Thursday, November 15, 2012

pendleton portland

I really like the look of the graphics on this Pendleton coat. THere is nowhere I would wear such a thing to here in Oklahoma though so I'll just sort of admire from afar. :)

I doubt I'd ever use the unbrella with the coat, but I like that they have one. as much I like the bag shown below... If you dont' want to spend $700 on this, go for the cheaper Topman knock off at $200. ha I'm also showing a sweater they had on Topman.
Pendleton, The Portland CollectionCanyonville Tote In Black black No (Google Affiliate Ad)
ps. the photo below is of the "Pendletones", the original name of the Beach Boys. I read on their blog that the style of the time for surfers was to wear a Pendleton flannel shirt over their tshirts. and now you know the rest of the story... ;)


Curt said...

Dennis Wilson, the first one in the picture, was so hot! He was the only one that surfed. His hairy chest fired many an orgasm in the 60's.

Anonymous said...

I think that pendleton coat is quite smart. are you afraid you you might be arrested by the okla. right-wing red neck fashion police? tell them you are a member of Joan's Rangers and if anyone bothers you for being chic then she will inflict a plague of Lohans and Kartrashians on them.

kent okc said...

Saw one on a guy your age at the hideway on broadway tonight.... If you like it go for it...

rugbysex said...

like the jacket but the umbrella is a little too mary poppins. lol.
p.s. just think how many generations tie their summer memories at the beach to those pendleton guys.