Saturday, July 14, 2012

mineral art photography...

1.Cornwallite, field of view +/- 0.48 mm
Mammoth Mine, Juab County, Utah, USA
2.Vanadinite, 1.97 mm wide group
Pure Potential Mine (North Geronimo Mine), La Paz County, Arizona, USA
3.Cacoxenite, 1.95 mm group
La Paloma Mine, Zarza la Mayor, Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain
4.Cetineite, 1.32 mm wide group
Tafone Mine, Manciano, Tuscany, Italy ---photography of Matteo Chinellato

Saturday morning trouble...

what's hotter the tats or the briefs ??? I like the look in his eyes last pic. ha

Friday, July 13, 2012

boys of summer...

saturday eve.... :)

weekend! well I should be out enjoying a beer with someone but instead I'm waiting for Dr Who to come on tv. ha I had a great work out yesterday at the gym, while I was stretching this one guy I see in there every now and then walked over and said hello... so nice. he's going in to his 2nd year for college and lifeguards at the gym, but I told him I hadn't ever seen him, but he only works nights and then teaches afternoon kid classes. he's sort of the strong silent type that drives me a good way. I'm actually like that with guys or girls when they are the real quiet type, I have a sort of type A personality that starts asking all sorts of questions and wanting them to sort of laugh or smile at some it. we had this big long talk about his job, summer, why the he worked out with all last summer wasn't with him this summer. he said the guy goes to another gym up north that's bigger and has a huge workout room. he said it had two steamrooms etc...(I couldn't help but think, man if we were in a steamroom, i'd HAVE to keep on the towell. ha. I'm actually a sort of exhibitionist for the certain few...) we also discuss if he's gaining like he wanted (we've spoken before last spring about getting back to working out after quitting for a while) and what supplements he's taking. turns out we've both tried creatine,glutamine, whey protein etc... I told him how I was at my biggest taking protein and working out constantly on the military base while overseas for lack of nothing else to do. ha
he's a tall rounded up in shape type body dark haired white skinned nice eyebrowed sort of dude. I've seen him only once in the locker rooms changing after a swim and it was hanging hung. whoah.
he's totally straight kid though, but I can still admire the guy, heck. He noticed it was time to get ot the pool after a while and shook my hand and said bye etc...
funny thing there is this gay friend of mine at my gym, who saw us talking from across the floor and on my way out he made eye contact rolling his eyes at me.. ha ha. so funny. whatever.
today no one was up at the gym, Fridays always slow, I mainly just did cardio, stretched and abs.
planning to swim laps tomorrow morning, my goal is to get as many mornings in as possible before school starts back up and my summer is OVER.
I got some nice dinner plans tomorrow with buddy S and his bf in town from AR. I wish I could find 4 or 5 other guys like buddy S. He's the nicest good ole small town boy, totally masculine and normal and like a guy you'd want as a brother. man if I could find a group of guys like that to hang out with for some outdoor activities all summer. would be nice. that reminds me I need to find a friend with a boat!! ha j/k hope everyone's having a good summer weekend. cheers for all the comments last post.
I had lunch with a girl I used to work with, back when I started this blog actually. anyway she said that if I'm still single it was for lack of trying or lack of wanting a relationship. yup, she knows me pretty well. although of course, she was thinking what girls she could set me up with. So yeah I'm probably all psychologically messed up, being gay but not wanting to go all the way with a guy, but liking everything else....and then of course the whole faith thing. I'm not majorly in the closet, I mean most of my closest friends from college all know, and I'm sure my family MUST have figured it out by now. although my little sis still says she's praying for a wife. My mom used the word "companion" once.. that was weird. ha but I don't necessarily think I'd live my life any differently... as a public school teacher, I'd never come out at work most likely, say what you want, I'm not up for it with a bunch of stinking 9th graders to deal with! Now at the college job I could care less, but I don't know why it'd even come up, let them think what they want.... ha.
I just expect most people to like me for me regardless, and at this point its sort of just asexual me. BLAH.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

oh yes....

