Saturday, June 02, 2012

man gum

went on a drive out to Mangum OKlahoma this morning to see my sister and brother-in-law and their kids. Was really nice driving way out west on the highway and finding the hiway south down to Greer County etc... THey've got four kids, my two nieces and nephews. so pretty much I hung out with them all day, walked around downtown a bit, played with the kids, lunch, icecream, drove around looking at houses they almost bought etc. later took a nap and then played WII with the kids and looked at my Restoration Hardware source book I brought with me to share with my sister. we both looked at it together commenting on this and that. ha Man do I wish I had my own kids. so bad. I just love my niece and nephews hugs and jokes and laughs.they are a rough and tumble bunch. I had been dreaming of having a kid with my high school friend and her wife, but it's not really going to work out, none of us are really sure how it'd work out anyway, and me and my friend had a talk about how her wife and I probably have was different views on how to raise a kid anyway. I thought on the way home, really I wouldn't care so much about the rules for kids and all that, more so I'd be concerned about which friends they'd hang out with and have around the place, I know they have all normal lesbian friends and stuff. but I know some of their friends scare me even. ha well, can't have your cake and eat it too alas. I'm not having much luck getting myself out there so to speak in the dating world, if such exists in OKC. not that I"ve beed trying anyway. one thing is for sure, the more I get back into the shape this summer, the sexier I will feel and more confident about even meeting someone new. for real! I got a short short buzz summer haircut last week and am feeling pretty good about getting some traveling done this summer, if possible. more on that laster, but hopefuly i can get down to Austin at least once, and then maybe I'll try NYC. I wanted to visit Portland in July but it's a long story, may not work out. hopefuly everyone has had a good kick off to the start of SUmmer, tonight is OKC THUNDER !!!! go THUNDER!!!! ha

I'm a huge Norbert fan....

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

thunder lightning tornado alley

great big storms coming through okc tonight... I got back from the gym and had dinner by 7pm and then went over to A's house to take her a few issues of TIME OUT New York magazines that I get in the mail. She and the wife are going to NYC tomorrow so I thought they might find some stuff to do etc.. came home and began to survey and walk around my yard some, then the winds started blowing, sun shining from the west but some clouds getting dark in the north coming over my neighborhood, but no wait, that was pushed away by a separate storm blowing up north from the south.. so I stood out and watched the clouds blow around and looked for any circulation type stuff, and after a while some rain, then all the sirens were going off in town. I kept outside since it was still mainly right over us and either to the north or east... I stood out on the sidewalk staring at the skies for while, other neighbors doing the same, coming in and outside checking the sky and going back in to watch the news on tv etc... there was some tornado north of okc but nothing near where I live. and luckily no hail either, okc had baseball size hail come through tearing up car windshields and even a hotel northside had windows busted out. My buddy S in N okc had two storm windows busted out etc.. whew, what a night. now I'm about to crash and sleep with the wonderful rain and thunder going on all outside. nothing puts me to sleep faster. :) only thing could be better would be a nice strong man in bed to cuddle up with.... ahhh. nothing doing. I have only 2 more days of school left, woot woot! tomorrow I'll be boxing some stuff up between classes and getting everything ready and stored away so that Friday all I have to do is CHECK OUT. :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

best male bulge - row team

i mean damn, where does this team compete and I'll be their number one fan. two more pics at Ex-frat-man blog, link on the right --->

Happy Memorial Day!

  • We cherish too, the Poppy red
    That grows on fields where valor led,
    It seems to signal to the skies,
    That blood of heroes never dies
    -Moina Michael