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I love this....

just love little moments of beautiful community no matter how big the city...
when the guy turns and smiles just kills me. :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

ready ~

I meant to respond to an anon comment the last few weeks, about how I am reconciling my faith and sexuality. well, not sure if any long time readers have noticed but I quit "hooking up" about 2 years ago, so right now the only way is celibacy. no I'm not complaining and yes I know the ball is in my court I just have to put myself out there yes yes yes. of course, it's only my faoult.... so I haven't yet reconciled in getting myself out there for a REAL relationship, but that's a goal for this year 2012. other goals are apply to Grad school to see what steps I'll need to take for getting a doctorate, which I'll need if I'm ever going to make it in higher Ed. and the next thing I plan to do this month is apply for a 2 year esl teaching job in Abu Dahbi. That application will be more out of curiosity and experience, as I can't really see myself going away for 2 whole years, although as a kid I always did want to be a world traveler. ha
school began again today with students, and now just 2 more days of the week! yahoo!
I made it through today wonderfully and greeted all the kids back, should be a great semester. at this point, you know, I just look forward to spring break and spring in general. I had hoped to take a trip to Europe for my 2 week spring break coming up, do the overnight trains between countries etc... BUT my brother's daughter is getting married the weekend between my two weeks off. SMACK, so those plans are postponed yet again, I am going to research a trip to Central or South America which are more easily done within a week's time. also Austin for SXSW. my Austin bud has called to tell me he broke up with JM. They were just here visiting me at Christmas, I was concerned and will be including him in my prayers. I told him I wanted him to be happy, but that overall I wanted him to be in control, stable, and moving forward, happy or no...that he would continue progressing forward in the new year. It's a mess how gay guys have to break up especially when living together, they are sharing a studio one bed place and the rent for January has already been paid. ha we'll see how that works.
As usual my personal goals this year are that I will not just fit my FAITH into my everyday American culture but instead fit my AMerican culture into my FAITH. if that makes sense... now lets get this week over with and on to the WEEKEND! :)
oh yeah did I mention visiting my best bud J in AR last weekend and giving his kids and him and wife presents etc and spending time with them all. well he's as hot as ever and it was sort of awkward when I walked in and got a welcome hug and then a sort of quick kiss on my neck during the hug. ha no worries, we have healthy man hugs like my brother from another mother, I'm just amazed we've moved this far from the crush I had on him in college when he was a high school kid working at the same wal~mart that I did while going to school up there. He could have some issues sure, but I know he's committed to his wife and family and I would expect only as much.

cool story from a gay Christian guy...

from youtube... "This vid became a synopsis of my life story -- but was orginally just an "on-camera" audition for a "Reality" TV show (that never happened). I had no idea this video would find its way to (3) websites, but because it did, several men who saw it from around the world, contacted me and I've been able to help them embrace themselves and come-out with dignity -- including my current partner!! Whether you're gay or str8 or something inbetween, I hope you find insight, understanding, or inspiration too. Life is YOUR stage -- read your OWN lines -- don't let others read them FOR you."

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"If I tell people who I am and what I'm about, I'm true to myself. That means I'm not lying to myself. And what they do with it is on them. I'm not accountable for their feelings or how they perceive it, make faces and stuff... That's when I close in and discover who I am...part of this new life. " Mark Hogancamp Marwencol

uh yeah, those words scare me half to death. ha

Have you put this documentary on your netflix cue yet?

happy new year

via Volker, thanks man.

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