Saturday, December 29, 2012

another weekend...

anyone enjoying this strange time off during break when every day is like a lazy Sunday or Saturday? those on a school calendar maybe.. man I'm going crazy bored stiff around here watching youtube videos and picking up around the house and flipping tv channels and maybe getting to the gym once a day or not. blah
I have to admit I'm not looking forward to getting back to work, thus that feeling I get sometimes of wanting break to be over with as soon as possible so I can get the semester over with as soon as possible.. ha! it ain't all that bad though, I'm really relaxing and enjoying every bit of break.
last night I had another dinner date with the Vet friend from HS.  She is doing well and worked all through the holidays, had a date with a guy from online that she didn't click with.  She's also been stalking the cat from the house next door to her. It was left behind when the owner died and the daughter of the owner was feeding it, and then lately the daughter said she sold the house but what about the cat? My vet friend is very aware of animal welfare, and has told me stories about calling 911 or animal control and confronting people in parking lots with dogs in their car etc...she's always got great tales from the overnight shifts she works at the emergency vet clinic.  She got an earful about my NYC trip of course.
 more family fun today, the sister and brother that couldn't make it last week due to weather are coming today so we're all meeting at my folks' place again and having a lunch and family time..and there will be some exchanging of gifts for those whose names were drawn but weren't present to give/recieve. I already gave my sister her gift, a travel bag, and recieved anotther sister's gift, the sockless socks I asked for for the gym. Although I think sometimes tubesocks might be going back into trend...hmmmm ha
 Tomorrow I plan to drive down to big Dallas for the day and  get some shopping on, my usual yearly Ikea visit, Northpark mall, Northhaven Nursery, and then Mockingbird station maybe or possibly even visit a former college roomie in Dallas if possible... those are my hot spot visit stops for this okie boy. plus just the drive down and getting away from this house is always great not to mention all the heavy thinking and reflecting going on while I'm driving.  I'm making it a one day trip because Monday New Years Eve day I plan to drive up north to AR. Some college buds are having a New Years Eve get together that I wasn't invited to, so might as well get up thar and bring in the new year w/ some true friends. :) thinking about staying a few days and getting back to okc by WED and rest up before school starts again on Friday.
Isn't  it weird we're going back on a Friday, I'm sure half the kids will even show up. ha  

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