I could easily fall in love with this guy....right?
the facial hair, the smile, those eyes, lips.....mmmm. ha
but would he love me as much as he does his tattoos?.....sigh....

wait, there's a double sink in the one pic and a pink box of something......not looking good, chances are slim... :)
ED. anyone else notice the sexy glimpse of waistband in the 3rd pic....?

let them eat rice and fish....

bf's and gfs

this week had been awesome, summer full on! just give me a few good rains in July and I'm happy after last summer it was over 100 forever!! ha
I've been swimming laps every morning except yesterday I made $80 going up to my friend A's workplace to move furniture from one trailer to another right at the crack of dawn, was home by 8 to change up and breakfast, then off again for 930 office hours at the community college, class from 10:45 to 1:15. then home to eat the second half of pizza from lunch the day before. It's so good even cold! gym yesterday afternoon and then busy organizing stuff around the house and grading papers. I'm going back to public school teaching end of July so not to many weekends left, whoosh... My job opportunity in Norman has been pushed back til maybe Dec depending on govt contract going through and getting approved etc etc...however I have been asked to give a 3 day training session at a hotel in OKC for the teaching staff going over to Kabbuull, so that will be good extra practice getting my brain around the curriculum we used over there, and then also some good extra money for this fall. :)
i swam laps this morning, and then have been busy all day just enjoying whatver on the internet, cleaning out stuff in the house, which means taking things out, sorting, throwing away of condensing with other stuff. blah blah. it's really coming along. for some reason I can't just clean up one room. I have to do all rooms and closets and boxes of stuff all at once and stir it all up. ...then eventually make sense of all of it and get it back together. if that makes sense. ha thus the single life...
I'm having a lot of thoughts this week about my faith, my manlihood, and my romantic future. I guess the first thing is that whether or not I choose to be in the closet or not, I'd still hope that I could be the sort of person that someone would have sort of an idea about who you are for your beliefs and faith rather than if you're rich, poor, gay, straight, masculine, fem etc....
It's strange though how guys can be masculine or fem... some guys are not really fem, they just sort of act that way. When I met this one guy in Austin, he was talking it all up like some fem gay dude, and then later, he was just the most normal masc guy talking to me and some other guys etc... it was strange 'cause I don't find myself attracted to the fem sort of guys. Don't get me wrong, ain't nothing wrong with it, I know some fem guys who are super great, witty, fun, entertaining, personal, and real... I'm just saying I wouldn't be attracted to one. I'm not the most macho guy in the world, sort of just a normal guy, and I do a terrible fem impression btw, crack me up if I even try. ha The catty attitude fem is probably the worst if I gave it any thought.
I was also thinking about being reverse bi curious. for example a gay person who is curious about having sex with the opposite gender. I think the reason for that is I'd be very willing to have sex with a girl again, I mean I know Christian faith says wait until marriage and all, but I figure there a lot of gay Christian guys who have sex whether "married" or in a relationship or whatever or not. So if the opportunity came up, I think I'd go for it. I pretty much always dated girls who were conservative as me which meant we never got that far... ha. only the one that took my heart and crushed it and now is married to another...alas. And although I'm open to meeting a guy (or girl) and fall really in love and be in a relationship completely, and it's not that I'm not looking, I just don't bother looking online or bars because all those guys want the same quick thing. but sometimes I do think a little about someday when the ex gf is widowed we can be friends again. (she married a guy way older than she is). I don't keep up with her at all these days, for one thing I'm too jealous of her being married and breaking us up, and another she and I were brought up in such a way that a married woman doesn't exactly have single male friends. alright, I'm rambling now...
I will say that when I think of being with a woman, I have a very masculine state of mind of being strong and hard and with someone very sweet and willing and smooth and vulnerable. and when I consider guys, it's the part about us both being men, masculine, strong and hard and willing.. ha ha. does that make sense?
I know a lot of gay guys think there is no such thing as bi, only gay or straight. But it's definitely not that black/white. I don't think there is anything gay about guys jerking off in front of each other, now touching each other is def borderline. but otherwise I think guys just want to enjoy what they enjoy... sort of depends huh.
off to the gym soon, and then back home to enjoy more summer YARD TIME! ah yeah. :)

