Saturday, February 04, 2012


well good ole rugbysex survived and is recuping painfully impatiently as ever but he desevers to be impatient, there's so much he'd rather be doing. The great thing is he had a BF there with him all throughout.
My week went pretty well, kids are learning English and handling equivalent fractions well enough. We'll see how they do with mixed numbers (oh my) this next week. My goal is to have them solving two step equations and graphing a line before the year's over. :)
Anyone else single and find themselves on weekend just waiting between meals for the next one? I got plenty to do around here but sometimes I'm not motivated to do much and just mess around the house til the weekend's over... must be 'cause it's winter.
or my buddy S. is in AR every other weekend!!!! ha ha, nah just kidding S. buddy.
I was at Home Depot today returning a wrench and had my usual Saturday pizza for lunch at this local place I can't get enough of. this morning I watched "HAIR" on Netflix, basically just to have the music going while I cleaned up the place. What a difference it makes having been to NYC Central park and seeing that movie. I hadn't watched it since college, watching it now I really like the dance sequences at the opening and in the park and etc.. It came to the bought where the black guy's girlfriend and kid show up and she's really trying to relate to him and talk and he just tell's her to "go away woman" and I started crying. then she sings that really sad song.. It was also sad to watch the part at the end where they are at the cemetery and headstones... I mean in college, that was just before we went into Iraq and watching it then you just sort of thought of so many deaths during war as something in the past, and these days it's something very real.
I watched a bit of "Objectified" tonight on Netflix. If you haven't seen "Beautiful Losers" yet, it's on netflix.. ok I got to go, Channing Tatum is on SNL and it's distracting.

ED. true about the comment on expectations of others.. and I hope it didn't sound like a gripe above, totally just an observance that my single independence leaves me with a lot of freedom to do what I want and if I choose not to make plans or do anything, well there ya go, I get antsy around the house and find myself thinking, ok what do I want to do next? ha key word is WANT to do...
but yeah I always find plenty to do around here, much of it too boring to bother even blogging about. one thing that drove me crazy last night is after all the errands I was running around doing yesterday I forgot to get to the store for bread, I was enjoying an XMEN movie on tv ( sidenote: I've never seen any of the XMEN films because I loved Storm in the marvel comics growing up and when I saw it was Halle Barry as Storm I decided never to watch a film. ha I've never liked halle barry ever since she was on the Letterman show after he did the Oscars and came across as VERY ARROGANT and marked her on my never see a film with that person in it list. you know the one with Richard Gere, Kevin Costner, and Denzel Washington on it?)
so I'm watching the second half of the film on tv and enjoying all the special effects and the actors playing Dr. Xavier and Magneto.. and trying to figure out who is playing Jean Grey... and thinking if I'm able to separate myself from the voice of Kelsy grammar and think of him as the Beast, and I think ok time for a sandwich, an NO BREAD! UGH!!! I made it to the grocery store and back in 11 minutes flat leaving just at the start of a commercial. ha

ED. Thatguy, I know I should watch 'em. I just like the way I remember all the characters as how I read them in the comic books. plus like I said the Halle B thing... same reason I never was the Simon Birch movie because the Prayer for Owen Meany is so much better I don't want to have any different visuals for how I created the characters... ha

give it away

one of my very few trips in college, watching this was the best...
did anyone get the mention of "trip"... :)

Friday, February 03, 2012

Thursday, February 02, 2012

got a towell?

news reporter

I can not get ENOUGH of lara logan on pbs tonight. oh man!
hey guys say a prayer for my favorite commenter rugbysex if ya get a chance.
he's in the hospital recuperating from a surgery he had done, something from his injury a long a while back.
weekend is just beginning here, I had parent conferences tonight, (only 3 showed up of my kids) and then tomorrow morning we'll see if anymore come between 7:30am and 11:00.
:) more gym time tomorrow afternoon since I skipped tonight. ugh.
otherwise I'm just googling edgeworthia all weekend as I plan this springs plants. ha

