Tuesday, December 11, 2012

another semester

I finished my night classes tonight. woo hoo! got tricky there getting all the final essays graded. I printed out the late essays that students mailed to me Monday at work and then forgot them in the office, so before class today I was in my adjunct office getting the last 4 papers graded, plus a few other late assignments I allowed into the computer. Tonight's class was quick and painless, one last in class essay and then goodbyes. :) I had time while people finished to get all those done also! DONE! came home from class and got some more planning done. well first off I have to every night get the skillet and plate and bowl cleaned from the kitchen sink for breakfast the next day. next all clothes laid out for work tomorrow... then I started thinking about my trip this weekend. getting things over to the pile of things I plan to bring. One thing I did tonight was I looked back through a picture book that my sisters made me for Christmas last year with photos of our NYC trip. I was looking at what I wore last year so as not to repeat stuff this year. ha I know way too much thought going into this, but if you see a guy in an amazing looking Norse Projects blue and green plaid shirt/jacket walking around manhattan next week, give a shout "Dan". :) the fun I have in planning my trip is getting clothes packed such that I'm bringing as little as possible yet everything I bring can be mixed and mathched PLUS combined if needed due to cold weather, it's all about layering! so instead of the same wool coat I wore last year, I'm thinking layering a few jackets and wearing wool sweaters etc.
 I've also already planned to shave the beard Monday. that way I'll have it for the first half of the trip and without the last half. :) I'm down to bring just 2 pairs of shoes which is pretty good, 3 if you count the one I wear on the plane. If I have time I hope to buy a few OK t-shirts to bring as gifts, an Eskimoe Joe's tee for his gf, and maybe a Thunder tee for my former student J. I will see another former student from the same class, a girl L who currently studies in NYC. So things are lining up, if I'm lucky I might get a the chance to run into blogger bud Mike my last day there, his first.
 my day job is going well this last week of school. we have a big science vocab test tomorrow that I tried to play games with the kids today to study for. I am also going to bring a bunch of small fake christmas trees tomorroe. the table decoration kind, for them to decorate individually and then take a picture with. My goal is to print the pics and send them home with the kids to give to a parent etc... another project I have in mind to finish the week with is to illustrate with a puppet show, but I'm losing confidence that will happen since we are currently studying plate tectonics and rock formation. I know I could come up with a puppet show about anytying, but it's hard hard hard to get these kids to be creative, bless their hearts, they are just not raised with the same background and haven't learned to be creative.
 my first hour of kids were cute today, I brought this snowman stuffed toy from last Christmas to school. The boys in first hour couldn't wait to hold it and play with it. one guy was making the arms move, another kid say there with it in his lap with one arm aournd it while he did his worksheet. ha. Really makes you wonder about all the play and fun they never experienced growing up poor in Mexico. these are 9th grade boys! ha time to crash. more busy planning tomorrow. I want to write down all the kids adresses tomorrow while at school to send a post card from nyc (my 12 newcomer kids). yawn....


drew said...

On a positive note, you worrying about what you wore last year is totally gay!! :-), If you ever married your wife will be jealous because you would dress better than her!!

dan said...

i disagree, I think men and women can both be just a vain, some say men are even more so, gay or straight. In this case and what with posting pics on facebook, I just don't want to be in the same coat and hat in this year's photos. however, me sucking cock is totally gay, I'd agree.

Pookie said...

Dan, I'm following your argument nicely, then I get to the last few words. I now have to clean coffee out of my keyboard. Start the day with a laugh.

drew said...

An interesting link for all: