Sunday, December 16, 2012

day two nyc

not a whole heck of a lot to update today, for anyone following my trip on here. but it was a nice relaxing slow day that I needed after the rush of last week and then the rush of getting here yesterday and walking all over heck and tarnation yesterday. :) this morning a nice walk with J and his dog around the block of john and williams/water st. then some breakfast in the apt. next he went to the gym next door while the gf stayed home and I walked around FIDI for a bit.  I went over toward seaport looking at the Titanic memorial there near the park and the pier. checking out the many many stores that were all flooded and ruined and some most cleared out, some few still in business. I was wondering what all I could do since it was sort of misting heavily and cool. J wasn't going to be done at the gym til about 1230 and it was just before 11am and I thought, well maybe there's a church down here, checked my map and saw Trinity Church, and started walking over.. just in time for service. well all the visits with the ex gf in AR to her episcopalean church paid off, as I mostly had an idea how to follow along. ha great service, beautiful choir and building, historic feel to the place, and solemn mention of the tragedy in CT.
after the service I headed back over toward South Seaport to check out a store I'd walked by earlier, Browne and Co. Stationers . which I come to find is a sort of part of the history museum of South Seaport, but also had some wonderful paper product finds, many made right there in the shop.  bought some cool posters, gift wraps, amazing Christmas cards (will post later), and a few other little curious objects I had to HAVE. ha Highly recommended if you're around that area ever in NYC. went back to the apt, relaxed on the couch with J and gf, they ordered Pizza delivery for lunch... we sat around some more being lazy, then went for a walk around 330 or so maybe? dunno, back to the seaport to show J the little paper store, and then the New Amsterdam Food Market under the highway. I bought some Chocolate Mexicano, organic blah blah blah made in MA. one ginger flavored and the other salted almond. YUM. we bought and ate a few homemade cookies regardless of being stuffed with pizza.
walked around a bit more, with J telling me what great stores and place to drink/eat there was before Sandy.  another former student, L and bf, called and we told them to meet us at Meades.  She had called earlier to say they'd be in the area etc..  we all sat down and had a drink and they had a bit of food and we talked and talked and talked. what fun. mainly J and L and I going on and on about all the kids in their class that I'd taught 7th and 8th grade to...the bf was polite and listened to all. :)  what fun and what joy. I love them like my own kids until God were to give me my own, I always tell myself. ha we shared stories of what I remembered them all being like and how SAME they both were, and they told me stories of what they remembered with a few tales of their high school years which I wasn't in Central America for etc etc.
walked back over and just chatted away the rest of the evening, took the dog out for a walk again and we snacked on a few things in the house, watched some tv chilled. ahhhhhh. so nice!!! I am fresh and ready to hit SOHO and other tomorrow, and while shopping a bit on my own, still many gifts I'd like to get and have in mind for family and friends back home. hope anyone reading this is enjoying your weekend and the holiday season! 

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j.lee said...

You should check out the store The Future Perfect on Great Jones. Cool design store with expensive and affordable stuff. They have a website.

Have you been to ABC Carpet and Home? Worth checking out, just for fun. Iconic NYC store.