Tuesday, November 20, 2012

tuesday night

no class tonight, woo hoo, my weekend just got started! :) had a great two days at work, the kids were learning the three layers of the earth and then they had to illustrate either a fault line or a volcano.. etc etc my kids just crack me up so much these days. ha. I hope they all have a good break. I know they get bored sometimes over long breaks. I was getting on some girls for geting out of the halls and to class yesterday and one of them goes "mister, why don't you shave that beard.." ha and the one says "doesn't that bother your face?" and then "can I touch it?".. ha it always cracks me up how kids have no personal space and will just reach out and touch your face. of course I'm pretty relaxed guy and always smiling. there is always some kid wanting to touch my beard or reach out and touch the hair on my arm or hand or something. It never bothers me, it always makes me wonder if they have dads around the home. :( ahhhh anyway, definitely not many latino guys with beards though, maybe little moustaches. ha I'm enjoying the job quite a bit lately actually and have been planning what I want to get done the next three weeks before winter break. and then NYC! ah yeah. still undecided if I'm going to Austin or not for my buds birthday. he invited me down Dec 1st. but I'm undecided if I want to spend the gas money or not. Did anyone happen to catch the special on tv all about David Geffen. man I couldnt' turn it off or turn the channel and it just kept going on 2 hours straight! dang it was captivating. I am looking forward to my sister and maybe other family coming to my side of town tomorrow for lunch and they want to see the bathroom. :) I also wanted to mention that PBS had a special on the Dust Bowl last night, also very good. it reminded me of the students I had in Afghanistan and how they had no hope for a future in their country, such despair... awwwwwwe.

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rugbysex said...

so nice ur students are "crushn" on ya professor. nice that you can be such a positive figure in their lives. kudos!