Saturday, December 08, 2012

Christmas countdown....

anyone else doing a hundred things today? I think I am.... I got a few more plants in the ground yesterday after school. they had just arrived and I needed to get them in the ground before we get our 22 low Sunday night. so no gym...:( later I went to dinner last night with my vet friend. next she and I went walking around the outlet mall here in okc for a couple of hours. I wasn't shopping or buying anything though what with my big shopping weekend in NYC coming up! woo hoo.
 today I GOT to clean up this house, do tons of laundry, try to get some Christmas cards in the mail, get a few trees down from the attic and on the front porch (two 3 foot silver trees I got for $5 clearance at West Elm dallas years ago) with lights on 'em, get over to the small yet useful Whole Foods store in OKC for an errand for Christmas (I might make some cookies over break), maybe but I doubt it I'm going to try and get over to my sister's to see her new kitchen they put in last summer, and then of course pizza lunch local pizza place, and also I have a move job when my friend A gets off work at 5pm. more $$ for NYC and Christmas gifts! :) I also hope to get the fake tree put up today, I'm trying to use white, green, and natural goods this year. I wouldn't normally bother with a tree, but I plan on having family over at some point after nyc. I bet everyone is busy too this weekend, only 2 more before Christmas. Enjoy the season/remember the reason!


Pookie said...

You made me tired just reading that :-) Your weekend is busier than some people's weekdays. All I managed was some baking - shortbread, rum buttertarts and choc chip cookies. Decorating tomorrow and if I find my camera (I blame the cats) hope to post photos on my blog.

rugbysex said...

trying to focus less this year on the STUFF of Christmas and concentrate on the spirit. but come on mister...get that tree up! oorah! hope you'll post pix...ur approach sounds cool. ur so friggin creative. well at least i'm the right color for Christmas...GREEN...w/ envy.