Monday, December 31, 2012

end is near

end of year post. blah! well since I keep this blog it might be a good time to go back a year and see what I'd hoped to accomplish or consider this year...but no way. I can say that I tried to continue with being generous this year, I lost focus and sense of purpose at times which sucks, meaning that I hope to create more joyful events and memories for myself this year without just being a cog in the machine and working weekend to weekend.. I am DEFINITELY making it a goal to travel more in 2013 which means more discipline in saving the $$ for such. seriously I make more than enough to fund such things if I'd just stop shopping for stupid stuff online which means clothes or plants.
Tonight I'm undecided whether to drive to a college bud's party in AR or just stay in town and visit a few friends casual times. A certain ex military male nurse friend I chatted with on facebook yesterday would definitely be welcome for a nice new years kiss and makeout session. only that, just some nice kissing romance would enough to end the year right! :P (this is the guy who I used to see in Austin and now has a bf here in OK somewhere etc etc).
Anyway, hope you all are getting primed and ready for a great new year's eve. I slept in this morning after driving down to Dallas and back yesterday. I shopped around quite a bit and made all my stops. other than not getting to see Randy. i drove by his place but he was at the gym, so we're planning it better next time i get down to dallas to meet up. I'm about to take the Christmas tree down, and then going to call some buds to go see the movie Hobbit again. Saw it Saturday night with S and his bf here in OKC and it was the bomb!! loved that movie. I will admit though, that I had no idea it was going to be a series, ha ha. I went thinking I'd see the whole story about what happened before Lord of the Rings, but nope, 3 hours in and they hadn't even reached the mountain yet.. ha ha. btw some GREAT previews! anyone else excited to see the new Abrams Star Trek movie? I just wonder with the new story lines if the same altruistic nature of Gene Roddenberry's star trek will remain. Some other funky previews included a Zombie romance film? and a tranformers-like giant robot movie versus giant aliens from an underseas transportal etc etc.. which is by Guillermo Del Toro so could be interesting.
 I;m hoping the gym is open this afternoon, otherwise I could very easily end 2012 with a nap as well. ha

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