Saturday, May 12, 2012

dude keep your pants on...

noah's got talent..

check out this great Gotye cover, and then his version of "sexy...." nicely done!
if you're hanging around the home today, play through his playlist of covers on youtube. goo stuff

money and time off

i heard from the job opportunity here in OKC for next fall. It's good and bad. the good news, is the govt contract is still in the works, they expect the final proposal within a week, yet do not expect the reward of the contract until september. that is SO BAD because I go back to school in August as well as most teachers... after having left the one job in the middle of the school year to teach in Kabbul, I resist repeating that and abandoning my position at OKC after school has already begun, plus how will I be able to recruit the "finest ESL teaching staff" in the middle of September etc... ugh!!! on the other hand, the pay raise is 41% of what I'm currently making at the public school. But do I really want to drive an extra 25 minutes to work every day and give up my summers, spring break, fall break, Christmas break... not likely! ALthough the international students are the best eagerest students you'd ever enjoy teaching English to, no doubt...
alas, we'll see what comes up this summer, the overall best goal for me right now is that something comes up in the admin at my current district as a facilitator and then I'd make more money and get out of the classroom with Mexican immigrants with a hundred social issues, limited or interupted educational background, and little to no study skills or interest in learning ENGLISH. on the other hand, the govt contract would be a 5 year deal, so I know I'd be set for at least 5 years, and not be making the same in 5 years at my curren job. on the other hand, the salary shouldnt' really be my motivator, where I can best serve is really important to me, and right now that's definitely the job I'm doing and in my current ditrict.....sigh. :)

the WEEKEND is HERE! I'm so glad. I'm finishing up grading essays for my online class, and then plan to have all papers done and graded and entered in the computer by Sunday night, Monday after school I'll be at the college finalizing all the reports for the semester etc... It rained all day yesterday, so today I plan to mill about in the yard this morning and see what grew, also do some yard work like weedeat and trim up everything, and then spread some rabbit manure and pine bark mulch here and there. if it dries up enough by this afternoon, I'll mow. big plan tonight with S my okc bud, he and his bf in AR are not getting together so he's in town all weekend, we are going to go see the new Avenger movie with a gay male couple here in OKC that we are friends with. going to look at few places today for pedestal sinks - a bathroom project is definitely in mind for this summer, also I need to get to the store today and buy more baby salad greens and cereal and eggs and such. One cannot live on cereal and bananas and youtube alone, after all. ha
MOTHER'S DAY tomorrow so I'll probably make my mom a card and then wrap a gift I bought her the last time I was in Dallas at the Ikea store, a bunch of placemat with birds on them. She loves things with birds. Also will be going to church at my family's church of course and maybe even hope to visit some AR friends in town for Mother's day as well. only if they call me first! :P

how exciting that i only have 2 and a half weeks of public school. it sucks we have to work the 3 last days of May after labor day. ugh...I plan to be in either AR or TX that weekend, AR because I need to visit my buds up there and TX because I was invited to Randy ROberts Potts wedding that weekend and I"m running out of my tube of Crabtree and Evelyn "Nomad" shaving cream and there is an outlet in Plano I can restock up on that stuff. I know what a dumb reason for driving to Dallas. I'll probably either choose between the wedding and my college friends depending how much money I have saved that I could shop with if I went to dallas (for example they have an H&M and Desigual store at North Park Mall there)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

countdown to summer!

had my last college class last night! just before class I locked my keys in my pickup on the seat, but I did have the window cracked.  I went inside and before calling security to come help I decided to look for a hangar, all I found were a few spiral notebooks left in our office. I removed the spiral of one of them, stretched it out, and went outside to try it out.... took a lot of wiggling but I got the hook around my keychain and up through the crack in the window. success! I then walked back inside and took a pencil and wound the wire around it and then replaced the spiral into all the holes on the notebook, making jokes about hiding all the evidence... ha
anyway,  the students all finished up the last paper assessment in class and left after chit chatting a bit with me, and mostly I got a lot of "I enjoyed your class" from students. Always sad to say goodbye once you get to know everybody... but I am VERY GLAD to have some free Tuesday nights until next August. ha...
okay, here's the strange thing about my public high school job yesterday. we had the health clinic girls come in and continue their educational seminars with our newcomer class last hour.  this was about their 5th or 6th visit. well anyway, they were talking all about condoms.  so they demonstrated first the condom and how it fit over her hand and fist and forearm etc... then they spoke about not using expired condoms etc.. then one of the kids read from a manual (this was all in Spanish) about how to put on the condom while the young lady there demonstrated on a wooden model, sort of a thick stick with a rounded  knob at end, go figure.... anyway she put some lube in it first and then demonstrated how to leave some extra part at the end... next, yes for real, they pass out a wooden model to all 10 students and a condom, and then go around the room, squirting a bit of lube into each, and letting them practice putting them on. and then going around to check they did it properly... ha ha.  I'm just cracking up at the surreality of it all and yet keeping a stern face about "boys be mature" and " boys no bad jokes" and such all in spanish.
they were nervously laughing and cracking up here and there but overall handled the situation pretty well. I felt sorry for the one girl in class with 9 boys... ahh well.  THey also demonstrated and had everyone take it off tie it in a knot and throw away... I didn't get much of the presentation 'cause it was in Spanish and I was grading papers acting disinterested of course. ha ha
so the week is flying by nicely. gym today doing back and shoulders....and the rest of the week I'll be grading papers from the ONLINE class which is over by Thursday night, their deadline to turn in final essay.  woot woot.  I will teach a summer course on Monday and Wed morning this JUNE and JULY. but until then just teaching English and ending the school year. :)
I referred a kid today who was a bit conrontational and defiant in class, and I added in the note to the principal to have someone check if his uncle has legal guardianship because he lives in our district with his uncle (who he works with at the pawnshop) and his mom lives in a suburb west of OKC.  I hate to be a jerk but the kid is asking for it.  hope ieveryone's having a great week. I just got off the phone with my ex gf and will momentarily crashing into bed......zzzzz

