Thursday, December 06, 2012

check up

not happy about missing the gym yesterday, I had to go to the dentist after work for my usual 6 month cleaning. I got there early before 4, and man was I feeling dead tired sleepy on the couch waiting to be called back. I brought some papers with me from Tuesday night class to get a jump start on grading while I waited. I had had a headache yesterday afternoon, which I think was either due to the old pair of shoes I was wearing because the soles are worn down and they don't have the same support they used to, OR, maybe it was due to the wide grip chin ups I was doing Monday at the my shoulders felt tight. anyway I took an Aleve which helped. The hygienist was super nice as always and then I met the dentist.
 What I hated hearing was that my far back upper right tooth had an old large filling and he was concerned about a beginning of a crack that could break and he thought I should get a crown. I alreaady have 6. He then said with my insurance, I should do this before January so that I it would count towards the limit they pay each year in case next year I went over.. something like that. which seems weird since I don't feel like I"M going to suddenly need two crowns and dental work exceeding 2000 next year. and what with the NYC trip I didn't really want to budget in the 327 that I'll end up paying since between now and the new year is when I shop in NYC, drive down to dallas after Christmas and shop more and hang and spend time with friends etc etc.
 ANyway, we scheduled the crown fitting Dec 26th. but I might cancel it and see if I can't go another 6 months before getting yet another crown. It's hard to trust the young new dentist at this offic because I had the same dentist since high school until he retired last spring. although he came back to fill in for the dentist when I got my crown and another filling last summer. anyway, so it's just difficult to trust the dentist as seeing me as a cash cow, or just being honest. At this point I got to trust him because he's the one I like compared to the other newer guy who I went to once after my dentist retired and really didn't like him at all. blah!
 I do like all the staff there, my dentists sister still works there and always remembers my name. and there are other pretty hygienists there I like and all the desk staff etc etc..
 only 2 days left. I can't wait to get this week over with and get a weekend to get stuff done around the house. leaving last weekend really got me behind on getting stuff doen. I still yet need to make a list of places I've been reading about in NYC to check out. also I keep hoping Sandridge oil will go up just a little more before my trip so I can sell off a few shares for some extra cash to blow. :) hope everyone is making it through the week. I'm listening to my Christmas music now on itunes and making a list of the ones I like for a special mix of music. I like to hand out cd's each year if I can find enough new or old songs that make a good mix together. Friday come quick!


drew said...

I rent office space to a dentist. Have for many years. I think they push for revenue. I would wait until it needs to be done. As you said, you have the money in next years insurance coverage. Called upselling... Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Dan, I have the same kind of tooth. An old metal filling that expands and contracts, causing a crack in the enamel. My dentist, an old college buddy, told me pretty much all metal fillings cause cracks over time. He also told me that unless the cracked tooth develops hot or cold sensitivity or breaks apart it does not need replaced. He said it will likely develop symptoms in my lifetime, but sometimes the cracked tooth last a lifetime. Therefore, he said no need to replace it until there are symptoms.

drew said...

The reason many of the young dentist are proactive is because they bought their practices and have to make that payment each month. When the dentist (my dentist) I rented to retired the new dentist (husband and wife) do push a lot more work than the older dentist and I am sure it is to be proactive but also to raise revenue..

rugbysex said...

yep...if ur not having any problems w/ the tooth, wait!

rugbysex said...

u mean u don't get naked for ur dentist visit? muah...