Thursday, December 06, 2012


excellent Thursday, english teaching was ON today! exciting news about the admin position, seems it went to another ESL teacher who works in the district, here I thought I was a shoe in!! but I'm having such a good year with the classes I have this year that I"m not too disappointed. all is not yet lost, in that there were two positions open and the 2nd one has yet to be filled so we shall see!? My staff was all really down about the news since two of us had applied. The 3 of us on my team were talking about which school we'd be applying for and how we wanted to get out of this district!! etc etc. I tell ya what, it's a losing battle. a great great position, fulfilling and all that with the few students who care but otherwise a sad case. SO SO SO many kids who can't pass any of the tests and SO SO SO many who can't see past tomorrow, it's not just the socioeconomic status of our students. It's the fact that we have this huge huge Mexican immigrant population , theses are kids who either moved here or lived here since elementary, some even born here, but still they live in a little Mexico where they only use spanish outside of school. go figure that ten years in the system and we still have kids who test into a 2nd year ESL class!?
 Some kids who come at older ages have some great educational background, but there are many many who move in during middle school or high school years who have no background, this kid is supposed to pass an algebra EOI test next year and doesn't even know basic times tables??? okay I'll shut up, rant over. I really do love the kids, we have to tell them practically daily. YOU HAVE A FUTURE, YOU CAN GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL AND HAVE A BETTER JOB, YOU CAN GO TO COLLEGE, YOU HAVE TO LEARN ENGLISH OR YOU WON'T EVER FINISH HIGH SCHOOL, YOU NEED TO FINISH HIGH SCHOOL TO GET A BETTER PAYING JOB, YOU DON'T WANT TO BE IN HIGH SCHOOL AND 21, ETC ETC ETC... There is a verse I put up on the wall in our office at school (we have our own office between the two ESL classrooms) from in Corinthians that says " If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal." which has helped keep me motivated why I'm really in this job God put me in this year. :)
 Is anyone a Downton Abbey fan?? I like the 1st season quite a bit, had trouble watching or getting into the 2nd since it was the war and sad and the class structures were breaking down etc etc.... however recently a friend shared season 3 with me via online, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first three episodes so far!! there is romance and struggle and all this playing of people in the house between upstairs and downstairs people. SO GOOD!! I was crying on the way to work Wednesday morning a bit thinking of this one scene of solidarity among the family at the table. great personalities and acting.
 made it to the gym today and I've put off my leg days long enough, oh how sad it was getting back to them today. my crush buddy was there, flimsy loose white shorts looking good , he's been building up his legs this fall and they are looking good from backside, you know how the glutes start to shelf out a bit and where the shirt will get bunched up a little in back and set there. all good... always helps keeping me motivated to keep going back..ha, alright time for zzzzzzs


Anonymous said...

If you love Downtown Abbey the you will like upstairs, downstairs series 2 which was just cancelled by BBC. You will also like "From Larkrise to Candleford which was also cancelled after season 4 by the BBC. Julia Swhala who played Saffy on AbFab is the star. Cranford and Return to Cranford you will enjoy, all at Netflix.
yes, growing up our family had 5 or6 in help plus the 2 irish laundresses'. But then so did all my friends and we did until the 60s now we only have a maid. Have friend in England who owns house w 50 bedrooms Ridley Hall. He rents it out to local govt.

rugbysex said...

if i wrote what i'm really thinking right'd need to censor it! lots f-bombs and deeply hateful ad hominem attacks directed to the ASSHOLES who didn't choose the right guy for the admin job.

1st corinthians 13 is my favorite chapter in the entire Bible. no exceptions.