Saturday, May 26, 2012

anyone in OKC get out to the paseo arts festival? I wnet tonight with a friend A and her wife..good time! I helped A with a furniture move at her work today at 430 and then came back home to clean up and change. lots of great booths at the paseo, ended up having a drink and dinner with A and some friends, and ended up sitting at a table with 6 other girls thinking.... why was I there, and thinking how I wasn't convinced that anyone was quite appreciating the look i was going for with my grey suede Sperry topsiders . apparently the place gets a lot of gay customers so I tried to have my radar up with the guys walking by our table, but most people coming in that place were straight coupl.

fun weekend!

live lip dub proposal

Friday, May 25, 2012

date night

remember my highschool friend, the girl who is a veterinarian now? well we went out to dinner again followed by a walk around the outlet mall here in OKC, still fairly new, I forget it's there most the time. Dinner was great, she got pancakes and I had cashew chicken. we started out at the mall going in and out of stores mainly shoe stores for her and then a few others for both of us or me. I got some great deals on shorts $19 at Banana Republic. I'll try to post pics. also at J. Crew I got a pair of khaki shorts and basic navy polo shirt, both about $25 and then a basic button up short sleeve for summer shirt at Bass since it was half off and cost about $22. ahh yeah, and then the DKNY store, and I'm no major name brand shopper, I mean I stick the brands I actually like and want to be loyal to, but, at the DKNY store they had a pretty cool dark army green/grey winter jacket marked way down, i couldn't resist it. You know if you're going to sale shop, then out of season is the best way to do it! well, I admit to meeting a few eyes and checking out a few hot dads and dudes walking around while we shopped the stores. I turned on the charm only once striking up a conversation with a guy working at the J Crew store. cute guy that is. ha okay well I'm all set to drive up to AR Sunday morning, wear some new summer clothes, and hang with my college buddy and his wife a bit. :) also hang with my former roomates, another married couple I stay with, and the wife and I will sing some to songs on the piano or her husband on guitar. fun fun right after I got home tonight I searched ebay for Austin City Limit Music Festival 3 day passes and found 2 and purchased them!!! woot woot, heck yeah I'm going in OCTOBER!!! I had a seriously awful experience this week trying to buy some passes via the official ACL email they send out that you can use to sign online with a password code and purchase tickets etc... so sad!!!! I was in my plan period ready at 10 am sharp, clicked on the link..... was in cue online for buying passes... waited forever.... finally cued up and clicked on purchase a pass.... and then the stupid school security shut me out by not allowing the password box appear!!!! UGH!!!! I was so close, so now for an extra $100 I went ahead and bought them via EBAY.... ah well still worth it to me, what sealed the deal were the following 3 bands performing: Florence and the Machines, Freelance Whales, and Andrew Bird!!! and between now and then I'm sure there'll be some wonderfully obscure band added to the line-up or other bands I know I like... who knows? but it is ON!!! I'm leaning more and more toward working in Norman next year in OCTOBER if the govt contract comes through.... thing is it's just a LOT more money and although I won't have summers off, I can use the more money part to actually travel when I DO have time off... more on that as things happen. I'm ready for the three day weekend, hope everyone has some plans to find a bit of time to enjoy it. ! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

red white blue top man

only one I thought I'd buy of these is the last(5th) one, I know it's pretty bright but I like wearing long sleeves sometimes in summer on cooler nights with shorts etc.. plus I like the blue color on top hopefully help my grey eyes look more blue. ha the red t=shirt , I really like the graphic, but I accept it'd look a lot better on my austin buddy who is lighter skinned and black hair etc...these are all from
definitely a stripes trend out there this spring. I know y'all said that tanks are sort of trashy, but I think on the right athletic type they're sexy either way. ! The last pic is an ad from Stag in Austin, TX...

for Kevin

Sunday, May 20, 2012

weekend again

I watched Visual Acoustics: the Photography of Julius Shulman today on Netflix, most of it. Pretty cool film, I'd already seen it once here in OKC a while back, but I liked reviewing the film and properties today.  had a great weekend! Friday night I went to a meeting of this landscape/horticulture club I'm part of and right now I'm church of organizing all the food at events. This one was pot-luck where everyboy chips in a dish, but the club provides the meat. I couldn't figure out exactly what I was going to "provide" and in the long run I jsut got two buckets of KFC chicken. ha
last week after the Thunder/Lakers BBall game I called in sick, because I actually was sick. ha  I'd had a sore throat already Wed before the game, but Thursday morning it was worse, plus I wanted to sleep in after the late nigth bball game.  I did NOTHING Thursday, blew my nose all day mainly while my allergies took their course.  I finished watching the final episodes of "Pasta" on netflix. Friday was an excellent day at work since we only had one hour, the whole school stuck in first hour while they passed out wristbands for the Carnival which began at 10am and lasted the rest of the day.
I got a LOT of papers graded which is awesome, completely caught up and ready to go Monday. only 9 DAYS LEFT!!! woot woot.
everyone ready for the week? I'm ready to get summer started!  looking forward to the long 3 day weekend next week. ah yeah
did anybody recognize the banner earlier? I was trying to pics together of Ty from CBS morning show.. ha

respect for the military

new wes anderson film. YES!!!