gone fishin...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

help a buddy


well there's not too much more to say about Austin, I had a really great time there with my buddy, he's relapsed 90 days ago from his recovery so we had a really deep down talk about him sticking with his NA program and getting his crap together since he got in some really bad situations involving him getting robbed by some guys and then also wrecking his car, gee whiz! told him I was pissed at him ever ever ever trying out that crap!
anyway, I'm still in for the count and will continue to pray for him daily and told him the same. He had a really interesting book called "Gay by God" which attempts to reconcile homosexuality and Christianity. basically all the verses that mention anything gay, the author gives other translations and goes on about the culture of that time and the difference of homosexual acts as violence versus just out of love... which somehow I guess the modern Christian okay with homosexuality possibly will need to decide whether they are going to be gay for love or for recreation, am I right!! ha ha, j/k.
anyway, I bought him a science fiction book that I've been wanting to give him for a while since he's an avid reader, called Blueprints of the Afterlife by Boudinot.
We had a great day outdoors Saturday going kayaking from Barton Springs and up into the river/lake there downtown. His friend C and V came along and we all had our own Kayak. I wasn't looking for any romance but I think my buddy H was making too many dick size jokes and that must have been what got V so interested. ha ... anyway, so later that afternoon, H went into the office cause he's really on a huge learning curve right now at his new job and wants to do his best PR job possible. and I end up with V back at H's place where I"m staying. H called to say he was going to a meeting from his office and wouldn't be home til later, well that's when V made his move, and what am I supposed to do anyway, say to the guy " Hey I'm going on over 2 years nothing going on with a dude so no thanks!"... or do I let him pet me all over and then get to business?
ahh well, let dogs lie where they may I suppose, if that makes any sense.
SUnday I spent a good hour or so at IKEA of course, next the outlet mall, BRIEFLY but long enough to get a pair of PUMAS marked way down for the gym.
had a great class Monday morning then hopped back into the truck and up to Tulsa for a concert. today I was back home by 11 and was please to see it had rained. went to swim laps at the gym before pizza for lunch. Now I'm going outside to do more yard work and then inside to cool off and unpack and organize all this crud in the way on the floor everwhere in here from being away all last week and unloading everything I brought back here on the floor. ha hope everyone is enjoying summer. let me know what's up and if you ever had a situation come up like what I wrote about at North Park Mall last week.

some hot mudders....

Monday, July 09, 2012


I just got back from a stinking casino, can you believe it? I'm in Tulsa, drove up here for a Beach House concert at Cain's Ballroom.... I had an extra ticket and invited Austin buddy H's best friend from high school, this girl I've known for years via H. the cool thing is she's letting me crash at her place as well. She is absolutely beautiful, petite little thing reddish brown straight hair that she just trimmed herself today at shoulder lenth, gorgeous voluptious sexy figure and talkative and friendly and fun fun fun! so we met up here around 7pm and eventually made it over to the concert after she got ready and changed a few times and got me settled into the guest room etc.. stopped at quickstop for some vitamin waters, some gross juice protein drink...and 4 beers. then we went to the show and got there right before the band started, just in time to get a beer and share a shot of Yeagermeister ... Beach House performed wonderfully, I really just wanted to hear the single "Zebra" but it went well overall.... after that she dragged me to a casino here in tulsa, where I got $15 just for getting a free player card. I sat at a penny machine and played and lost and won and was completely bored but faked interest in the new experience... now we're back at her place and Im' showered up and ready for bed and sitting in her bed with her while she's giving me a card reading.... go figure. sound like a bad movie? ha quite a character... cheers.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

what's cookin' ?

goodbye austin....

I'm headed back to OKC this morning... got up this morning, good breakfast, watched an interesting bit on Woolrich co. on CBS Sunday morning, then we watched some tennis, now the truck is packed up and I'm in the flipnotics cafe parking lot grabbing a signal before I leave town. ha I will stop by Whole Foods will quick first to get some cookies and a kitchen towel as a gift for the people across the street who watered stuff for me while I was gone. next IKEA north of town, and a very quick stop at the round rock shopping mall because I need to refill my stock of shaving cream from crabtree and evelyn. :P then straight drive through the entire hot sunny day back to okc. whew.... hoping to mow and plants some new things in the ground when I get home today, and then JUST RELAX!!! hope everyone is having a great weekend. I had some extra unplanned thrills yesterday with a guy named V. friend of my bud H here. anyway, otherwise yesterday was awesome running around, went kayaking downtown on the ladybird lake, and got to go by my favorite furniture store The Khazana!!! woot woot.