Saturday, January 21, 2012


this is a photo of my collection of Frankoma Fish. I gathered them up today for a count and laid 'em out on a table. A third of them are from 1960 Christmas Card from the Frankoma family, and another third say Community Bank of Enid, and the others are blank. :)

don't I know you from somewhere

Friday, January 20, 2012

jan weekends

had a great week overall, if you can say that after 3 after school teacher meetings... which is pretty funny considering it was only a four day week. We had our usual teacher meeting after school Tuesday and they talked on and on about the state applying for a No Child Left Behind (NCLB) waiver and if our school was one chosen by the state as poor performing and taken into the hands of a C3 district. and from there I was lost blah blah ....Thursday we had a required teacher meeting to get our bloodborn pathogen required training, and the yesterday another non-required meeting ( but the principal was overheard saying how he'd see you really cared about the school or not etc...) so of course I went with a few more teachers and we sat again and listened on and on about how we might become a C3 school whatever that means, I was lost again completely... of course the meeting ended with him saying we probably wouldn't be chosen. but my land how can you ask for questions for 20 minutes and get no questions and still carry on the meeting... whoah.. that sort of thing kills me. I am sort of the type that when I'm sitting in a meeting and it's just lagging on without a clear sense of purpose and now we're finished, and the leader is not the type to jsut say, OK we're DONE! but instead just lingers on... oh how that kills me. I start to shift around in my seat, put on my jacket, stack up my papers and just physically signal to every extent. READY! End it!
on a different note, I just awoke from a dream of being in this little house which had every detail designed and carved and decorated inside sort of F.L. Wright/ Frankoma if that makes sense, sort of like the Gaudi houses in Barcelona yet with details carved instead of done in tile.. ha and it was like a house new discovered that had been left behind, and I was talking to someone about how it belonged to my grandfather's brother... ha ha. anyway, pretty funny to wake up from.
Today I'm going to be wandering around the home and garden show at the fairgrounds and cleaning up my place more and doing a bit of online class work.
I wanted to say huge thanks about the comments, I realize I wouldn't be able to magically get a job at my alma mater but still one can dream. otherwise, would I want to move anywhere else for the next small college interested. I live next to a small college in OKC that would be another excellent place to work. What makes me really lazy about the whole thing is the idea of going back to school when I'd be utterly happy teaching fulltime at the community college, but openings come up so rarely there. I will admit my job at the public school this year is rich and fulfilling but next year they are bound to shake up our program again, and of the 4 ESL teachers I'm the newest on the staff, and if they shrink it I'd probably be the 1st out. although our current team leader is looking pretty aggressively to move on next year as well. perhaps I should get aggressive in finding out what the deal is about the facilitator opening at admin I applied for, it's still open and we never heard nothing back. alas. good weekend to all. :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

hello camera


spoke with grumpy fresa sourpuss today.. the kid I've been talking about.. he was pretty normal and listened and behaved all day, but I am thinking this only because he blatantly cursed the first part of science 4th hour and knew I was about to come down on him pretty heavy (write him up), the class was divided into 2 groups of 4 at two tables and he was alone working on some drawings so I went and talked to him about his language and using offensive language and being a jerk to the teachers, and eing a jerk in general, of course I was using spanglish the whole time, but he understood, I spoke to him about how he is a citizen and could have a really awesome future if he's graduate HS and maybe even go to college and how he's definitely smart enough (and he is) and opportunity etc etc blah blah blah... he's just ocd enough that i KNEW he was going to love finding GCF and listing prime factors and making factors and keeping everything in order on his paper. ha anyway, classes are coming along nicely. I'm pretty much just doing whatever activities I can to keep a variety going and following along with the math and science ESL books we're using (ACCESS if anyone's wondering). we're going to ease from factors into fractions (reducing, and all operations done with fractions) and then integers, which means positive and negative numbers.. then we'll jump back into algebra problems which include both! yeah fun, right? but it's great for the kids who just concentrate on the math and take a break from learning English, plus it gives those kids a sense of success doing the problems and getting it right. sad for the kids without the same background of education. a couple of kids literally follow a times table to get factors of all the numbers, even 6 or 10 or 15 etc... but you know what it works, and I figure they write down the same 2 factors for a number enough times and after a while they hopefully will remember SOMETHING> ha ha.
I'm bringing doughnuts tomorrow for my first hour class, the second year ESL kids which includes actually 3rd and 4th and 5th year ESL kids.... go figure. We were talking about it today, how does a kid move here in say 2nd grade, and come out of middle school into HS not knowing how to write a complete sentence or read a book etc?!?!?! that's where the system fails most, just passing along the esl kids. ugh!
I'm back from the gym and still easing back into it, I'm doing some of the same workouts with 35s instead of 45s and 25s instead of 30s.etc.. blah blah. gotta start back somehow. ha.
I'm checking out redbud trees online tonight, 'Ruby falls'. It's a purple leaved weeping variety. anyway, a friend has a purple Cercis in her back yard and I'm going to get a branch and see if I can graft it onto one of the redbud seedlings growing here and there in the backyard. what a fun challenge! it may die completely but I love trying things just to learn if I can do it or not. ha
sorry this is probably the least sexy post I've written. I'm watching Big Bang reruns on tv right now, my new guilty pleasure at 530 and 630 here in okc. I never watched the show in primetime so its fun to catch up on the series. You know how I love buddy themed anything. It must remind me of college when it was just me and the roomies always running around doing stuff together. ANyone see SNL last weekend? i watched it on HULU last night and Danieal Radcliffe is so great, total class act. His Yorkshire Terrier was played so straight and was funny. cheers, weekend is coming!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ahh romance....

anyone else watch "happy endings"? I LOVE the blond girl on there that used to be on scrubs. really LIKE her....


