Wednesday, December 26, 2012

plot thickens....

went to gym today and yup my little crush was there. nothing little about him. big tall guy, dark hair fair skin clark kent looks, huge arms, back, chest, quiet shy type that'll drive a type A person like me crazy... yup. ha anyway, he walked in while I was on treadmill and looked in my direction and said "Hi Mark"... the only problem with us getting to this meet and greet by first name basis is that my name is not Mark... he's called me this before and I haven't had the chance yet to say, I'm DAN and what's your name!? sigh I finished walking and running and was planning and rehearsing the conversation in my mind how I'd say, hey man btw my name is dan not mark, and what's your name? something like that, simple enough right?
 but while he was doing bench press and i was over in the corner stretching and doing abs, the gym floor picked up 4 extra guys working out and then I lost my kahuna's to approach and get the conversation back up. I did meet him up at the water fountain and we both took our earphones out of our ears and chatted up for a while about how was your Christmas etc etc and did you get out in the freezing roads and snow?.... This is how I found out he has a gf... dang it all! j/k. He said he'd driven across town to her place after time with his family yadda yadda....blah blah.
we worked out some more and then got into another conversation while he was at the squat machine doing standing shoulder presses and I happened to be facing him while doing the cable machines right between him and the mirrored wall. I asked him something I'd wanted to for a while, about the stretch marks on his pecs right there going into his underarm area in front, I pointed and his sleeveless shirt he wore today helped...He said they were from in highschool when he started working out in tenth grade, and I kidded sarcastically about shooting up, and he laughed and talked about growth spurts etc.. we talked about our skinny selves in highschool and what weight he'd gained and what little weight I've gained over the years back and forth.. this is how I found out he is 21 almost 22. He talked about his metabolism slowing down now that he's over 21 and I laughted and said it was way after 21 that I mine slowed down and I still have to work out or I lose all muscle first. blech!
 I got to tell ya this str8 guy doesn't seem to have any idea, or maybe he does, about how great he looks in those flimsy black shorts he wears, I have to make my eyes not follow him in profile for the huge bulge in front, big ole curve heavier on the low side right out of his shorts.. standing there talking to him, I'm just like looking down and thinking dang man, briefs would really keep it all a lot tighter controlled but thanks for wearing the loose boxers or boxer briefs!!  don't even ask me about his big ole curvy posterior side...whoah! ...we went back to working out and then made some more conversation, about him only playing one year of football and hating the hs coach so after that he just swam and played tennis..(hunkiest tennis guy I've every seen hmmm) before I said take it easy man, I'm outta here! :P

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Mark Gaulding said...

Really hot account of this gym experience. You know better because you were there, but dude, I somehow think he wasn't completely naive about his beauty and it's affect on others? Love your site as always.
Can you use the word "probly". It is adorable!