single Sunday, move down the aisle and sit next to my mom and dad, usually with one of my sisters' family sitting in the row in front or behind us. ha  It's on purpose 'cause of the music. the guy up there leading seems to me to try too hard to create a moment, emotion. and he rarely smiles, usually just up there like he's so sad and emotional. dude, come on! okay, no more griping, sorry. just that today we had communion, and whereas a nice instrumental whatever Christian song would be nice, or something like when the organ (no longer used) would play in the background. or even when the church first started, one of the ushers would just start singing a hymn and we could join or not... great times. but now a recording of some hop dee do contemporary radio song, i ask you, how is that creating a solemn worshipful moment during communion????   sigh.
I'm putting chairs up in the attic today and finding places to put stacks of stuff I've been working on forever, but I don't know the place is for this stack of binders form college classes and professional development sessions? or this stack of all these rugs or stacks of dvds and books I brought home from Kabbuull,  these crates full of magazines and school yearbooks, Ikea kid gifts waiting for Christmas, etc... but I'll get it straightened all up in no time. My dad coming over soon to help install the toilet will motivate me absolutely. ha
watched a bit of Dr Who episodes on netflix this weekend, thoroughly enjoyed it. soon will be getting out in the over 100 degree heat for a quick drive to the store, stocking up on broccoli and eggs and bananas for the week. heard from my friend from dallas with the lake house, hoping to get back there SOON! ciao.

no doubt

you can see she's got as much energy as ever, and the band found her stash of hair bleach..