sun drop

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


this week's going by way too fast, but I like it like that this time of year.
I promised myself I'd be more prepared for next week's night class after last night. this semester they are still really quiet and either don't have questions or just not as talkative a group as I had last time. but it kept throwing me off. We shall see when the rough draft are due next week ( I teach a community college comp class).
day job going well enough, I was observed again today, the vp's are required to do so many a year and my principal likes me well enough, and I had my LEARNING GOALS clearly posted on the board of course. ,ha
I had a talk with some teachers about a homework assignment that one of my students asked me for help with, finding an example of onomatopoeia or personification in a "poem" from her English class which was a printout of the lyrics to Lil Wayne's song Not Like Me. Man I was sort of surprised, I mean I get the whole thing of using rap music to relate to kids and all to get them interested in verse but that's some bad bad stuff. TRASH if you ask me, sorry if you're a fan but I'm hoping there aren't too many Lil Wayne fans that would come across and relate to this blog. anyway, I mentioned it to my dept teachers and our leader said she'd subtly put a bug in the principal's ear jsut to check in on the assignment or if it was already approved perhaps. I felt like a real jerk/snitch after she said she'd do that cause I was just sort of talking about my surprise of the whole deal.. but ahh well, check out the lyrics and they are pretty profane for a public high school, I mean come on!
in other news, a GLORIOUS day highs in mid 60s here, I went to the gym, and remember the half irish/mex cop that works out there who I like, well I havn't seen him in forever but his little brother works out there still and his arms are getting big and a nice chunky chest and man I could see some nice supple nipples through tight tshirt today. but the guy HAS to work his LEGS, I'm telling, you don't want arms approaching the same size as your legs. PUHLEASE. no kids at school Friday so let's get Thrus over with and let the weekend begin. :)

tomorrow tomorrow

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Monday, January 30, 2012


"The strange and popularly accepted belief that great artists were invariably wayward, and are excused for it on the grounds of special privileges, is as false as it is impossible. No great artist ever thrived on such principles. If stories have been handed down to us of moral lapses in the lives of the masters, their work survives in spite of the mistakes, and not on account of them. No art justifies anything but honest, straightforward living. The moral superiority of Beethoven, the greatest of them all, comes to mind while I write this. Do we hear any of this in the art schools? Decidedly no." - N.C. Wyeth (1919)

fly southwest

It's in the details...

anyone caught the 2012 February issue of Details magazine yet? There is a SHWEET article about Randy Roberts Potts in there if interested. here's a link to the online article "The Amazing Story of the Televangelist and His Gay Grandson." There is also a link on the right to his blog (Voulez Vou).
It's pretty cool that he's working at a slow and steady pace, a peaceful non confrontational sort of way to get a dialogue between all parties. I love that he can use his experience as a connection and get that conversation started. His performance art of the Gay Agenda is coming to OKC soon, in two weeks actually. :)
here's an interview on CNN from last week;

ps. I really wish in the copy above the oxford comma was used after love....

Sunday, January 29, 2012

bien occupado...

very busy weekend, Friday night ran over to buddy S and we went out for some pizza at Hideaway Pizza on Western. YUM, watched some tv and came back home to crash. Saturday morning I was up and back at my day job high school by 830. One of the other ESL teachers that I share a room with and I took 3 boys from our newcomer class to this Reader Fair thing at the fair grounds. It was pretty interesting . Pace/Butler is some sort of company that buys back old cell phones. THey were giving 2 free books to every one who came ( I think they expected up to 1500 but only around 400 people were there) Purpose Driven LIfe and another book called The Mentor and the CEO. Tom Pace wrote that one and was there as an MC. they were also giving away 100 dollars every so often with a drawing for our tickets, also the very last drawing was for $3000. So we all sat there and listened to volunteers read a page, then a drawing, then another person read a page, then a drawing, etc... it was pretty cool I think they gave away about 2000 in one hundred bills. so the odds were pretty good. none of us won though. ha Usually I spend my Saturday mornings at HOME!!!! but the teacher had asked if I'd go with her so she wasn't alone with the other 3 kids etc etc... so I said yeah sure why not.
I left that place by 11:30 and went by Hobby Lobby to buy some craft supplies ( gesso, I'm trying to stretch a canvas, more on that later), and then Home Depot to buy a bathroom sink faucet, and some pliers and some 3x1, and 2x1's and some hardboard to make a frame to put canvas on. I stopped by my favorite pizza place for lunch then came home to do my sink project. A SUCCESS, what a good feeling to have done that all by myself. The rest of the day I spent putting things away away away. Since I live alone, I end up with stacks of things everywhere, clean clothes mainly left on the couch or stacked on the side of my queen bed that I don't sleep on etc... ugh.. so cleaned and tidied up. woke up super early this morning and finished watching an OLD OLD black and white movie on DVD i started last night, A CHristmas Carol. then watched Little Women, Jo's Story, again a super old B/W film and graded tons of online assignments this morning, got up went to church. this evening I went over to S's and his bf was in town, they made dinner YUM and his bf gave me a haircut, I hadn't gone for one since before Christmas so it was TIME. his bf did a GREAT JOB! I'm all cleaned up ready for the week. cheers all.

hooray for bollywood