Monday, December 03, 2012

monday, is it the 15th yet!?!?

I survived my weekend. I survived my day today too. man what a drive down and back 6 hours. I left early right after 630am and rolled into okc about 1pm yesterday, just in time for pizza lunch at the local place. I had hoped to stop at Whole Foods on the way home and get some treats for my fellow teachers, boxes of cookies from the cookie bar there. but to no avail, they are not open until 8am. I did stop at a huge HEB store in Waco, Tx and shopped a bit for Christmas stuff. also they had some nice big planters out front marked down to $10. got two of them, I'm always thinking of my yard even in December. ha I've decided I like to investigate and discover, must be why I like shopping even if I'm not always going to buy anything, I like knowing whats out there, all options! ha
 I had a great time in Austin, all my buddies friends showed up for dinner at a place on Congress St called Lucky Robot. that place was awesome. there were only about 12 of us, mainly his gay friends from his recovery program, and then one other guy who is a lawyer there and me. At each table they had an Ipad from which you can search through the menu, order, and pay with your card by swiping it on the side.. I LOVED LOVED the cheesy quesadillas, I guess with candied bacon and ginger scallions and cheese and goat cheese makes it somehow Japanese style? ha.. I ordered the Chicken Ssam which I'll try and get a photo up. it was so good, rolling up inside a lettuce leaf the chicken, peanuts, pickled cucumbers, pear slice and the rice and brown sauce and white sauce. yum um umm!
 Anyway, this morning I was up at 520 and to the gym for swimming laps. plan to do same tomorrow. worked and taught all day, trying to keep kids in check so that they don't get too wired up thinking about only having two weeks of school left, I'm just as excited after all! ha and then worked out at gym after school, chest day. my crush buddy was there getting his chest all pumped up with a tshirt with sleeves cut off on. We are now at the point of him walking over to say hello and shake hands when arriving, and then same when one of us leaves. ha very hot straight guy, nothing more. he's been working legs this fall and dang if I haven't noticed a nice changed the way his shorts hang on him and all. good work!
 I'm now wondering when I'll put my tree up, this year I'm trying to get a little more into the holidays since last year I wasn't even going to bother putting up the tree. THis year I plan to have my folks and sisters and families over at some point. gives a chance to hang out with all the niece and nephews and craziness. this next weekend I'll be super super busy planning the trip to NYC of course. Much more to discover there I am SURE! :) cheers all.


Mike said...

Get that tree up. NOW

drew said...

Glad you changed the photo. That one was weird!! Get your tree up to keep you in the mood!!

rugbysex said...

that looks WONDERFUL. now i'm hungry! :)