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

John Fullbright

OKlahoma born and bred 24 year old breaking out in the music world WITHOUT any musical contest reality show! ha this song sort of like God singing the blues, doesn't get much better than this when it comes to talent at that

Sunday, May 06, 2012

let's wrap this weekend UP.

I survived the weekend! Friday I furiously continued through all the papers grading, Saturday morning also, taking a break now and then to play in the yard a bit. My dad came by after his golf right before I left for pizza lunch and picked up his chainsaw that I couldn't get to work, later in the afternoon I actually finished all the papers and went over to my mom and dad's to see my sis and niece and nephews. man what a great dinner, chicken on the grill and then home made cake after - yum, returned back home by 730 with the chainsaw, my dad had replaced a fuel line that had busted. I finished a project from a week ago sawing up a tree that went down in my yard, then mowed my yard and came inside around 830 to see that my Austin buddy who was visiting OKC had called. HE and a friend were coming over in about an hour. ha.. I picked up various clothes I keep in various places around the front room here, cleaned up my kitchen/bathroom etc.. took trash out , put clothes away and showered and cleaned up by the time they arrived. :) I made them walk back outside with me when they got here so we could all stare up at the FULL MOON and ponder..
then back inside where we began catching up since I haven't seen him since Christmas break and have failed to visit Austin since last year, anyway we discussed that he'd relapsed about a month ago and how he'll be looking for a different job this summer in Austin etc etc... Also we spoke about the church I've been visiting here and the one he really really likes in Austin. He says it's not necessarily a gay accepting church at all, but he goes and likes that it's all about the bible and not any right wing politics or condemnation constantly going on... I've actually been to the church with him before there in Austin and now listen to podcasts now and then. I do like it and am extremely happy he's going etc... We spoke of various different things, I got all political on a few things like illegal immigration and such, and that was sort of funny cause his friend he had with him is a long term gay rights acitivist in Austin and probably has some pretty liberal points of view, ha but we were all kind and civil and just discussed points of view. blah blah.
they were here until 12:30 which kept me up pretty late but MUCH WORTH it to see my buddy.
I hope to get down there this summer and bring my bike and have some fun,
when I walked out of room this morning, it was quite nice finding the front room all cleared out and picked up, so nice. I walked outside and checked out all the plants and flowers then came back in for breakfast, next church with my folks since the sis was in town, and then lunch back at moms, the best pulled pork barbecue sandwiches YUM and more chocolate cake etc...came home eventually and a nice phone chat with my best bud J in Arknasas... he said for me to stay at their place next time I come to visit my friend in town, I may do it. AND THEN tonight the whole family was together in Edmond for a wedding, my niece got married. She is the sister of the niece that got married a few weeks ago in WIchita. She is just as beautiful and the couple was just so gorgeous and in love. very sweet sweet wedding, and the groom and his brother best man were both so goodlooking, I finally decided the best man was the hottest because he's a bit taller, bigger, and younger. ha plus I got this side view of him in his tux pants that seemed so promising.. ha ha. so bad!
anyway, so we went to the reception afterwards and had sandwiches and watched the bride and groom dance a bit etc... really nice time! man I'm beat.
so glad I don't have any classes tomorrow for the two class periods we are double blocking. I'll be testing the ESL kids' English tomorrow instead all morning blah blah, and making lesson plans for the rest of the week etc... only 3 more to go!!! woot woot can't wait for summer. hope everyone had a great weekend.

back it up...

I came across this Dror Backpack for Tumi brand... very nice, dang! ... although my budget is more like around or under $100 in which I'd opt for the neutral colored Keen backpack or the classic Jansport in camo. ha. I think I already blogged about the Patagonia duffel/backpack below, OF course if I were to head out and travel the world again, I'd have to opt for the Monocle version Porter backpack below since it matches my Boston bag and shoulder bag (from Monocle). :)!!!

weekend connection