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hello from ant1mat3rie on Vimeo.

my favorite part is the "smile" part ha ha!!
does anyone know what film is the part "my door" from?


well fellow bloggers, readers, pic viewers, lurkers, closet cases, gay dudes, Christian don't know whats...etc... Today was a pretty great day all around. even though it was longer since I started back to class tonight. I have a really good mix of college students, big ole variety of people. I have 2 students that I've had in my classes before, one who tried taking my comp 2 class last sem and didn't make it for whatever reason, and 2 from my comp 1 class last year.
This one kid at my day job, you may remember the brother of the pregnant girl who moved to El Paso to live with other family. well I had called his aunt last Friday about him being in the In School Suspension for not having his school ID, and then how the other teacher on my team really trying to get him to stop using spanish curse words, and how I was having a defiance of authority problem in general, and how rude he was to our truency lady when she called him in to get home phone numbers etc... how he spoke with a counselor about being so angry all the time.... how we are trying to encourage him to protect himself from getting in trouble by making good choices blah blah. I was all prayed up waiting to see what his reaction would be in class today and what I'd have to do with him, (which means write him up!!ha).
well anyway, he wasn't here today so it made for some really good classes! I have that group of newcomers twice a day, once for science language, and again for Algebra 1 ( this used to be an ESL math language class, but since I'm certified for Math also, they changed it Algebra I so they can get credit for the class, although I'm basically teaching the same math concepts and language as before, however it WILL prepare them for algebra again next year.)
7 guys who respond and work well together through our discussions and activities, one new girl "fresh off the boat" who speaks NO ENGLISH yet at all, and it's her first full week so she will probably have a bit of a "silent period" anyway, which is normal for ESL kids.
Thanks Anon for the great comments, it's true about considering the hassled of coming back to the US and getting a full time job, AGAIN! I know I can always teach part time at the community college until I get the right fulltime job again but is it what I want, paying my own health insurance etc... ALso true about considering Grad school again, my friends have said the same thing, why and where would I want to teach, and when you get your doctorate then plan to teach at a school smaller than where you got it, (for example OU would hire dr's from Yale in a minute not necessarily U of A etc...) and my goal would be to teach at my alma mater private Christian school if I ever did pursue that direction. thanks all around.
Today we were told that our state has applied for a NCLB waiver, which means we get all new guidelines and I'm not sure how secure my ESL job would be anyway. blah blah boring.
well hope everyone had a great Jan day. I am ready and raring to get this shorter week over with. :)I'm going to be pretty busy this semester since I'm teaching a night class on Tuesdays and also an online class. but I hope to save up the extra $$ for some home improvement. You may remember the kitchen countertops I talked about redoing and then eventually my bathroom etc..
cheers.I began the day with Josh 1:9 and it really kept me going today. :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

good life

I was thinking today that sometimes I'm not feeling like posting anything maybe because I'm pretty happy with work and stuff right now... definitely a good life so far this 2012! :)
hope everyone had a great Monday national holiday today..
"The end of life is not to be happy. The end of life is not to achieve pleasure and avoid pain. The end of life is to do the will of God, come what may." -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

helping hand

Sunday, January 15, 2012

men are beautiful, war is ugly

all wet

summy sunny day

a reader asked if I had posted about baseball dude before or just expected readers to know. the answer is no and no. however I do expect most readers know how to use a search engine. ha ha
I'm enjoying a great sunny sunday here in okc, was at church this morning and ran into a girl I graduated HS with whose husband dies of cancer last Nov... She and daughter are doing well and are just now getting back out in to church and stuff. she likes to think of how much less pain he is in having passed on, last year was a pretty tough one for them dealing with cancer and all. My dad told me this morning he'd like to come over and help with a few projects which is very good news. ha and my sisters and I are going to see War Horse the movie this afternoon since we all saw the play together in NYC. man I'm really glad to have off tomorrow.
I received a call yesterday afternoon from the recruiters office in FL for a pre-interview about the job overseas. they said I great experience having already travelled, taught overseas, and years taught in general. However he asked me to rewrite my resume so that instead of just putting years of experience it showed actual dates.... long story but yeah I'm going to edit it and send another in. also I have no idea where my diploma is from grad school. so I'll be looking a few other places today and send that in. if I can't find it I guess maybe call UCO and ask if they can send a copy? I hope so.
I was thinking about this opportunity to teach in the U.A.E. and how at first I thought it'd be a great way to teach for 2 years and save money, and then I though about how I really don't want to pack up my house into storage again and leave my house and garden. and then I thought how it sucks coming back to the states and finding a teaching job again etc... then I thought how even if I took the job and didn't save tons of money to remodel my house with, I would be working AND TRAVELLING which I love to do and am not doing now. And then I thought about who am I single and working and traveling instead of settling down here, am I some lone observer of the world? also I was thinking how my job this year at the high school and college couldn't be going any better. anyway, lots to consider so don't get bored reading about it all just yet. chances are I'll be right here in good ole okc blogging away next year as usual...
on the other hand, it'd be pretty cool to pay off my mortgage with extra $ to do some remodel and then sit back and garden and teach at the college part time etc... ha I DUNNO! ha ha
now I've got to get the second half of the pizza from lunch yesterday out of the fridge. yum!!!

t shirt

there's a part of me that wants a t-shirt saying "BASEBALL DUDE 4 EVER !!!!"
:) ha ha
maybe a more cryptic "Storm Lefron fan" would work..